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Posted 16 January 2023

Breville HotCup 3kW Fast Boil 1.5L Hot Water Dispenser - £32 @ Amazon

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Decent price for this Breville HotCup from Amazon and cheapest it has been in a while.

Seem to be price matching Asda, but may be handy to get delivered if you have Prime.

Enjoy Delicious Hot Drinks in 1 Minute or LessQuickly enjoy your favourite hot drink at the press of a button with the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser. Boiling water in less than a minute, it delivers tea, instant coffee, cocoa and more without the wait or waste. Thanks to a 1.5 litre tank holding 5-7 drinks, the it's great for both a personal pick-me-up or sizable brews.

Boldly modern, it has a sleek black body with stainless steel trim and an illuminated water tank. And it’s very economical. A removable drip tray and limescale filter make it easy to maintain. Enjoying hot drinks has never been simpler.

  • Dispenses water at the touch of a button
  • Boils water in 1 minute
  • 1.5L (5-7 cup) capacity
  • Easy to use: just lift it off the base like a kettle
  • Energy-efficient design boils only the water it uses
  • Large water opening makes filling easy
  • Gloss black finish and stainless steel trim

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  1. LinaBell's avatar
    will cost a lot of electricity since it will keep heating the water
    dodge747's avatar
    This kettle does not function as such. This stores cold/room temp water and only boils the water that it dispenses out into the mug on demand and so uses less energy than a typical kettle where you're generally heating up more water than required.
  2. rrr99gp's avatar
    Good device this especially for older people with arthritis and other joint issues.

    Had a couple that’s lasted a few years now and still going strong, though others seem to have had issues apparently.
    GothBoy's avatar
    I've had one for years as I have issues with arm weakness from spinal damage. I genuinely couldn't live without one. They need to be de-scaled every so often though. I live in a soft water area and don't get much limescale at all but these devices can be quite sensitive so a quick citric acid cycle is worthwhile. I mean, for me it's no hassle as it's probably only once every two years.
  3. Bevnmart's avatar
    Great product only down side is a set amount of water is dispensed, if its a teacup it will overflow, a normal cup as in photo fill level to brim so its got to be a Mug not for it to overfill, i got one and use it as we speak heat added as it only boils what you use so worth the money
  4. davetherave00's avatar
    I find cuppas cool down much faster from these than from a normal kettle, which isn't a good thing when ya dunking biccies!
    TomBoyNI's avatar
    I’m not sure that’s possible.

    Surely boiling water is just that, regardless of how it is boiled and will cool down at the same rate if all other conditions are the same.
  5. cbflazaro's avatar
    gives you 200ml of boiling water per push when new.
    150ml when 3months old
    100ml when 6 months old
    ...you get the idea.

    I heavily recommend people to buy one that just "keeps pooring" until you stop it.
    daverushton12's avatar
    I have one of these for a while, I wished I'd known this before ordering as you can't change the quantity of water, you can't even stop the quantity half way though the pour. I'd recommend getting the version that keeps pouring.
  6. markyo007's avatar
    If you have a kettle; don’t buy one of these. If you weren’t looking for one in the first place and have just saw this deal, money wasted
  7. mikester's avatar
    This good price for amazon?
  8. Firemountain's avatar
    Have it Hate it wouldnt recommend it. Leaks at the back of the unit. Cup size dependant for a decent fill .. Back to a regular kettle for me .
    Grimmi's avatar
    Yep, we had a leaky one, too, so must have been from a Friday night batch. Decent idea though and if it works for someone, then great.
  9. gamezplay's avatar
    Great product for older family members to use.

    Fill with cold water on the stand, I use a plastic jug no need to carry and fill at the tap.

    Water is automatically dispensed in cup/mug so no lifting kettle with hot water.

    After a few years the on/off switch may corrode but it's easy to replace just watch big clive on YouTube.
  10. antonytucker's avatar
    Is the chamber that holds the water, plastic? It looks like it. This would be the number 1 reason I wouldn't buy. Such a shame. Great price and looks awesome, but if it is indeed plastic, it's a big no. All that micro plastic leeching into the boiling water...
    taffyjock1's avatar
    Have you see what water can do though, that stuff eats through iron and rock 😨
  11. erroll's avatar
    Crikey, are these things still going?!

    Had one many many years ago and wasn't impressed then to be honest.

    Of all the gadgets to buy in the last 10+ years this isn't one of them (IMHO of course )

  12. BrianButterfield's avatar
    I just found them to be more hassle than they're worth, just prefer a normal kettle. I do not understand people saying "you only boil what you use"...... My kettle has a water level, I put in 2 cups worth and make 2 cups of tea....
  13. BilboBags's avatar
    Had mine for 2 years and it's still going strong. Great piece of kit. I am looking to upgrade from this one to one with an adjustable dial for the water but if you don't mind that this is amazing!
  14. Molly_Timmons's avatar
    I've used this for 4 years and I love it so, I have the one that gives a measured amount to a large cuppa. Worth the money.
  15. rsg444's avatar
    Great device, but I'd go for the version that has the adjustable dial that allows you to change the amount of water being boiled
    discobob's avatar
    Actually it is the amount of water dispensed - same amount gets boiled. Always do the small cup first if you are doing different size cups.

    Mind you there is the argument that any heat within the envelope of you building isn't lost - i.e. you don't need to insulate every pipe once inside the envelope.....
  16. jinkssick's avatar
    Note we had this. Idea great but in practicality the water is just above lukewarm at best. By the time you add milk to the tea, it's like you've left the tea out for 20mins before drinking. Not good.
    ChelmsfordCharlie's avatar
    Agree, it doesn't actually boil the water, which is why they call them 'hot cups'!
  17. getmore4less's avatar
    We have the
    Breville BRITA HotCup Hot Water Dispenser

    Has variable dispense and a stop button.
    Been very happy with it.

    AIUI they use steam from boiling water to dispense the water.
    Will check the temp of ours next brew.
    Lucyeff's avatar
    We have this and my husband is happy with the water temperature for his tea, he didn't expect to be tbh! (He's really fussy so that was a surprise 😄) It's been great but this Brita model is known for leaking at the base. We're just talking to Breville now about a replacement for ours after 6 months use unfortunately.
  18. SimonB89's avatar
    Had mine for coming up 7 years and it’s been faultless. Would definitely recommend.
  19. DaveyBoy74's avatar
    Great price as £45 most places. Cheers OP
  20. Whoo's avatar
    i have this and is pretty good. dispenses about 200 - 250ml of hot water.
    No way is it boiling like a normal kettle but hot enough.
    Good deal
  21. mrT786's avatar
    Does anyone who own this know if the limescale filter needs to replaced if so at what cost?
    majadamaj's avatar
    No there's no lime scale filter to change. But if you live in a very hard water area like me, a filter jug for filling is excellent at keeping the scale down. I've had mine for 5 years no problems.
  22. bubble63's avatar
    Had two, moved on to its big brother
    They last 2 or 3 years , no quite boiling when they deliver, but OK
    Energy saving because they only boil one cup full at a time
  23. jimbo23's avatar
    ASDA-George price match. I have one, not bad. (edited)
  24. Cherrybabe's avatar
    Many three looking for a new one for a while
  25. ChelmsfordCharlie's avatar
    I tried this but took it back as it just dispenses very hot, not boiling water, which makes them useless for tea. Also quite bulky. There are other makes which actually boil like Vysionix and also more compact.
  26. Cremoso99's avatar
    I had one of these, they spit, and don't dispense enough water.

    I'd get a fast-boil kettle instead.
's avatar