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Posted 27 October 2023

Cadbury Caramel Freddo 19.5g - 10p instore at Pendlebury

£0.10£0.3067% off
In store: Greater Manchester ·
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The delicious treat size frog that needs no introduction. Made from classic, creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with a gooey golden caramel centre. Made with sustainably sourced cocoa. Vegetarian friendly

Not sure if this is everywhere but definitely worth a look it's like being in the 90's again

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  1. ajtravels's avatar
    Just how they should be? 10p
    bil.hussain's avatar
    Yeah. So how do you generate tax to p$$ it up the wall ? (edited)
  2. Ian_Silva's avatar
    Yes!!!! Finally 10p

    This is by far the best deal find in HUKD (edited)
  3. rufnek2kx's avatar
    Inflation resolved. Expect interest rates to drop next week.
    richh's avatar
    Suddenly houses are reasonably priced
  4. JRSC01's avatar
    Renamed Taz bar...
    Natz85's avatar
    Taz bars were my fave when I was at school 😋 Thanks for the nostalgic reminder as I had forgotten about them! 😁
  5. samiesourz1's avatar
    Ahhh memories
  6. JRSC01's avatar
    This is the gold standard of how all items should be priced compared against...
  7. knl1990's avatar
    Freddo's at 10p. What year is this ?
  8. koimaster's avatar
    Wtf... Is the 1990's??? 10p??? Amazing!!!
  9. Gauney's avatar
    Old School Pricing 🇬🇧💚
  10. JZY's avatar
    No need to fire up the time machine
  11. raiderfra's avatar
    These are Taz bars, always will be in my eyes.
    Freddie is the solid choc.
  12. JamieTyas's avatar
    Like the good old days💪
  13. VxT's avatar
    The planet is healing!
  14. Tawny0wl's avatar
    Good price especially considering the time of year when chocolate prices seem to start rising!
  15. focux007's avatar
    Ah the good old days lol
  16. bloodgod007's avatar
    Bloody hell does that mean wages will drop
    Ian_Silva's avatar
    I hope not
  17. KingCampo's avatar
    Great Scott! We've gone back in time 🔥
  18. amygreen79677's avatar
    it finally happened. Freddo is back at 10p.

    My inner child is crying tears of pure joy and happiness.
  19. Blurigard's avatar
  20. DJ.Mole's avatar
    Finallt the price they are worth haha!!
  21. CrippsyDeal's avatar
    10p again! Woohoo!
  22. davidaball777's avatar
    Quickly everyone to Pendlebury!
  23. NeneBeauty's avatar
    Not national
    Joyce_'s avatar
    All my hopes and dreams just dashed
  24. jules888's avatar
    Great price! My kids loved these.
  25. natnat12345's avatar
    Awww brings back good old memories of 10p freddos
  26. mackashworth's avatar
    Nature is healing ❤️‍🩹
  27. Bil.27's avatar
    Looks like Freddo paid off that mortgage
  28. TomEames's avatar
    Right who’s the funny one who’s got a Time Machine and not sharing?
  29. HPMan's avatar
    Some much money squandered on Fred's learned colleague all those years ago, this post is quite groundbreaking considering the situation at the moment, the store should see scenes like early Black Friday sales chaos!
  30. 2fast2kill's avatar
    Take me back
  31. jspadey's avatar
    Have we gone back in time?
  32. Xercen's avatar
    Replace all the gold bars in the bank of england vault with Freddos and we'll be the envy of the world and 100 times more valuable than gold. Will solve the cost of living crisis, inflation and give us world peace!
  33. soniaj_jr's avatar
  34. LaurenceGough's avatar
    Take that inflation.
  35. GreekGeekUCS's avatar
    Where's Pendlbury...think the fuel costs may outweigh the savings
  36. shua.greg's avatar
    Less a deal, more a time slip!
  37. Jhawlll's avatar
    Release the geese
  38. Raph_the_turtle's avatar
    Memories... After swimming getting 20p from the locker and buying 2 freddo's
  39. MartinBurman's avatar
    Still 5p over what I remember them being 25 years ago (edited)
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