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British General 900 Series 13A 2-Gang SP Switched Socket + 4.2A 2-Outlet Type A & C USB Charger White £9.99 Free Collection @ Screwfix

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White moulded socket with 2 USB charging ports. Features angled, in-line terminals and includes backed-out captive screws for easy installation. Ideal for charging iPads, iPhones, tablets, mobiles, cameras, MP3s and many more devices.

  • Raised Square Profile
  • Screwed Faceplate
  • Requires 25mm Back Box
  • Angled In-Line Terminals with Captive Screws
  • Type A & C USB
  • Outboard Rockers
  • Auto-Detects Smart USB & Adjusts Charging Pattern
Screwfix More details at Screwfix
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    slow charging, waste of time.

    MUST SAY 'PD' for fast charging
    Just look at the watts for actual charging speed. "PD" can be anything from like 18W to 120W but most of the time is between 18W-30W. "PD" alone is quite meaningless and doesn't even mean it'll charge all PD devices like laptops because it specifically needs to be able to provide 20V PD. Things like QC4 and other charging standards can be like 100W too.

    But anyway the USB-C port on this is 15W which is decent and more than most built in socket chargers. I've only ever seen 1 PD socket charger on here before and it was like 30W which is very good. But in the end I find it better to just get a proper plug, can just stick a 65W charger which works with laptops and has 4 usb ports in that way.
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    Not sure why they bother to put a USB-C socket on it. Most USB-C charging cables come with a standard USB connector with a USB-C on the other end. Their are not many people who have a USB-C to USB-C cable. 2 standard USB sockets would have been better.
    It will be C to C before long. This is future proofing.
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    USB A - 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/2.25A - max 27W
    Charge protocols: BC1.2; Apple 2.4A;QC3.0; AFC; FCP

    USB C - 5V/3A; 9/3A; 12V/2.5A; 15V/2A; 20V/1.5A - max 30W
    Charge protocols: PD3.0; QC4.0; Apple; Samsung; Huawei; BC1.2;

    This seems to be VERY DECENT !!!!
    It’s only 15  W max from the usb-c port. This is an older model that I guess screw fix are getting rid of. The new model is on Amazon and has Power Delivery on the USB-C up to 30 W (but costs a lot more) 

    I’ve got a few of these and they certainly charge my iPhone quickly (about 40 mins from 20% to 85%)
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    I fitted one of these recently, decent quality.
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    These are good got 3 in my kitchen
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    WELCOME BACK SCREWFIX. It's been a while..
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    Are these easy to fit as a direct replacement for a 2 socket box?
    I had the 2 USD ones fitted around the house, All but 1 was a simple swap. It was a tight fit, not sure why?
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    Not in stock near me - any reason I shouldn't get these instead? not too bothered about getting the fastest usb charging possible

    screwfix.com/p/b…29p (edited)
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    Do these use power even when you're not charging a device?
    **Kinda, not really. Last time I read up about them (I think on a thread on here?) I found there was a small capacitor or similar in them which means the live to that just keeps it topped up as it depletes slowly over time when no device is connected.
    As soon as you plug a phone in, either the capacitor immediately empties (they don't hold much energy) and or I guess it opens a direct connection to live to charge the phone?

    Basically it knows when no device is plugged in.
    You can try the same thing by monitoring the energy (with a smart plug/energy meter) of a plugged-in wall wart

    **The concept might be right but this is probably not very accurate and hopefully someone much smarter than me will be along to correct me
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    Just picked up a highly rated LAP one, does anyone ever check the idle temp of the faceplate? 2x different professional thermometers and I'm getting readings of high 20's - low 30's... is that normal?
    What's the temp in your room and of a similar faceplate when isolated?
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    The Police see fit to severely curtail people's freedom of expression by having "drill" rap videos removed from YouTube but nothing is ever said or done about the gang culture that pervades electricians.
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    No stock locally annoyingly, and not available for delivery.

    Alternative is £17.99 screwfix.com/p/l…8fv (edited)
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    I have a USB 5V to 6V 4.0x1.7mm (Step-Up) cable. Could i run my 6v BP monitor off that cable from this wall socket rather than using a 6v power supply? (edited)
    Have you tested that cable in a similar wall wart? That's probably your answer
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