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Carplan DIW250 De-Ionised Water 2.5L - £1.50 @ Amazon

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About this deal

About this item
  • De-ionised water is suitable for topping up battery water and steam irons
  • Unsuitable for using in medical equipment
  • Easy to use
  • Note: The product does not have an expiry date, the date on the product is the manufacturing date.
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    If you have a Spotless Water location nearby, it’s around 3p/ltr for the stuff.
    OMG thank you so much for this tip! I can't believe I've been overpaying for so long. You have saved me so much money, thank you.
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    Use water from tumble dryer
    Is water from your tumble dryer better than the tap? I’ve often wondered if I should use mine!
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    Same in asda
    thanks - that is good to know but unless it is home delivery, they don't deliver to your door (heavy!)
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    Thanks OP
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    Showing as £6.99p for me
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    If you got a dehumidifier just use the water from it.
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    is this better than using a Britta filter?
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    Good for misting indoor plants without leaving residue
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    The water from condensers (dehumidifier /some tumbles) is supposed to be great for irons/cleaning windows. The concern with it, is if its not from a sterile container, or if its been left in the device for a while.
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    Thanks great price for the plants and humidor