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£270 Discount
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*** This seems to be about the cheapest way to get the full sky sports package in HD at a guaranteed price. Link doesn't seem to work for most people so it seems to be invite only … Read more

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Free UHD/HD Sky tv on Black Friday Deal (Existing Customers / Account Specific valid for 2/3 or 5 months)
Posted 21st NovPosted 21st Nov
I didn't have HD, let alone UHD, on my sky subscription. Having just brought a new telly (Thanks UKHD for that) I thought I'd see how much more it would be to add. As luck would … Read more
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Great thanks OP!


Profiteering from the vulnerable? I've heard it all now (lol) You can submit a cancellation in writing if a phone call is such an ordeal for you.


Completely agree - they are effectively profiteering from the vulnerable. I hate having to ring them.


I 100% agree, I swore I’d never go back to Sky because of the lack of online cancellation. Frankly all services / contracts that you can sign up for online should be forced to also have an online cancellation feature. As someone who suffers from just mild anxiety I find it a nightmare to talk to these companies so goodness knows what someone who really suffers does!


Also can anyone confirm whether or not it is still possible to take recordings off a Sky Q box onto a DVD recorder as I used to do with my Sky+ Box. Many thanks

Peacock Streaming Service - now free for Sky Q and Sky+ Subscribers (& NowTV) @ Sky
Posted 16th NovPosted 16th Nov My understanding is that this is ad free if you have Boost. It's effectively just an extra channel of NBC U… Read more

Never heard of it, wondered what is was on my sky q tv home page


NBC’s parent Company, Comcast, bought Sky last year, hence it being available at no extra cost.


This is the advert fueled version. Content will differ also thanks to deals NBC has with netflix and amazon in the UK. No doubt they will now start to slowly lose content NBC owns.


Spoil sport! Let people live the dream for a few days


You do know you don’t get that over here? 3pm blackout and all that.

Sky VIP Offer: Get Sky Kids - free for up to five months (Select VIPs) @ Sky Digital
09/12/2021Expires on 09/12/2021Posted 13th NovPosted 13th Nov
Via the Sky VIP app, there is an offer, located by scrolling through the deals and VIP categories of competitions, for up to* five months of free Sky Kids (31 days notice to cancel… Read more

Typical Sky really, it won't give me any of the Black firidays freebies or discounts because I'm an existing customer. Might try on a pc later just to see if there's any difference.


I cancelled my Sky on Monday as my £29.00 deal was coming to an end. I'll wait for the Winback team to call me and see if they are willing to go with the same price, otherwise this time, I think I will actually let it go. I only need it for Footy & F1 and get both of those from S Sport Turkey for less than £20 for the whole year. Still heat from me though, seeing as it's free (y)


There is but you're commited for 18 months, which is a no from me! I could see the offers for kids, hd and uhd for upto 5 months but none of them applied to my account so booooooo...


I already have kids so no deal for me


Is it the basic Netfix or is there an option for HD? The 'requires a new 18 month minimum term on Sky Signature' bit put me off, as I've only got about 12 months left of my contract on Sky Signature.

4 Free Cinema Movie Tickets to see Home Alone (Select Accounts in Selected Locations via the Sky VIP
12/12/2021Expires on 12/12/2021Posted 4th NovPosted 4th Nov
4 Free Cinema Movie Tickets to see Home Alone via the Sky VIP App. What a classic Christmas film (probably the best?) to see at the cinema. Lots of locations, I hope there is avai… Read more

OK thanks


I’ve been to so many of these Sky screenings and fortunately never had any problems getting our seats. Maybe arrive just 30mins before just in case and you should be fine (y)


That is not good especially for people taking young kids then getting told u can't see the film. Don't think I'll be taking any of these tickets from now on


That happened to me at The Ghostbusters Screening. Arrived exactly at 10am and they were full. Cinema/Sky girl said some arrived at 8:45-9am (shock)


Can anyone help me I have won 4 tickets for new Clifford film but when I read email it says having a ticket doesn't guarentee entry as they over issue tickets as there will be no shows. I don't want to get my kids up and excited at 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning. Arrive at cinema to be told we can't have entry. Can anyone shed any light on their experience as I haven't been to any sky cinema screenings before.

Nokia 105 Mobile Phone + Sim Card £1.50 pm for 24 months / Then £0.50 per month for 12 months at Sky Digital
Posted 23rd OctPosted 23rd Oct
Back down to £42 total cost to pay outright or monthly payments over 3 years. Full credit to @a64256 for spotting the new price. Unlimited calls/texts and 100mb of data every mo… Read more
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so not really!?


No loan agreement with SKY round your neck if you want to call that an advantage.


any advantages to paying upfront 42£ over paying 1.50 p/m?


Try ringing sky I did to change from pay monthly to pay all in one go


its not letting me pay upfront. only monthly?

IPhone SE £20 per month, £0 upfront with 2GB Data - 36 month contract - £720 Sky Mobile
Posted 30th Dec 2020Posted 30th Dec 2020
IPhone SE £20 per month, £0 upfront with 2GB Data - 36 month contract - £720 Sky Mobile£720
iPhone SE, 2GB £20 per month £0 upfront 24 month contract Sky Mobile

I'm hoping for a price drop on this phone in January.


36 months and 2GB will make this deal cold as ice.


I read the website wrong, it looked like 24 months. (y)


2gb a month is god awful this day in age


Sorry but 36 months is too long!

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Sky Soundbox soundbar at Sky for £209 delivered
Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020
Sky Soundbox soundbar at Sky for £209 delivered£209 Free P&P Free
One TV speaker. Speaks volumes.Immersive 360° experience.Sound that puts you at the heart of the action. Full home cinema quality from a single speaker, with no need to wire around… Read more
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I would agree, wel worth £75 though and doesn’t wake my lad up in the evenings when we use it! If yours comes on with the Q box like mine does as hdmi control is turned on, I’ve noticed if you turn your sky q box off the speaker will turn itself off later on, I’m not sure how long but it definitely does


Purchased before xmas got a refurbished model from Minus points no arc, no atmos, wont turn off from sky Q box remote, advertised as having a 360 degree sound stage, but although the sound box is out in the open, it does not have a very wide stage at all. plus point its much better that the tv built in sound. But don't believe the sky hype, this has nothing like a 360 degree sound stage. But I suppose at the £75 I paid, it is a good upgrade for my tv speakers.


Mine arrived today, I went for Grade A for 149 and it's immaculate, not a mark on it. Great speaker too.


That’s where mine came from, no complaints at all, it’s a great bit of kit


It's been this price for a while now. It dropped to 169 on BF. You can get them delivered from Italy brand new for £140 but now not being in EU could have VAT implications if stopped at customs. I've ordered a refurbished one from Big Phone Store as they have great reviews on Trust Pilot and eBay.

iPhone 12 Handset Only - 30gb data. £28 p/m £0 up front - 36 month contract - £1008 @ Sky
Posted 23rd Nov 2020Posted 23rd Nov 2020
iPhone 12 Handset Only - 30gb data. £28 p/m £0 up front - 36 month contract - £1008 @ Sky£1,008 Free P&P Free
On sky mobile ‘Swap 24’ deal. A 36 month contract but you can upgrade handset after 24 is how I understand it. Black Friday deal to save £540 on iPhones on the 30 gb plan. Makes … Read more
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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB - All Colours - 54GB 5G Data Vodafone, £30p/m + £610.00 upfront = £1330 (£1,300 with cashback) @


Just! Actually I think Argos is about the cheapest!


Still cheaper to buy it direct from Apple


But sky mobile don't do esim


Why not - you know what the final year monthly cost is at the outset (and less than the first two years) and you're going to be paying for a phone with a provider in year three anyway, somewhere along the line... iPhone 12 Pro 128GB is £35.00 a month in years one and two and £25.25 in the third year and then you own the handset. It stil works out cheaper than buying the 12 Pro from anywhere else!

IPhone SE with 11GB data £25 per month / 36 months but you can swap after 24 months at Sky Digital
Posted 11th Jun 2020Posted 11th Jun 2020
IPhone SE with 11GB data £25 per month / 36 months but you can swap after 24 months at Sky Digital£600
So technically this is a 36 month contract but you can swap after 24 months. Deal is 8GB data but Sky VIPs get an extra 3GB. Unused rolls over too. 2GB data (5GB VIP) is £4 les… Read more
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It's a 36 month contract so the price is wrong, it's £900 not £600... Sky is very devious with this (similar to the other scummy networks that do 36 months) and it only appeals to people who don't pay attention. They are locking you in for a minimum of 36 months and extend it again when you 'upgrade' at 24 months.


Thanks for sharing a deal with us @helen.bligh It's a very competitive market for phones at the minute and this one has gone cold i'm afraid but hopefully your next deal will fly :)


Expensive if you ask me, phone from Apple is £16.99 a month which is about £410 after the 24 months and then you own the phone. Get a good contract separately if you wanted for £8 or odd a month works out the same and you own the phone

SKY Mobile Iphone SE 128gb, 20GB Data, Unlimited Texts and Mins £29pm + £90 Cashback - 36 months
Posted 23rd Apr 2020Posted 23rd Apr 2020
SKY Mobile Iphone SE 128gb, 20GB Data, Unlimited Texts and Mins £29pm + £90 Cashback - 36 months£1,044
***Edit*** I no longer believe this is the best deal out there. I missed the small print stating that you can upgrade after 24 months but the loan is for 36 months! Hi Folks, … Read more
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What is sky mobile like? Looking to change as Vodafone texts are delayed.


Glad it helped (y) 🏻


Called Sky two days after receiving phone to ask about half price plans. They said yep no problem - we can put a 50% reduction on whatever plan you choose for the next three years!! Thanks for mentioning!


Do sky do sim free phones. Not pay monthly? I presume you can't take advantage of any piggy bank saved against a PAYG / sim free device.


I’m pretty sure once you click on the £6 2GB plan it will offer it to your for £3 ... it does for me :) Any plan I choose is offered at half price. I’ve been with Sky mobile one year... have two sims £6(£12) for me for 12GB & a £5(£10) for my youngest 10GB so £11 a month yay lol