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Posted 18 June 2023

Dextro Energy Lemon Glucose Tablets Vitamin C, 47 g 24 Packs (Lemon or Orange) - £18 / £16.20 S&S (Also Has 10% Voucher & 3 For 2) @ Amazon

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Worth a look if you need to buy these for your medicine cabinet (my partner has Type 1 - Home Bargains sell twin packs for 99p - £1.19 at The Range, but these are even cheaper, by just over £6):

Only downside is you need to buy in bulk, as these two options are on a Get 3 For The Price Of 2 offer:
4152349_1.jpgDextro Energy Lemon Glucose Tablets (24 pack)

One-time Purchase £18
Subscribe & Save £16.20 (will be less if you have five or more Subscribe & Saves)

There's also a 10% off voucher showing for me on both my Prime and Non-Prime accounts:4152349_1.jpg(Also applies to the Orange option, below)

With the 10% off Subscribe & Save voucher applied, and 3 items added to Basket (3 for 2), the total for 3 x 24 packs (72 packs) comes to £28.80 for me (40p a pack):4152349_1.jpg4152349_1.jpgThe 3 For 2 offer is also showing on the Orange (24 Pack) option: amazon.co.uk/dp/…0RQ

£18 One-time Purchase
£16.20 Subscribe & Save (will be less if you have five or more Subscribe & Saves)
4152349_1.jpgAnd there's also a 10% off voucher:
4152349_1.jpg4152349_1.jpgGoogle Shopping price comparison (Orange), for ONE 47g pack, here
Amazon More details at

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  1. louiselouise's avatar
    louiselouise Author
    Home Bargains (Fort William) didn't have any twin packs last time we visited, a few days ago so that's why I'm looking on Amazon:50402844-vD3nr.jpgDo like the sound of the Cola Dextro Energy tablets, but they're not on 3 For 2.
    louiselouise's avatar
    louiselouise Author
    Also, I've never seen this flavour before - Tropical: amazon.co.uk/Dex…1IU

    (Also has a 10% voucher - not on the 3 For 2 offer, though)

    £17.33 One-time Purchase
    £15.60 Subscribe & Save50402867-IEkly.jpg
  2. Steveo1's avatar
    Excellent 3 for 2 deal on vitamins also.
  3. boostii's avatar
    I used these for years. I got tired of the taste of them and that the open packets dropped white dust inside my pockets. Also they would get wet if on holiday in swim shorts pocket.

    I swapped to 18g funsize bags of skittles which is just right to treat a hypo (15-20g is the recommendation.) They taste better and each portion is plastic wrapped for convenience. I used to get 10x18g in B&M for £1. They seem harder to find recently but I stocked up when I saw they were in the supermarkets for Halloween.
    louiselouise's avatar
    louiselouise Author
    Maybe I should get funsize Skittles instead! I'm sure boyf gets bored of the taste, though he did ask for the Lemon Dextro Energy, which he hasn't tried, afaik.

    He seems to go through the packs quite quickly too. (edited)
  4. olivermaltby's avatar
    These are actually quite good if you’re a long distance runner too
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