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Posted 26 August 2023

Chanel Bleu De Chanel Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml £86.44 (With Code) - First Time Advantage Card Purchases Only

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Boots currently have an up to 20% off sale on a range of fragrances.

Add the product to checkout and apply the code NEWAPP10 to save 10% across "almost anything" when you spend over £25.

Think this code is only valid on first online purchases for those with a Boots Advantage card. To get around this, consider opening an account for a family member and signing up to the Advantage Card online.

I recently bought the Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme 100ml for the same price but appears OOS now, but I know Bleu de Chanel is quite popular.

Could try your luck with other fragrances too if BDC isn't your thing.

Free delivery and possible 5% cashback via Quidco or 1.7% via TCB.

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Be unexpected. A spectacular scenario. An unexpected masculine spirit. BLEU DE CHANEL embodies a tribute to masculine freedom.

Composed by Jacques Polge, the Creator of CHANEL Fragrances, BLEU DE CHANEL reveals itself in three acts. ACT 1 - Freshness: A spirited burst of freshness ripples across the skin. A sense of liberating well-being is released.Citrus accord, Vetiver, Pink pepper.

ACT 2 - Energy: A rush of explosive energy galvanises the senses. The taste for action is electrifying. A positive current of vitality takes over.Grapefruit, Dry Cedar notes, Labdanum.

ACT 3 - The senses: The body gains an untouchable confidence, embracing a masculinity that is enigmatic, irresistible, impenetrable.Frankincense, Ginger, Sandalwood.

Its enigmatic blue defies definition. Too blue to be black, too black to be blue. A bottle of dense, solid glass which blends authority with elegance. One of a kind, unlike anything else.

Top Notes: Citrus accord, Vetiver, Pink pepper.
Heart Notes: Grapefruit, Dry Cedar notes, Labdanum.
Base Notes: Frankincense, Ginger, Sandalwood
Boots More details at

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  1. ReggieS's avatar
    If you are buying more than 1 bottle then it is cheaper to buy from The Perfume shop
    2 x 100ml for £169.5 so £84.75 each

    Bigger bottle
    2 x 150ml for £205.50 so £102.75 each
    Mcallig67's avatar
    Got that deal for the 150ml*2(party) , thank you!
  2. kris1234's avatar
    £81.36 if you booked flight from UK at world duty free. (edited)
  3. Emmet_Dallat's avatar
    In this last week I have bought, spice bomb, sauvage and Hugo boss, neither last more than an hour or so sillage wise and this is me asking people. Puts me off buying anymore, they said savage is meant to be so strong also?
    Haruhi's avatar
    Nothing lasts long anymore. Maybe 8 years ago I bought a gigantic amount of fragrances probably close to 30 or more bottles of various stuff all in one go when I became obsessed with fragrances including a lot of Chanel and Dior mens - over the years I've seen the newer reformulations become weaker and weaker to the point where almost everything these days will last an hour if you're lucky. The latest Bleu De Chanel formulation I bought a year ago literally lasted 20-30 minutes. When I first bought a bottle around the time it came out, it was more like 4-6 hours.

    Not to mention they're all now double the price they used to be. I don't even bother with fragrances anymore because they all underperform and are overpriced.

    The extremely cheap artificial stuff in the £15 - £30 range lasts the longest in most cases because they're full of so many chemicals which give them huge staying power and it's easier to justify spraying them liberally due to the cost. Some of the £70 - £90 ones have been the worst performing things I've owned even though they smell the most natural. (edited)
  4. BabaYaga's avatar

    Buy this clone and you will never go back to designer perfume. I was doubtful about this company but since my last purchase of Tom Ford lost cherry clone, it’s as strong and great projectile.
    goodmerm's avatar
    Noted Aromas is also good
  5. Jean54's avatar
    Thanks Op, cant afford it but cheapest I’ve seen in while
    hambo04's avatar
    A couple of clones out there
  6. ellenw's avatar
    150ml £104 @ Sephora sign up to 10% off Brand for Life
  7. Al3x4nd3r's avatar
    Nice find, its £96.05 in store , thought that wasn't bad since its hardly ever on sale.
  8. Ouzoherb's avatar
    Not a huge discount as 96 in store but better than nothing
  9. Martin_Rooney's avatar
    Chanel hardly ever gets discounted so it's a good deal.
  10. kirillav's avatar
    This perfume is very good and it is too popular. It's like finally laying with the hottest girl in the class just to realise the next day that everyone else has slept with her already. For that reason I prefer to use something a bit more expensive.
    kingkhan12's avatar
    Like what would u recommend
  11. Runjump's avatar
    Get Armaf Iconic, dont need this.
    Mrepg's avatar
    Seems pricey like £70 on Amazon
  12. italkapple's avatar
    Never warn this before. Had a tester yesterday and thought was nice so ordered a battle. - What’s with all the clones, are they any good?
    darren_hooker's avatar
    Ordered a battle? Just over perfume?? 🙈
  13. FragileBoris's avatar
    Out of my 30 odd bottles, this was the most expensive bottle but I hardly wear it as it doesn't seem to last 5 minutes on me
    FragileBoris's avatar
    My mistake
  14. timhaihoyan's avatar
    Anyone tried to order online? Im getting automated cancellation emails from Boots saying they're unable to supply the item due to no stock
    BlueVelvet's avatar
    Worked fine for me. Bought this and some Tom Ford with no issues.
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