Unfortunately, this deal has expired 21 September 2023.
Posted 20 July 2023

Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner 160 Wash 5L - £6.18 / £5.63 via Subscribe and Save

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Product Description
Add a little love to your laundry with Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner, the number one fabric conditioner for sensitive skin in the UK*. This gentle, yet effective fabric softener is gentle next to sensitive skin and helps to smooth the fibres in your clothes, leaving them lovely and soft. Specially formulated to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, Comfort Pure fabric conditioner is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested. It has also been developed using skincare research recognised by the British Skin Foundation and is suitable for the whole family. To use: dose straight into your washing machine drawer next to your favourite detergent (we recommend Persil Non Bio liquid, powder or capsules). Do not pour directly onto fabrics. Wash hands after use. You do not need to dilute. Select your wash setting, then let your machine take care of the rest. Use Comfort Pure fabric conditioner in every wash to help fabric fibres stay smooth, leave a delicate, long-lasting fragrance on your clothes and make your laundry less wrinkled and much easier to iron. Comfort is the original fabric conditioner in the UK and has been caring for clothes for over 50 years. #LongLiveClothes *based on AC Nielsen, MAT, 26th February 2022

5-15%: Cationic Surfactants. <5%: Perfume, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate.
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  1. Ana10's avatar
    How do you come uo with that price even sith s&s i get £6.18
    ellie27's avatar
    If you add 5 or more items to a s&s order then you'll get max discount, often 15%. Go to s&s settings and select a date a couple weeks away then over next week or so any s&s that you add will go onto the one order then you'll hopefully get to 5 items on it and get that extra discount
  2. Suzanne461's avatar
    I got this yesterday from Home Bargains for £5.99 (used to be £4.99 a few months back). Just mentioning it for anyone that may not have Prime
    mcaulayr's avatar
    I am sure the one you are talking about is not the 160 wash one
  3. pacheco's avatar
    I understand and do value the convenience of amazon for the ones that have prime.
    However, Sainsbury seems to be selling it for the same price (6.5£) without claiming any discount):

    agrimag's avatar
    Am sure I paid £2.75 (for 58 washes) less the Tuesday OAP 10% discount in Iceland recently. Difference in price is negligible and presumably the Amazon offer is not postage free (unless you have Prime)
  4. baladar's avatar
    I'm not a fan of how watery this seems to be now.
    jay__'s avatar
    Agreed, mrs was complaining about that too...then my mum made the same observation. The ones you get from Asda in 2.5l bottles doesnt seem to be watery though
  5. C50's avatar
    Seen this £5.99 in Home Bargains yesterday
  6. ipmanwck's avatar
    The asda own senstitve softener actually smells nicer and I think is better than this.
  7. hot4459's avatar
    5.52 for me cheers
  8. TheGos's avatar
    This is £5 in costco
    ARAI19's avatar
    Is that including VAT?
  9. SebK's avatar
    Great price and purchased it so many times in the past, but there is no smell recently, not sure if watered down or changed the formula, moved to Comfort Creations Sandalwood and clothes smell again.
    Codify's avatar
    This is not supposed to have any smell, or colour
  10. rambo_or_mark's avatar
    same price in sainsburys... why is it so hot?
  11. Lovediscount's avatar
    Thanks ,I was waiting for this
  12. DazzleingGem's avatar
    Got mine £5.20. Thanks
  13. BKP's avatar
    thanks, ordered.
  14. Elviera's avatar
  15. stec77's avatar
    Does anyone have an opinion on the comfort outdoorable fragrance!? Thanks in advance.
  16. MarcoSymondi's avatar
  17. LGEARING's avatar
    It is very runny but it works and leaves a fairly pleasant smell to our clothing.
  18. MikeyMike05's avatar
    Great spot OP, hear added. Got for £5.52 with 15% S & S discount.
  19. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Be aware, although this deal was for a 5L size when posted in July, the one currently sold on Amazon is only 4.8L. (edited)
  20. tightpants's avatar
    Found this to be a waste of time and money, it's been watered down so much.
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