Unfortunately, this deal has expired 31 January 2023.
Posted 5 January 2023

FREE 10 day Nuffield Health gym pass with M&S Sparks

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Just spotted this on my M&S Sparks card offers - not sure if it's available for everyone or selected members but a great way to start shifting those Xmas pounds without spending a pound 😄

Get free 10-day access to a Nuffield Health gym - excluding City (Cannon Street), Moorgate, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury and Shoreditch.

Pass is for 10 consecutive days only which begins when the pass is redeemed and is valid between 5 January and 31 March 2023 (inclusive).

For first time visitors only.

They're also offering 20% off physio.

Full terms and conditions:

The Gym promotion - 10-day guest pass:
*Terms and conditions apply: Offer available to Marks and Spencer Sparks members only. Proof of membership required. Offer expires 31 January 2023. Only one free 10-day pass per person and for first time visitors only. Pass is for 10 consecutive days only which begins when the pass is redeemed and is valid between 5 January and 31 March 2023 (inclusive). To use this pass you must be 18 years or over and photographic ID and proof of Sparks membership will be required upon attendance. The pass can be gifted to someone else if the Sparks member is already an existing member of a UK owned and managed Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing centre. No cash alternative is available. Guest members will not be able to book group exercise classes. Nuffield Health reserves the right to refuse usage of the trial and facilities where appropriate or deemed necessary. Offer not valid at our City (Cannon Street), Moorgate, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury and Shoreditch clubs. Facilities vary by centre – there are pools in 113 of 114 centres, Nuffield Health Battersea Fitness & Wellbeing Centre does not have a pool.
Nuffield Health More details at
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  1. freebiehunter's avatar
    In the t&c is says proof of M&S membership is required so it might not be so straight forward from the link unless a sparks member
  2. jfitzpatrick306's avatar
    Does this include spa/swimming access etc?
    LIPSEAL's avatar
    I used a free guest pass in the past. You can use gym/jacuzzi/sauna/steam room/swimming pool. Bring a padlock. You can't book a class but you can turn up for a class & if there is space the instructor will let you join in. Sometimes members book but don't turn up for a class.
  3. mazen187's avatar
    I signed up today and went to Nuffield Sheffield, they didn't ask for m&s sparks card
  4. basalchunk's avatar
    redeemed it in London, never got asked about Spark, just the code I got through text and ID
    CarloRivera's avatar
    Which part of London?
    NIce gym,? Did it have a sauna or steam room (that's what I usually go for on these deals!)
  5. F_F22's avatar
    Nuffield has gone down hill. They switched off jacuzzis to save money, but charge £68 a person. No reduction in monthly fees.
    In the past month, the hot water and swimming pool has been down countless times.
    There’s just no money going back in!
    F_F22's avatar
    Management never seem to respond to people and have the attitude of ‘you can go elsewhere’ knowing full well a lot of people are in contract!
  6. Stevey_Banks's avatar
    A 10 day guest pass, that's only "valid for seven days from download"?
    WillPS's avatar
    I'd guess you have 7 days to activate, then 10 days from activation.
  7. Vanthanhngo's avatar
    Will you be able to book exercise classes with this trial or just access to swimming pool & gym?
    LIPSEAL's avatar
    You can turn up for a class & if there is space the instructor will let you join in. You just can't book the class (reserve a spot) online as a guest. Sometimes members book a spot & don't turn up. This is what Nuffield told me.
  8. XALIO's avatar
    Waste of time. Need to be a Sparks card holder to get this. Nuffield just turn you away otherwise.
    HotdogginJNR's avatar
    Just use the app and its free right? (edited)
  9. bazwinder's avatar
    Went tonight, not asked for sparks membership but had it in case. That’s a posh gym for me!
  10. Chobotfan's avatar
    50% of hiking kit in mine
  11. Playtequ_.'s avatar
    I'm not receiving the pass on email. You guys got the pass already?
    justonemore's avatar
    Received a text with the code which they need
  12. geoffs11's avatar
    Just started using my 10 day pass, it was all so easy to set up, loving it!! As an unhappy David Lloyd member it's just been a better experience on so many levels. Thanks for posting!
  13. shamedbear3's avatar
    This seems like a good deal for the homeless. Free showers for the next 10days with unlimited hot water. Just don't push it requesting access to the hottub
  14. bazwinder's avatar
    Nice one OP! Signed up for Sparks for free then this. New abs here I come.
  15. terriertom's avatar
    Last time I went to a gym I ended up with a veruca on each foot - very painful to get removed too and one kept coming back despite being cut out. Never again or wear protective footwear at all times.
    Alex_Colvill's avatar
    i got a story to add to this,

    had a verucca as a kid, very painfull, had it frozen with liquid nitrogen 3 times by Gp. came back every time,
    i was crying as a kid, squeezing my grandmas hand wailing out balls of tears.

    on the 4th time, i got a stanley knife and cut it out myself, making sure to go slightly deeper than needed to get every last bit.
    bloody everywhere

    never came back though.

    did anything good come of going to the gym, or was the verruca was the main thing you took away from the experience??
  16. Andy's avatar
    Great first post, thanks for sharing with the community
    Jh376's avatar
    Thank you! Long time watcher, now hoping to contribute proactively 🤞🏻
  17. maggiemay15's avatar
    When does your free pass get activated please? I’ve received my code & have booked my visit date…
    Is the date of my visit classed as day 1 of the 10 days ?
    BodisBest's avatar
    When you go to your booked appointment. Collected mine yesterday, here now 1st use , expires on the 12th.
  18. Meer95's avatar
    They didn't let me enter as the spark card was not registered under my name.
    Also karen was very strict about it. I have my spark card but don't see any offers in it
  19. Chloe_Harris's avatar
    On my account! Great freebie, thank you OP
  20. explorers's avatar
    Thanks OP! Booked. I can lose some holiday weight. 
  21. adil171's avatar

    They will check if you are a member of M&S Sparks btw
    chineseJohn's avatar
    they didn't with me, they just wanted to see my ID
  22. edmoss's avatar
    Awesome thanks OP
  23. AdamY15's avatar
    If I have already used a 3-day free trial at Nuffield in the past but I am not an existing member, is this offer applicable to me?
    snoopygreen's avatar
    Just sign up with a new email. Should work
  24. thecatmeowth's avatar
    Shame none near me
  25. basalchunk's avatar
    curious if they actually check if you’re a member on site :/
    DavidAames's avatar
    It’s free to sign up to Sparks (edited)
  26. deleted554688's avatar
    Can't see it on mine. Oh well
    Cleverbyname's avatar
    Link below seems usable by anyone.
  27. LJHDeals's avatar
    Thank you
  28. Mrepg's avatar
    A charity don’t make me laugh! Can anyone tell me what charity work they actually do I’m really curious. Anyhow great deal for anyone looking for a gym to try out hot (edited)
    shamedbear3's avatar
    They are a not for profit. As hospital fees go insurers love them as they are very reasonable compared to the likes of BMI etc
  29. HotdogginJNR's avatar
    Does the join time actually matter? Im still at work and will miss my original time
    justonemore's avatar
    I went today, Manchester one and the lady said just come anytime even though was scheduled for 1300.
  30. geoffs11's avatar
    Thanks for posting
  31. CarloRivera's avatar
    Shame it excludes Canmon Street - great spa there!
  32. sez1011's avatar
    Signed up using the link amazing thank you so much (edited)
  33. doctorwasabi's avatar
    Anyone know which Nuffield locations in London have a great SPA that can be used in conjuction with this? (edited)
  34. Youngflyer16's avatar
    On my account....thanks for heads up!
  35. jose.walton's avatar
    Is there a gym in Edinburgh
    chineseJohn's avatar
    check the website?
's avatar