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3 Free Laundry Cleaning Liquid Samples By Deterdraft

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Deterdraft are giving away FREE samples of laundry liquid, hand wash, washing-up liquid and more.
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  1. evilgodmother's avatar
    Hope not to receive too much spam & have to block or delete :/
    ChigsKoth's avatar
    If you have an iPhone turn on hide my email 🫠
  2. northeastkev's avatar
    Random question but why are they called Deterdraft?
    NawyAl's avatar
    It’s not a fully developed detergent still undergoing drafting
  3. StudSE's avatar
    Just ordered mine thanks 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  4. LovetoLaugh's avatar
    Thank you x
  5. teebee666's avatar
    Ordered thank you 🙏
  6. Dealseeker33's avatar
    Ordered cheers
  7. Amzee123's avatar
    Got 3 samples. Thanks worth a try.
  8. joo's avatar
  9. gwnf's avatar
    Ordered them thank you OP
  10. mutley1's avatar
    ordered. hope it comes.
  11. claudio's avatar
    Thanks. Ordered.
  12. Wishc's avatar
    Thanks, ordered
  13. Online's avatar
    Ordered Thanks
  14. _taurus_'s avatar
    Ordered, thanks OP!
  15. philajones's avatar
  16. TangoMike's avatar
    Thank you OP
  17. yespleasesir's avatar
    £4.50 delivery? Works out very expensive for 3 laundry tablet
    Harris_Siddique's avatar
    free delivery , no charges
  18. Jassi63's avatar
    It’s free delivery
  19. JimNixon's avatar
    I've managed to put multiple orders in with exactly the same details
    Legend6375's avatar
    Don't make it too obvious😏
    They may cancel multiple orders.
  20. Dylan_R's avatar
    Cheers OP!
  21. ssc1's avatar
    Cheers, got a few.
  22. ilias252's avatar
  23. Yoshi123's avatar
    Woow that is a cheap way of hoarding personal data
    Hermitmaster5000's avatar
    I never understand this fear of sharing data. Most people who moan about it do so on Facebook etc...
  24. JennyGeeBee's avatar
    Thanks OP!!
  25. Moss87's avatar
    Thanks ordered, let see if it shows up
  26. oldskoolpug's avatar
  27. Sylar2023's avatar
    Good deal.
  28. xanoas's avatar
    Ordered, hope they only cancel the orders of people abusing this offer and getting multiple orders. Always a few ruining a good thing.
    martinelsen's avatar
    i’ll let you know when my 9 samples turn up
  29. david2's avatar
    I found that I can also use a £10 discount code, but it adds a £2.99 shipping. Can only add products that are non subscription with the code. LXZ-L2NMH10
  30. ledzappa's avatar
    Cheers OP. Ordered and have some heat 🔥
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