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Posted 3 November 2023

Duratool D02339 Radiator Key

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About this item
  • Radiator Key
  • Radiator key for use on domestic radiator bleed screws.
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Country of origin:- India
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  1. alrightnow's avatar
    Thanks SSS. Best radiator key offer I've seen today. Hot
  2. HotRodTrotter's avatar
    Get these instead. £1.09 for two butterfly style.

  3. rottitime's avatar
    Really good deal but sadly not available anymore
  4. BattleBeast1's avatar
    They are rubbish, too small to grip unless you use a pair of grips or hook a ring spanner on to it. They are also much too soft, I rounded one last week. Found my older keys and they worked fine.51349287-c6VVC.jpg (edited)
    sminky's avatar
    The one on the right looks like a real beauty. Everything you would want in a radiator key.
  5. uog's avatar
    This is a bleeding good deal
  6. Scandalicious's avatar
    Did mine earlier. Just used a flat head screwdriver 🪛 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Gigasonix's avatar
    The screws on radiator bleed valves are notoriously made out of a candy floss-papier-mache alloy so sooner or later the screw head will get damaged by a decent screwdriver
  7. euphoricmess's avatar
    Back available
  8. C.D's avatar
    The key is (pun intended), not to lose them.
    I bought a new one last week knowing I had several but not a clue as to where they were.
    And yes, you guessed it, as soon as I got home with it, I found the other two I already had.
    Oh, and I was robbed, I paid a whole 19p more for my new one
    So the moral is.... (edited)
  9. Masked_Bunny's avatar
    With Wilkos sadly gone it looks like I'll have to resort to this offer.
    CroMoly's avatar
    some pound shop style shops have them.. sometimes 2 for a pound. Also B&M..
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