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Posted 4 June 2023

Cadbury Flake 99 Multipack Box, 144 Individual Chocolate Bars for Ice Cream and Culinary Use, 1.4 Kg £20.16 / £19.15 s&s

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The legendary Cadbury Flake 99 is now available in this mega pack, to go with all the ice cream you can serve – no cone is complete without it
Enjoy this crumbly, flaky Cadbury classic wedged in your ice cream as a delightful chocolate extra, crumbled into another dessert or as a delicious chocolate bar on its own
This box is ready for your ice cream van, or to get you, friends and family through a whole summer of ice cream cones; also comes in handy when baking and decorating cakes or other treats
Using 100% sustainable cocoa produced as part of our Cocoa Life program supporting farmers, local communities and land in cocoa-growing regions
This is a multipack of 144 individual Flake 99 bars, packaged collectively in 6 stacked trays of 24
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  1. cuzzy's avatar
    My local ice cream man was found dead covered in strawberry sauce, crushed nuts and a flake in each ear.

    A police spokesman said “ we think he topped himself “ 🤪 (edited)
  2. gabesdad's avatar
    My dad used to be an ice cream man, and had countless of these over the years.

    £17.14 with maximum S&S discount. (edited)
    Megamart's avatar
    had countless of these over the years.

    You might almost say, hundreds and thousands?
  3. jdelaney78's avatar
    Assuming these are the Egyptian ones that fall to bits in the box and have led ice cream sellers to look for alternative products.
    gabesdad's avatar
    There was always a degree of natural damage in a boxful of these flakes, but never that many. Mind you, between my dads customers and us as kids, anything damaged found a welcome home

    Country of origin listed as Ireland on the Amazon page for these, so hopefully a better product. (edited)
  4. anondealz's avatar
    QuickNick's avatar
    10/10 for the headline.
  5. EagleUK's avatar
    These have been really bad quality of late.

    I'd recommend buying alternatives.
    beckysdaddy1's avatar
    Not made in Birmingham anymore made in Egypt
  6. Isaac_McCafferty's avatar
    £20 for crumbs.
    mccririck's avatar
    No wonder when they make them in Egypt now
  7. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Guaranteed box of crumbs after a kick around the warehouse and the back of Amazon's van.
    Or get them delivered in a heatwave, might come as a single molten blob!
    packard's avatar
    If that is the case Amazon refund
  8. Anewchange's avatar
    Cadbury have stripped back Birmingham, these are made abroad. Waste of time.
  9. Robdataff's avatar
    Egyptian chocolate isn't it? Famous quality...
    mccririck's avatar
    The transport delicate chocolate from Egypt. Clever!
  10. cokedrinker's avatar
    Buy these a tub of ice cream, an ice cream van and your away
  11. packard's avatar
    Remember they are not wrapped …..
    Father-Jemima-Racktool's avatar
    Jeremy Kyle won't be buying these then.
  12. Kilrathi's avatar
    Err... small size not full size... so equivalent to less than 72 full size... so 33p each... pack of 4 even with inflation £1.25 so more expensive.
    mccririck's avatar
    They're Flake 99 for ice creams. They're different to normal flakes.
  13. benetron42's avatar
    That's £1.68 per 100g, which is actually quite expensive
    Newbold's avatar
    It is, but it’s worse than that. The stuff in these boxes just isn’t like proper Flake. God knows how they make it in Egypt, but it’s not got the same taste or mouth feel. Just like cheapo fake flake.

    Even ice cream vendors are ditching it.  In a few weeks they’ll struggle to shift this at any price!
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