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Posted 14 May 2023

Zelda: Skyward Sword & Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Switch Games - £15.00 Each (Decent Amount Of Stock) @ Asda Wembley

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I know this has already been posted in general but wanted to highlight stock.

They are not on the shelves, I asked politely if I could see the switch games to see if they had these and they let me.

They were just closing so I didn't have a chance to check other games but I counted at least 3 of each and as I had to ask to see the rhe cabinet to find them they'll likely be there until someone who knows asks or they have the guy who clears out stock comes by

Asda Wembley Superstore
020 8782 6300


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  1. ought's avatar
    All gone
  2. ejadaddy's avatar
  3. the8bitkid's avatar
    Our Asda never reduce games, if anything prices go up 🤦
    ando's avatar
    Most of asdas games section is neglected, often why you see these deals were labels haven't been updated to the new price, also seen those scanners and tills give different pricing too.
  4. ADDCAD's avatar
    Any other ones going cheap there?
    Fox_Gaming's avatar
    Fox_Gaming Author
    I regret I was pushing it as asked after they had closed and only grabbed those and Arceus (to try, sadly that was still £40) so didn't check anything else.

    I did find 1 ring fit switch for £22.50 at High Wycombe Asda which I did buy (so none left there) so if you see Ring Fit it will likely be that price also

    There game draw in Wembley was stacked though so good chance there were others
  5. CupN00dle's avatar
    My local staff are horrible.

    Can clearly see the stock but the never open the cabinet to sell me. Just claim they ain’t got any
    Fox_Gaming's avatar
    Fox_Gaming Author
    They actually might not, I had this at High Wycombe where I found both these games on display (without their on place though) and when looking in cabinet they found neither, which is when I asked to see myself which was the first time I asked about looking in the cabinet and confirmed both weren't there but did find Pokemon Pearl for £20 & Ring Fit for £22.50 as I got them to price check.
    Though I will return the Pokemon Pearl now I've got Diamond cheaper.
  6. dalewyliee's avatar
    Anyone wanna pick me a copy of skyward sword up and post it to me never seen it so low!
  7. Aluicious's avatar
    My Asda never seems to do this at all
  8. odiedodie's avatar
    Fly my pretties!
  9. G_Man_007's avatar
    For once, I was able to get Skyward Sword a couple of weeks ago for £15. If you have the Blue Light card, don't forget to use it for another 10% off (I forgot).
    Leila_Khanom's avatar
    Does Asda accept Blue Light Card?
  10. r3z's avatar
    Thank you, picked up both this morning from Wembley. The store assistant wasn't keen to let me look in the cabinet directly and asked me to wait at the customer services counter so not sure if any left.
    Fox_Gaming's avatar
    Fox_Gaming Author
    Probably gotten a bit concerned by so many people coming I'm and asking to look directly in their games cabinet
    Glad you got them
  11. AMTF's avatar
    I also managed to get a couple of games, one Skyward Sword and one Pokemon. The lady was very helpful and let me look in the cabinet, more than happy to scan any of the games. Think I got the last Skyward Sword but there are a few Pokémon games left

    Edit: Clarification (edited)
    Dark_Slayer's avatar
    By any chance would you be able to sell me 1 each at cost. Want to kid my kids the Pokémon game and myself the Zelda. I live near the Wembley Park Asda. Thank you
  12. ought's avatar
    Hmm, where is the cabinet? Anything left worth getting?
  13. donkeyman34's avatar
    looks like store specific,went to colindale branch,still scanning @£40
    Chief.Rocks's avatar
    Yes, Skyward Sword is still £40 at Westbrook Asda, Warrington
  14. hevenlie's avatar
    They don't even have games let alone discounted ones at my local
  15. jmspurs87's avatar
    I just picked up Pokemon Shining Pearl from Asda Crawley for £20. It wasn't advertised on the shelf I asked at customer services and showed them this post so they had a look and when checked it came up at £20. Worth a try if your near an Asda.
    Fox_Gaming's avatar
    Fox_Gaming Author
    There is at least one in High Wycombe as I had bought this before I found Pokemon Brilliant Diamond for £15 to which I returned Shining Pearl yesterday
  16. Phil_Mitchell's avatar
    Still scanned at £40 in my local
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