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Posted 19 June 2023

Crash Team Rumble - Standard Edition XBOX £21.49 @ CDkeys

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Released 20th June

Crash Team Rumble for Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S
Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 1
Crash Team Rumble™ takes Crash Bandicoot™ in a brand new direction, placing the series’ iconic heroes and villains into a 4v4 team-based competition. Players will duke it out across diverse and dangerous maps as both teams race to be the first team to collect and bank enough Wumpa fruit to claim victory! Rise as a hero, or feed your inner villain across a wild and N.Sane cast of characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Teamwork is integral to every match, as players must work together to battle the opposing team, defend their own Wumpa Bank, and capture key points around the map to boost their score.

Premium Battle Pass will be accessible in Crash Team Rumble™ once the Season 1 Battle Pass, or equivalent system, is made available in-game. Limited time only. Season 1 Premium Battle Pass (or equivalent version) must be redeemed by September 12th, 2023. Season dates subject to change.
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  1. hc4eva's avatar
    What’s the deal with these season passes?
    I’m old and confused lol. The 2K Lego racer one also has a season pass.

    If I buy the games do I need season passes? Presumably I will need to pay again when season 2 comes?
    loopylloyd's avatar
    With season based games (Will use Fortnite and Rocket League as an example) normally the seasons are free to play (Obv Crash is initally paid anyhow) and then you get season passes (Battle Passes etc) which grant more cosmetical items within that season. You would pay for the passes generally and renew and pay each season should you wish to do so.

    I am not 100% that is the case with Crash here, but presume they are joining the gravy train of copying the Fortnite style business plan.
  2. jane_collier's avatar
    I just want Crash Bash to be re-releassed instead
    LeePaulBaxter's avatar
    Think 80% of people expected a crash bash game when it was announced .
  3. mrrandom28's avatar
    This game is absolutely dead on arrival. No idea what they were thinking.
    LeePaulBaxter's avatar
    When sales figures go out they need to quickly realise this isn't it and make it closer to crash bash wouldn't be that difficult to do
  4. LeePaulBaxter's avatar
    This will flop so hard with the way it's got passes etc

    Game will be about £10 in a couple of month
    brett.holdsworth's avatar
    I’d be shocked if it takes a couple of months
  5. sidesey's avatar
    Tried the beta for barely 40 minutes. Deleted almost immediately. Monotonous, confusing, nothing like any of their other games. So poor. Recommend getting something else instead.
    LeePaulBaxter's avatar
    The game mode was horrendous. It's only saving grace it might have is if they put more games in it

    Or is that it is that the game mode of the entire game just on different maps
  6. ChrisIW's avatar
    Battle pass / live service type games should always be free to play IMHO. No way you should have to pay for any game that could be out of action in a year or two.
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