Unfortunately, this deal has expired 4 September 2023.
Posted 25 July 2023

Bebeto Watermelons Gummy Sweets, Fizzy Chewy Sweets, Halal Certified Candy, Single Pack, 70g

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  • WATERMELON SWEETS: Treat your taste buds to our tantalisingly tangy Bebeto Watermelons, delicious fizzy gummy sweets packed with our signature watermelon flavour
  • HALAL: Bebeto Watermelons gummy sweets taste great and are 100% halal certified. They are manufacturered in a halal certified factory and contain only beef gelatine that has been slaughtered strictly according to Islamic law
  • 100% GREAT TASTE: Our BebetoWatermelons gummy sweets are made with our signature colours and flavours to achieve our great Bebeto taste
  • SWEET TREAT: Bebeto Watermelons gummy sweets make for an excellent sweet treat for all occasions including birthdays, picnics, festivals, movie nights and cinema trips. Take them with you on your next adverture and share with your friends and family if you're feeling generous
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  1. jungleboy123's avatar
    150g for £1 morrisons but ill take the 10g hit to have it delivered to my door lol. Nice
    soulman123's avatar
    Thank you for taking one for the team
  2. herrbz's avatar
    Not suitable for vegetarians.
    jewelie's avatar
    Sour apple and cola bottle ones are though, they're vegan, and lovely.
  3. wakkaday's avatar
    estimarted delivery august
    Stormpooper's avatar
    Which is 7 days away so not long really, and will likely arrive before then.
  4. wadz's avatar
    Actually cheaper if you buy the 150g at £1 here
    J1135's avatar
    they're different sweets

    these here that dont say fizzy on the packet are the nicer onea
  5. jewelie's avatar
    OMG the Sour Apple, the blatant Flying Spaghetti ones, are back in at 50p too! Woooooooo! amazon.co.uk/Beb…1SY
    fossit's avatar
    Not sure you should be so happy when you look at what comprises them.
  6. ADIDASADDICT's avatar
    Didn't he play for Brazil in USA 94?
    ringo747's avatar
    Yep, brings back Actua Soccer memories on the PC where he was always a key man for Brazil!
  7. jdrobson00's avatar
    Ordered. Thanks. As I work from home I sometimes order random sweets so my future self gets a little treat from my past self at random times 🤷🏻
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Note to recipient: Sorry.
  8. colliwag's avatar
    I always preferred Romario
  9. rapid85's avatar
    70g for 50p. Haribos are around £1 for 150g. Is everyone thinking these bags are bigger than they really are?
    rev6's avatar
    Haribo Bebeto?
  10. MrBook's avatar
    Made in Turkey.
    In my experience, stuff made in Turkey is always good quality and nice.
    ChampEon's avatar
    I tried a Schweppes Mandarin flavour drink in Turkey and have been searching for it in the UK ever since. Most refreshing drink I've ever had
  11. kez0110's avatar
    These are really nice. Small size though.
  12. Lifeistest's avatar
    "150g for £1 morrisons but ill take the 10g hit to have it delivered to my door lol. Nice"

    10g? get that hit on Mars, for gravity purpose.
  13. Elemong's avatar
    You have to pay £4.99 for postage!
  14. TylerHalifax's avatar
    Probably my favourite gummy sweets in the world... these are so tasty!
  15. fashfinder's avatar
    Malaco Pink Watermelon Slices - Expensive but far superior to any other watermelon sweets in my opinion!

    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Oh wow, I remember those from once upon a time. Wonderful they were. School lunch, they were.
  16. Legendkiller2k's avatar
    These are quite nice i bought couple of packs same price from local corner shop, not really a deal here but more a heads up.
    jewelie's avatar
    It's a deal for delivered though.
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