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Posted 7 October 2023

BMW Z4 Kids 12V Electric Ride On Car

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BMW Z4 12V electric ride on with 2 seats.

£400 in Argos and elsewhere.

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Let your kids drive in style with the Xootz BMW Z4 Roadster Electric Ride-On.

The officially licensed twin-seat BMW is a scale replica of the sporty Z4 Roadster and it makes a real statement. It features all the details of the full-scale powerhouse including the remodelled classic kidney grille, sculptured bonnet and unmistakeable working front lights.

Suitable for children aged 3 to 6, it has two opening doors and two adjustable seats with seatbelts meaning you can have two children in the ride-on at the same time. The BMW ride-on also includes a tinted windscreen, a battery indicator, built-in music system with AUX input and suspension on the front wheels to make light work of carpets, garden paths or smooth .

Reaching comfortable speeds of up to 3.6km/h, and with a slow start function for younger drivers, it is the ultimate driving machine for your little ones to practice driving. It can be driven manually using the foot pedal and has a 3-speed gearbox with a reverse mode. For less experienced drivers, it includes a remote control for parents to use.

For practical transportation, the Xootz BMW Z4 Roadster Electric Ride-On includes a carry handle that slides out under the front and two training wheels at the rear.

This stylish modern classic is the ultimate luxury ride-on for kids to enjoy the thrills of driving.

3+ years.


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  1. twinkle's avatar
    If anyone is serious about buying this, its £133 delivered from Sports Direct with the code OUTLET20

    My grandkids are all too old now sadly, else I'd be getting one.  (edited)
    SONIC1970's avatar
    I need a pink one 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. boostii's avatar
    Told the missus I've ordered her an electric BMW. Will be hilarious when this turns up.
  3. Jawz's avatar
    I love the idea of these. However, for those who have children. How much use do these actually get.

    Is it on of those good ideas that just clogs up space and then you end up selling at a big lose, just to get rid of it?

    Little boy is 2 years old and I'm sure I would get a "wow", just unsure if the cash would be better spent elsewhere??
    Impoor's avatar
    My issue with it is, where is a 3 year old going to be driving it? Maybe if you have a massive garden but then I'd imagine it's just an accident waiting to happen.
  4. fishmaster's avatar
    The way transport costs are going in the UK this might be the only car most young people own.
    boostii's avatar
    Who'd wanna be young these days, this'll be the house they can afford a mortgage on.
  5. SFconvert's avatar
    Always thought there is something terribly tragic about these things. Most kids aren't interested in them anyway after they've got bored within 5 minutes of trundling about a less than walking speed.
    Get em a bike or a scooter. Less to have to take up the tip as well.
    Judge-Jury-Executioner's avatar
    Amen! You hit the nail on the head there brother!

    A few years ago these would be considered Chavtastic.

    Do chavs still exist or is there an up to date term for those undesirables?
  6. bodley59's avatar
    No indicators
    smk77's avatar
    I came on to make that joke!
  7. djp2k8's avatar
    I'm waiting for the folk that complain about cyclists saying that this needs road tax, insurance & MOT
  8. JonDacasco's avatar
    fuji_umbrella's avatar
    Very true
  9. Grumpy_womble's avatar
    My two would love this, currently they share a police bike. Thank you
  10. bamse69's avatar
    Cold, just buy your kid a bike or a scooter
  11. jammy_p's avatar
    51145260-Cvifi.jpgMust be the base spec with all the blank buttons on the steering wheel
    steveieboy1's avatar
    Do they do ones with indicators?
  12. SONIC1970's avatar
    Says on the the studio page was £199 down to £160 ! Not sure where the was £359 has came from.
    twinkle's avatar
    I imagine that is from everywhere else that sells it at a higher price; Matalan, Currys, Very etc
  13. catdevnull's avatar
    Pfftt buy a petrol. Overpriced EV (edited)
  14. koimaster's avatar
    I'm assuming this doesn't come with indicators
  15. friendlyfire321's avatar
    What’s the monthlies like on this for a pcp? Pocket money doesn’t go far with this cost of living crisis
  16. stevieshoes's avatar
    I wouldn’t buy any car nowadays without parking sensors
  17. crazy_kalz's avatar
    Full electric!! Nah I'll stick to my diesel's (edited)
  18. 07xitna's avatar
    I'm waiting for the usual troll to tell us he has one, does 400 miles on a single charge, charges from 20-80% in 3 mins, does 0-60mph in 5 seconds, stick to the road like glue......oh, and is less of a fire risk than an ICE.
  19. mysmugcat's avatar
  20. tempus121's avatar
    Spend another £15 and buy a drill battery output adapter and your children will thank you for it.
    A_H2020's avatar
    What does that do?
  21. mozza85's avatar
    This or a Tesla?
    spankwilder's avatar
    Based on price cuts they’re about the same deal
  22. Kankan101's avatar
    guarenteed to drive better than a real Z4
  23. gordo1964's avatar
    What about the optional rear view mirror.?
  24. jamgin's avatar
    Like all beemers this will be useless in the snow
    Bananana's avatar
    Ever heard of xdrive?
  25. goldmercury's avatar
    as much as i like this i'd prefer the real thing!
  26. Bananana's avatar
    Would rather be seen driving this than the yellow Kia
  27. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP.
    What's the range anxiety?
    For those in Wales:
  28. willhay555's avatar
    Can this be converted into one seat for a 160lbs adult?
  29. klaustrophobia's avatar
    CCS port?
  30. siliconsid's avatar
    Has anyone not received yet? I ordered on 9th and was due 13th oct, but having spoken to customer service it is still being processed by the warehouse.
    Sanjzilla's avatar
    Having the same issue , hoping its not an error and they cancel it
's avatar