Posted 6 February 2023

Everbuild Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape - £2.50 @ Amazon

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Double-sided mount tape, 25 mm x 2.5 m
4.3 out of 5 (18,629 ratings)

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About this item
  • Features the ultimate heavy duty adhesive that provides incredible immediate bond strength that has to be seen to be believed
  • Provides the ability to bond virtually any material, indoors or outdoors including ceramics, brickwork, wood, metal, plastics and PVCu
  • Once applied the bond is moisture resistant and provides a weather proof seal that will not degrade with U.V light
  • Ideal for use on craft projects, around the home, industry or construction applications and general office use
  • Even suitable to replace drilling, plugging and unsightly screws in many applications for a cleaner look, high standard finish
  • Available in widths of 12mm, 25mm and 50mm

1. Ensure surfaces to which tape is to be applied are clean, sound and dry.
2. Remove outer packaging from roll of tape. Peel required amount of tape from roll pressing firmly into place whilst unrolling.
3. Carefully peel off backing paper from tape. Press item to be bonded firmly into place with even pressure.
4. A secure bond will be formed immediately however full bond strength will be achieved after 48 hours.

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    How would this be for sticking plastic hooks to the wall? I have command style hooks which have come off the wall! I don’t really want to pay for more expensive command brand hooks as they are expensive but maybe the best solution!? Thanks in advance.
    It'll work. If the walls painted, it'll rip the paint off if you overload the hook. If it's not your wall, don't do it. You'll damage the substrate if you need to remove it.

    If it's your wall, screws are the go.
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    Bought this the other day to hold up radiator foil. Used it all up on one piece of foil. Now I've used it, I do realise I really didn't need to put that much tape on and will regret it if I need to take it off
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    The plug socket will never stick. It's raised around the edge with the tape in the middle. Good tape though when used properly 😁
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    Waiting for the advert with someone stuck to a high-rise building
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    The best double sided tape you can get. Very strong
    I think this tape has seen better days. I remember when I first used it good couple of years ago and I could hang a lot on it and it was holding. Nowadays I would not put too much weight on it, as imho it would come off. You can even tell when cutting it to size that it’s not as sticky as it used to be
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    This is great stuff.
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    this is normally £2 its expensive
    Hasn't been £2 for nearly a year on Amazon
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    I’m a bit nervous to use something like tape for this job but I have a stud wall with plug and light fittings in it so I’d rather not drill and a small mirror with a flat back that would sit flush to the wall which I would like to place on the other side to the fittings. The mirror’s about 1kg and round at 31cm diameter. The wall’s just painted with cheap matt emulsion. If I covered the back with this tape will it hold it on the wall?