Unfortunately, this deal has expired 18 June 2023.
Posted 7 June 2023

Free extra £5 when you buy a £20 Costa gift card / £10 extra with a £40 gift card / £15 extra with a £60 gift card @ Costa

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Costa Gift card offer goes live tomorrow 08/06. Free £5 when you buy a £20 Costa gift card online, £10 extra with a £40 Costa gift Card and £15 extra with a £60 gift card. You will need to select e-gift card to get free delivery. If you opt for physical gift cards delivery postage applies.

Please note the promo is on both eGift cards and physical gift cards, as per previous promos.

Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions Free £5 when you buy a £20 Costa Gift Card

  • 1. Offer open to GB residents aged 16 or over.
  • 2.Offer applies to Costa Gift Cards purchased from gifting.costa.co.uk. only
  • 3. Spend between £20 - £39 on one Costa Gift Card and receive an additional £5 free of charge. Spend between £40 - £59 on one Costa Gift Card and you will receive an additional £10. Spend £60 or more on one Costa Gift Card and you will receive an additional £15.
  • 4. Offer only applies when you select the delivery option ‘As soon as I have paid’ for your Gift Card order. This offer does not apply to Gift Cards to be delivered on a future preferred date outside the promotional dates.
  • 5. This offer applies to Costa Gift Cards purchased between 00.01 on Thursday 8th June and 23.59 on Sunday 18th June 2023(the "Offer Period"). Offer limited to a maximum of 5 Costa Gift Cards per person (whether purchased together or separately over the Offer Period). This offer applies to purchase of new Costa Gift Cards and top-ups of existing Costa Gift Cards.
  • 6. To qualify for the offer, the required funds must be added to the Gift Card in one transaction.
  • 7. Costa Gift Cards are issued subject to the terms and conditions at gifting.costa.co.uk/ter…ns/. Please note in particular that Costa Gift Cards can only be used for your personal non-commercial use. You may not sell your Costa Gift Card or use it in sales or promotional activities.
  • 8. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, or promotion.
  • 9. Costa reserves the right to extend, withdraw, alter or suspend this offer at any time if circumstances beyond its control make this unavoidable.
  • 10. Costa shall not be liable for a failure to comply with the terms of this offer due to reasons beyond its reasonable control. Costa's liability in respect of this offer shall be limited to losses that are foreseeable result of its breach of these terms and conditions or its negligence. Costa shall not be liable for any claims for loss of profits or revenue or indirect or consequential loss.
  • 11. This offer and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the offer in the English courts. If you live in Scotland, you will also benefit from any mandatory provisions of Scottish law and can bring legal proceedings in respect of the offer in either the Scottish or the English courts..
  • 12. The promoter of this offer is Costa Limited, a company registered in England with company number 01270695, and registered office Costa House, 3 Knaves Beech Business Centre, Davis Way, Loudwater, Buckinghamshire, HP10 9QR
Costa More details at
Community Updates
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The electronic card link that comes via email shows the value without the bonus but if you check the balance here, you will see the correct amount that includes the bonus.

Card is valid for a year after the last use, so please use it once every 364 days.
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  1. Oli.Moss's avatar
    Just like Tesco, they are reducing their incentives from August 1st.

    Used to take 8 beans for a free drink, moving to 10 drinks. No more costa for me.

    They are constantly increasing the price!
    jig2480's avatar
    Didn’t know about the beans thanks for the info
  2. HSC's avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. Just annoying that you can't add the credit to your Costa Club account rather than having to faff around finding your voucher email and juggling that with the app to get your free beans.
    xenept's avatar
    They are too busy reducing value to customers than being innovative.

    Nothing like having to faff about at the till.
  3. brad.fordbulls's avatar
    Also changing from 8 to 10 beans for a free drink 😫😴😡
    Reality's avatar
  4. Envx's avatar
    I read somewhere that Costa are making more money globally from interest on the money from gift cards than from coffees at the tills. That in some way they're actually more like banks than coffee shops.
    StaceyQ's avatar
    It's Starbucks IIRC
  5. smudgemobile's avatar
    This is as Hot as their Coffee 25% off.
    Andy_Reinlo's avatar
    you are getting £25 for £20 so 20% off not 25%
  6. CleopatraNo.2's avatar
    Reminder to people in N.I not to buy them if they intend to use them in N.I as they don't work.
  7. nonameduser's avatar
    Can I use this in the app? Or is it a separate qr code?
    yus786's avatar
    Separate. I just have a note saved with a screenshot of my app qr code and a screenshot of the costa gift. Scan the app first and then ask to pay via gc
  8. cman84's avatar
    Does anyone know, if I buy an e-gift card today, whether there is a time period within which it needs to be activated/spent?

    Basically, I am thinking of buying now, to gift to someone later in the year. So 2 or so months may pass without activity. Can anyone foresee any issues?
    bozo007's avatar
    The card is active upon purchase, and you can't defer the activation (there is an option for delivery at a later date) because then you don't get this offer. The card expires one year from the last use date, so it will stay active as long as it is used once in 365 days. This Costa offer usually pops up around Christmas as well.
  9. botchtista's avatar
    I used to love Costa but their service is so variable. Get a good barista and your sorted, get someone who doesn't have a clue and you have a very sub par drink that you could've made for 1/5th the price at home. Hot though in terms of the value
    djp2k8's avatar
    Complain to Coke!
  10. scallygally's avatar
    Costa has gone down the pan since Coke took over them.
  11. Envx's avatar
    I heard Costa is one of the causes of debt between people aged 30-35 in the UK.
    HSC's avatar
    LOL Poor budgeting is that cause, not specifically Costa! (edited)
  12. Blackgang's avatar
    Not going to use Costa anymore, as you don't want hassel just getting a coffee.
  13. BigBry's avatar
    My email mentions the extra £5 on a £20 that I qualify for but it doesn't show on the balance check link (Hopefully as per Gazza2911 it will show soon!).

    Thanks OP.
    BigBry's avatar
    Costa customer services say additional £5 should show by 1pm.

    *Update* My extra £5 does now show (edited)
  14. drsleep0000's avatar
    Had £20 worth of credit till they turned it into 6 beans👎
    hilalo's avatar
    what is that?
  15. ancestral_aston's avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Have a coffee on me.
  16. casadous's avatar
    Voted hot but in my opinion most of this places cost too much for simple coffee. Pandemic time shows us they can sell regular coffee for around 1£ with your cup some places was 60p. Now is 3£ plus.
    jase.2's avatar
    Costa doesn’t sell filter coffee now 
  17. foggyboy89's avatar
    Prices keep going up, quality keeps going down?! Now buy 10 to get a freebie?! No more.
    bonecrusher9000's avatar
    Replied to their email re the beans making these points 305 a black coffee
  18. ___Josh____'s avatar
    Not a Costa fan at all every one I've been to put the milk in first, awful

    Voted hot (edited)
  19. PuppyBinks's avatar
    I topped up a gift card with £60 (well after 1AM on Thursday) and didn't receive a £15 bonus. Topping up counts according to T&C's.

    I notice the gift card site doesn't show the promotion. Will query with them.
    Gazza2911's avatar
    I've bought one this morning too (around 8am) and I haven't received the additional credit either. I've contacted them also.
  20. WasBeen's avatar
    For those that didn't see the extra credit, have you done a balance check? It is strange that the checkout or emails does not mention the extra credit. I paniced last time, but the balance check did show the extra.
    bozo007's avatar
    I have mentioned exactly this at the top of the thread under Additional Information.
  21. sallan02's avatar
    Is Starbucks stars not still worse than Costas free drink for 10 beans
  22. bozo007's avatar
    8% cashback offer has appeared on my Halifax Rewards account. It has worked on all previous online gift card purchases. This makes it effectively a 26% discount on Costa purchases after the bonus and cashback.
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