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Posted 13 December 2022

F1 22 PS5 for £10 instore @ Tesco (Rutherglen / Stretford / Newcastle / Cardiff / Northern Ireland)

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F1 22 PS5 for £10
4049008_1.jpg@ Tesco (Rutherglen)

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    None in stock . It’s shows in stock but nothing . Waste of time
    My local Tesco showed in stock but nothing on the stand. Went to customer service and they had them
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    Coulby Newham coming up trumps 🏻
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    Great price if you can grab it. Or try a cheeky curry's price match with the app.
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    Just picked up a copy and scanned at £8. Thanks OP
    Nice one. Please confirm the store location to help others on HUKD.
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    Two that I go past today both showed stock. I had low hopes. First one I went in had stock. Lovely!!
    not marked up on shelf helped.

    ashford park farm still has stock.
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    Went in to pickup GT7 for £30 and came out with this aswell, Bargain. No copies on the shelf for either so just asked at customer services and they checked the magic drawer.

    Tesco in Clowne
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    Just got me a copy from Dudley extra, think it was last copy as I’ve checked stock after I left and now spores out of stock
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    Confirmed at Tesco Talbot Green Llantrisant. Just picked up one copy ask at the customer service desk
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    Checked and found a store with it ‘in stock’ about 30 miles away. Drove in and nothing. They checked our back and nothing there either. Gutted! Does anybody know the next best price for it - preferably online? I can’t find it below £35?! Thanks.
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    I don't think stock on the App is accurate or reliable.

    Plenty of times it shows items in stick only for none to be available in store, even after checking with CS desk etc.

    They openly admit its not good for stock.
    Twiggy things those sticks!
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    Use the Tesco App to check stock in local stores. The deal appears to be nationwide when doing some spot checks. (edited)
    How do I use the app, it is not finding any games, is it broken?
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    I bought this for £19 still unopened, not sure if I still have the receipt can I take back and buy the same copy? doubt it but thought I'll ask
    I think you need the receipt to get the price difference refunded.
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    Would this game work with the PS4 please

    1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 %
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    Going to assume it is too late to get this now?

    Have been to 2 Tescos and both have been Sold Out
    Sounds like it