Unfortunately, this deal has expired 2 minutes ago.
Posted 15 April 2024

Exchange 15000 members points for a free pair of Adidas Gazelle or Handball Spezial trainers (APP ONLY)

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Free Adidas Gazelle or Handball Spezial for Adiclub members for exchanging 15000 points
Adidas More details at
Adidas has currently £10 discount for you and the referrer, when you join adiclub campaign, if you want to use it you can do so from this .

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  1. ScorchingHot's avatar
    Just out of interest, what do you need to spend to get 15,000 points?
    Peteker's avatar
    There are different ways to earn points, but if it's just based on spending a mere £1500 should earn you enough points for your free trainers.
  2. JohnMcrGuy's avatar
    Update the app and adiclub appears (edited)
  3. tecnodweeb's avatar
    “Anyone got a spare code - sorry- 15,000 points they aren’t using?” 😁
    DZone's avatar
    Happy to swap for £15,000
  4. ronson_a's avatar
    Good spot - I went and checked and only had a few hundred points, then noticed I could use them to enter lots of raffles, so have done that!
    barnehurst's avatar
    Unfortunately so do millions of other people. More chance of winning the lottery
  5. Bunf's avatar
    What can I get for 0 points?
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    A swift kick up the backside
  6. Rookie10's avatar
    Perfect for that prime minister look
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Yes a banana republic prime minister 👀
  7. RedSeven's avatar
    1400 points short...so close
  8. suzy18's avatar
    great find heat
  9. joshp's avatar
    Thanks OP, bought both as I had 100,000

    Shame I can't get more
    megaafc1's avatar
    Bloody hell, wish I had that many! Mind you, my other half would definitely kick my butt if I got any more trainers, the back bedroom is chokka block. Just got the Gazelle Spezial's in black.
  10. Chrissybh0y's avatar
    I lost all my points to because I hadn’t bought anything in a while , be cautious
  11. spankwilder's avatar
    I mean.. he might be on here, to be sure, any way we can let Rishi know??
  12. ashraf86uk's avatar
    I’ve only got 4200 points
  13. v5535's avatar
    Got just over 15000 but no sizes
  14. Elmore45's avatar
    Just shy of 11k points myself

    Cool find though.
  15. Dalha_S's avatar
    Had to get rid of them after what Sunak did
  16. V8Reverb's avatar
    I've only got 50 points. Can I have a lace?
  17. ALYMAC76's avatar
    Where abouts on app?
    RashadSharif's avatar
    Can’t find it as well
  18. Weehamish's avatar
    bottoms always rot away too fast on these... so comfy though love them but yeah such crap bottoms
    lomey's avatar
    I agree!!
  19. Index's avatar
    yeh, only have 14,354 points.............how long does it take to update, if I buy a couple stuff from Adidas?
    joshp's avatar
    I though it was when they're delivered but I could be wrong
  20. dawsy16's avatar
    Most sizes OOS now
    Index's avatar
    Really?...................I'm so annoyed now....
  21. lawsmill's avatar
    I’ve just seen I had 5,000 points expired. Doh 
    stantier2's avatar
    me as well. down to 10000 points now
  22. hamsterboy's avatar
    Don't wanna be a party proper, but our overseers are allowing a referral link?
    joshp's avatar
    Isn't it HUKD's referal? Also, this deal is in-app so most people won't be opening it
  23. sdhm's avatar
    Lol, I saw the post about PM apologies for wearing Adidas Trainer now this
    Index's avatar
    hahaha, it could be adidas promotion haha.
  24. flasm1's avatar
    Can someone help? Does this mean I have enough points? Can’t seem to find the promotion either!

    52585392_1.jpg (edited)
    Index's avatar
  25. sarahq924's avatar
    Can it be on any trainers
  26. SuperJetSetWilly's avatar
    15000 points expired in December. Unbelievable!
    ifeeltheheat's avatar
    How did you even manage to get so many points?
  27. Ian_Silva's avatar
    I've got 30k of points but the shoes is sold out in my size 🥲 I've managed to get a few free pairs from in the past. Adiclub it's way better than Nike as rewards to customers
  28. CroMoly's avatar
    Great. You too can look like Rishy Shoetax.
  29. goddie182's avatar
    Can this also be used on the Nike website? :/
    Index's avatar
    Yeh mate. Adidas owns Nike
  30. woosterwoo's avatar
    Got 12900 points. Before i buy something, to get up to 15000 points, what sizes are left
    Index's avatar
    Sold out apparently
  31. Shaun_Clapperton's avatar
    52587155-hZVUD.jpgThese ones are available in all sizes. Not sure I like the colour though. I've exactly 21000 aswell. Seem to always miss out on these sell out quick. How often do Adidas do this with points ?
    TerryMunro's avatar
    Yeah same here don’t if I should grab them or wait as I’ve never noticed this before
  32. londonguy's avatar
    Some of the "suede" adidas use is questionable. I have a pair of blue samba's still in the box and the suede looks like something you would use to dry the car off with like a fake chamois leather.
  33. matthews9479's avatar
    Not free though
  34. lalalolol's avatar
    Shame they did this after expiring my points in Jan. Was waiting for something like this but everything I could use the points on sucked.
    awms's avatar
    I've points from 4 years ago I can still spend???
  35. hackboski's avatar
    I’ve got 100 😫😫😫
  36. MarzBarz's avatar
    doh got 13,000 points
  37. dannyblind's avatar
    Not sure how I purchase I have more than enough aswell :/
's avatar