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Posted 24 July 2023

Eriyadu Island Resort Maldives- 7 Nights All Inclusive - 24/09/23-2/10/23 (Etihad), Free upgrade to Beachfront Villa, For Two Adults

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Extend Your Stay
If a week isn't long enough for you to soak up the sun, why not extend your stay to 10, 11 or 14 nights.

  • 10 Nights from £1,599pp
  • 11 Nights from £1,749pp
  • 14 Nights from £2,199pp


Extend Your Stay
If a week isn't long enough for you to soak up the sun, why not extend your stay to 10, 11 or 14 nights.

  • 10 Nights from £1,599pp
  • 11 Nights from £1,749pp
  • 14 Nights from £2,199pp

What the offer includes:
Stay in an upgraded Deluxe Beachfront Villa with Private Walkout Patio on an All-Inclusive basis with Exclusive Extras & Return Flights, Speedboat Transfers & Luggage Included, saving £3,027 per couple.

Subscriber Exclusive Extras
  • 7 Nights All Inclusive at Eriyadu Island Resort
  • FREE Upgrade to Deluxe Beachfront Villa with Private Walkout Patio
  • FREE 30-Minute Jet Lag Massage Per Person, Per Stay
  • Exclusive 25% Spa Discount*
  • Return Flights, Speedboat Transfers & Luggage Included
  • Save up to 56%

Price Drop - Save an additional £600 per couple. This will sell quickly!

Boost Your All Inclusive Plan
Boost your All Inclusive plan to All Inclusive Plus to benefit from a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival, one sunset cruise, in-room mini-bar and more from only £150pp when staying for 7 nights.

Double Boost your All Inclusive plan to All Inclusive Platinum to enjoy premium branded drinks, premium wines, one a la carte dining experience and a sunset fishing experience from only £400pp when staying for 7 nights.

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  1. jj007's avatar
    Sounds like surreally good deal. Not sure about the different levels of all inclusive though.

    This is concerning (TripAdvisor post from last week):
    Dishonesty, Misleading advertising and very poor quality accommodation.
    Dates 30/06/23 to 14/07/23, but had to leave due to condition of rooms and how we were treated, lies by staff.

    Just don't!!! ... You will get far better quality and service for just a little more money, yes they have white sand and sea but so does everyone else in the Maldives and they will give you far far more.

    My wife and I booked via Bluebay travel who advertise the resort as having "Deluxe Beach Villas which they claim "Delivers high end quality throughout"... Nothing could be further from the truth. They are not "Deluxe" nor "high end" and this false advertising should cease immediately. I will be taking this up with ABTA. I have seen a selection of these rooms and they range from substandard to very substandard and corroborated by a number of other reviews, tired, worn, basic etc.
    Bluebay also advertise at 4.5 stars on their site, yet staff and even the General manager in resort say they are not.. they say they are 3 to 3. 5 max. and have never claimed to be 4 or 4.5 star. Bluebay also state they advertise the quality of resorts by taking in good faith what the resort tells them so it appears no quailty checks..... (edited)
  2. sunnygreen's avatar
    Nothing for 2 Adults and 2 Children
    Mentos's avatar
    Family rooms can be hard to find in the Maldives, most islands only have a handful of rooms that can officially accommodate more then 3 people. Booking two villas ofcourse gets very expensive.

    Depending on the ages of your children you can ask the resort/agent if they’ll accommodate you in a standard villa. We did a few trips before Covid and most islands were ok with it, as long as we used existing bedding (our toddler slept with us) and some were prepare to squeeze in an extra small bed. It’s not a big deal as you spend very little time in the actual Villa. Even in the evenings we put the kids down and sat outside on our deckchairs.

    Its a wonderful holiday with younger kids.

    NB: just incase it isn’t clear we didn’t sleep four to a bed  
    Eldest always had her own bed. Just the younger one slept with us. Most mid range villas and above can accommodate a small single or had a day bed that could be made up as a bed for our eldest. (edited)
  3. driver8's avatar
    I was at Eriyadu back in 2019... It's certainly a budget resort, but we enjoyed it, and the food was surprisingly good (and varied) for the price.
    Good snorkeling... We saw a hawksbill turtle and a black tip reef shark in the first 5 mins of our first dip.
    But even on a budget resort, the beaches are clean and white, the night skies are clear, and the lagoon is that familiar gorgeous turquoise.
    In 2019, some rooms were getting refurbished, but I don't know how far that went.
    Remember that booking independently, the flights alone would be costing you £750+ rtn, each, so that's £900 for 2 pax, just £65pppn on AI. 🔥
  4. browntoa's avatar
    I'd advise at least 10 days , ideally more . It's a 10 hour flight minimum each way .
    Will_Sievwright's avatar
    Firstly this is based on my experience 2011 and different Atoll. Totally agree with , Don't do seven days, you will regret. If you work hard all year then will take 3 days to come off ceiling coupled with jet lag and meant to be holiday of lifetime. All inclusive doesn't always mean 24/7, so check it out sometimes you meet new friends and want the party to carry on late into the night only for it to be curtailed. We got bottles water and topped up with wine during the day, so just had a little stash in case we fancied a late night, even New Years eve bar shut at 1am just when party getting started. So that is all the negative or things you should look out done, Should you do it, in a heartbeat yes!! Stunning is beyond words, I had a room on stilts that I could walk down every day and into sea - little tip don't feed them bread - they love boiled eggs - no marine scientist so just my experience, scared of sharks don't be they are not that big, I had one that I called Bruce and he came round most mornings - you can tell from markings. You can walk between Atolls it is that shallow but most of them are private so you may be turned back by security. Snorkelling out this world as is Scuba. Food just tell them what you want and I am a fussy eater, they just try their best, could never fault. So to wrap this up I am going back a few years now but hopefully might help one person. Regards, Will
  5. SebK's avatar
    I went and what's wrong with the overall rating. It's 4star hotel. Pointing to a single negative review makes me wonder of your real intentions.

  6. RogPJ's avatar
    Check flight times as we went for 5 nights all inclusive and ended up spending 2 of those nights in a hotel on the capital island (where the airport is). Managed to get a partial refund, but lesson learnt. Also made the mistake of booking speedboat transfers which was like being in a washing machine for an hour!
    spicy_gal's avatar
    oh yes i remember this. We spent the first night at Sheraton full moon so had to travel at 9pm via speedboat. Going through pitch blackness, i was absolutely scared. The next day we went via speedboat back to Mali airport and caught a seaplane transfer to Conrad Rangali which was much more pleasant (they dont run after sunset). They don't tell you this when you book. If you need a seaplane transfer, your basically stuck for the night either at Mali ( which is not a pretty island) or have to send the night at a local resort before you get to check in to your main resort. its all a bit flaffy
  7. SebK's avatar
    Subscriber Exclusive Extras
    • 7 Nights All Inclusive at Eriyadu Island Resort
    • FREE Upgrade to Deluxe Beachfront Villa with Private Walkout Patio
    • FREE 30-Minute Jet Lag Massage Per Person, Per Stay
    • Exclusive 25% Spa Discount*
    • Return Flights, Speedboat Transfers & Luggage Included
    • Save up to 56%
  8. spicy_gal's avatar
    can't believe how expensive Maldives is now. We went for our honeymoon to Conrad Rangali and while it was amazing, I got bored by day 4 and longed for civilisation again. Plus the water bungalows are great but at night the wind howls so much around the villa, it used to freak me out and I could hardly sleep. Just my experienced penny's worth. Maldives is quite over-rated.
    driver8's avatar
    Hehe... Yes, that's not something you often hear about. We were in a water villa (also at Conrad) during a storm, at night, and it's genuinely rather scary!
  9. thisusernamealreadyexists's avatar
    Went here last year around the same time for 2 weeks. This is not so much of a deal, more like "you get what you pay for". It's cheap and feels cheap. Rooms are OK. 3 star at best. But clean, insect free and working (non smelly) ac. Beach is amazing. There is one restaurant on the island. Food is buffet style and is on a weekly cycle, if you stay for 2 weeks you will eat the same thing twice. If you absolutely must go to the Maldives and are on a strict budget, then this is an absolute no brainer. However if you can stretch to 4/5k you will get more than double the enjoyment somewhere else.

    This is basically the Holiday Inn of the Maldives (edited)
    finknottle's avatar
    What material aspects would provide more double the enjoyment, out of interest? Not having to eat the same thing twice in two weeks? I personally do so all the time both at home and away, because I’m happy to and some meals are too good to ration. Or simply having a better room? If the beach is lovely, as I understand many in the Maldives are, I personally wouldn’t be spending much time in there. If it’s clean, without mozzies, and has AC, I can’t really imagine what else I’d need to sleep comfortably. Genuinely curious, but enjoyment is also highly subjective and dependent on one’s mindset going into an experience.
  10. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Me and the mrs really wanted to go to the maldives but then we had kids oh well at least ive seen the pictures (edited)
  11. madoka_ayukawa's avatar
    Cheaper than 3 nights 4 days with park tickets to Disneyland Paris in October staying at hotel Cheyenne :/
    abadat's avatar
    Okay what would you like us to do about that mate?
  12. SebK's avatar
    12 october to 20 october - £2,397.74
  13. Tedman's avatar
    Definitely a bucket list item. There really is nowhere like this in the world. Be careful of rainy season but even then rain doesn’t last long. 
  14. Themadcow's avatar
    If you want to go to the Maldives, and can handle the long flight/transfer time then this is a great deal tbh. Because of the travel time I'd probably say 10 days is a better option.

    I went last year as a family of 4 for £4300 half-board and that was during rainy season - whereas this should be pretty dry in October especially.
    Tillydog's avatar
    Inc flights & transfers? Most of the Maldives is a high end place to holiday and has got more expensive in the last few years due to everything billed in usd and food taxes. (edited)
  15. PIW1965's avatar
    Great deal, great price. Got them working on a 14 day quote in November for me. Thanks for posting
  16. mlpower's avatar
    Don't forget to check how high the sea level is due to climate change and melting ice caps. I haven't seen much change in the sea levels in decades but they tell us sea levels are rising and the Maldives will be underwater soon so better make use of this offer as quick as you can
    driver8's avatar
    It's less about sea level rise of a couple of millimeters, and more about increasing numbers of extreme climatic events. In the Maldives, this means more severe storms, causing tidal surges and beach erosion.
  17. PESfan's avatar
    What other travel agencies/websites would you recommend for Maldives deals? I want to book it for next year's summer, but not in a position to do yet so can't use this offer.
    davidbobwood's avatar
    Simply Maldives did a great job for me (& many others judging on feedback). They improved on standard prices quoted on their website
  18. Mentos's avatar
    The premium Plat AIs doesnt seem great value for money unless you drink a lot. We’ve only considered them if they include unlimited Ala Carte dining.

    If they only include one or two, it might seem like good value, but often they’ll have deals on to get you into the Ala Cartes whilst you’re there (haven’t been to this island, but we saw that on the others and read on TA). (edited)
  19. MRT0000's avatar
    Nice deal
  20. Libre11's avatar
  21. Thislife79's avatar
    Anyone know what the house reef is like here?
    driver8's avatar
    I'd say pretty good for the current times, but best check on TripAdvisor for the latest reviews (and you might even chat with people who are actually there).
  22. thecoolguy's avatar
    stunningly cheap and cheerful, we paid close to £14k for 10 days when we went last year, although a much better resort. was orgnaised by angelfish travel.
's avatar