Unfortunately, this deal has expired 17 July 2023.
Posted 2 July 2023

£25 Voucher For Exciting Days Out With Any Game @ The National Lottery

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Get more from your ticket and prepare for a summer of exciting days out!

Each week, National Lottery players raise £30M for good causes all over the UK, including amazing places like London Zoo, Titanic Belfast, Bletchley Park, Hampton Court Palace, Edinburgh Castle, Imperial War Museum Duxford and countless others.

To celebrate your role in supporting these incredible attractions we’re rolling out the welcome mat at places across the UK. Our National Lottery Days Out promotion allows players to use any National Lottery ticket, Scratchcard or Instant Win Game to get a £25 voucher‡ to put towards a fun day out at one of hundreds of venues, many of which have benefited from National Lottery funding.

So, what are you waiting for? Get more from your ticket: head to nationallotterydaysout.com to claim your voucher and enjoy a day out to remember.

Subject to availability. A £25 voucher can be claimed at nationallotterydaysout.com from 09:00 on 2nd July to 23:59 on 30th September 2023. Enter the reference number from any National Lottery game (including draw-based games, Scratchcards and online Instant Win Games) purchased since 1st January 2023 to receive a £25 voucher to redeem with a participating UK attraction. Vouchers must be redeemed within 7 days of issue. One voucher per person. Players must be 18+. Full Ts&Cs apply and are available at nationallotterydaysout.com.
The National Lottery More details at
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Code expires in 7 days but I just booked for end of September so you can book ahead.
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You can book even for November too
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  1. cj41's avatar
    Just thot id say 25p instant win can also be used
    iSam's avatar
    FYI, there's a minimum deposit of £5
  2. dannyboy20's avatar
    I saw a few people asking about using adult tickets for children for Cadbury World.

    We're here now and have got in fine (2 adults + 2 children with 4 adult tickets).

    I did zoom in on the barcode, crop out the adult part and screenshotted each ticket and they scanned it from my phone. One wouldn't scan so they took the booking number from my ticket. Other than that good free day out so far
    vickstar79's avatar
    Thank you for this!
  3. whiskyman19's avatar
    Have a £25 discount on me and enjoy UVUIZCDOG96G
    Southey's avatar
    Thank you so much
  4. wasntme's avatar
    On the lottery website the minimum deposit is £5.
    There appears to be no minimum withdrawal amount.


    Prize Ball instant win game is 25p a game = 1 code. (Verified as working)

    It really isn't that difficult to get your own codes. (edited)
    Parappathepappa's avatar
    I've advised people of this throughout this thread, but it's much easier to just ask for a code than actually read, or do anything at all.

    I'm surprised people aren't straight up asking for tickets.
  5. Adamo's avatar
    Used it for Sea Life Birmingham; worked with the codes (1385, 1386, 1401, 1403, 1419, 1421, 1461, 1463, 1494, 1506), no need for purchase. The place is more for kids, and I would have not felt very good paying full price for what they offer. Good for free.
  6. Kiershay's avatar
    Thats a great deal.Thank you.Can 2 adults and 3 children use 1 each or is it just adults.
    preecyuk2000's avatar
    Yes, at least you could last year and the year before, however, you may have to use different payment methods and email addresses. I was able to buy a couple of tickets using my debit card but then it would error when trying to buy any more. If you use a different card and email address you can get multiple tickets. Think i ended up using 6 different cards/email addresses but we (family of 5) got cheap tickets to Legoland, Chessington Park, Shreks Adventures and Alton Towers. (edited)
  7. sm9690's avatar
    I don't think these go through any real validation as I've used scratch card numbers that I've previously used for the theatre tickets one a few months back and last years attraction ones and it worked fine
  8. Darienne's avatar

    I just keep getting this error message when entering the voucher code and clicking Apply Voucher - and yes, I am located in the UK

    I get my broadband from a Wifi router powered by a SMARTY simcard (3 Network) - so unsure if this is the problem .... although I have also tried 2 different VPN's with the same result

    beentheredomthat's avatar
    I kept having this issue.
    The solution is to make sure you're on the UK version of the website, which the links in the voucher email will take you to, but google didn't for me.

    The URL should have /gb/en or something similar.

    Hope this helps as it was driving me crazy!
  9. QueenoftheNorth24's avatar
    I've booked a ticket for Chester zoo and got an email for Booking confirmation and another from VisitBritain Shop. Does anyone know how the ticket comes please? Do I get another email with a barcode/attachment ticket or do I show the confirmation email when I get there?
    Theteabaron's avatar
    You get another email from Chester Zoo a day or two later with a QR code to use for entry.
  10. ziggycj's avatar
    If the cost of the ticket is under the voucher amount, do you keep the remaining balance to use on something else?
    pablo_el_diablo's avatar
    Sorry, no.
  11. GarenBB's avatar
    Presumably, If i get 2 vouchers, i have to make 2 separate transactions for the tickets as can only use 1 voucher per transaction?
    dawyldthing's avatar
    Two separate email addresses too
  12. zjonnyboyz's avatar
    Want a code? There are tones of people scratching scratch cards on youtube- just pause it, worked for me
    dawyldthing's avatar
    Scratch card Joe on Facebook too, he does them most nights and I bet he don’t mind folk using them
  13. dan_p's avatar
    I got one if any one wants 80KFQG8DO7NL
  14. Hutss's avatar
    Chester zoo 2 adults 2 kids for under £60 with two of these bargain
    Parappathepappa's avatar
    Sounds good - can I ask, did you get 4 vouchers and buy 4 Chester Zoo tickets separately?
  15. grapes's avatar
    If any one would mind emailing me some lottery codes they are not using that would be appreciated
    Elaine_T's avatar
  16. preecyuk2000's avatar
    Cheers. Had many cheap family days out, using this offer, over the last few years.
    pablo_el_diablo's avatar
    Yup, same here. There are new entries though, like Royal Pavilion Brighton, Cable car in London, Dover Castle, HMS Belfast, Sea Safari from St IVes etc
  17. suigenerisk's avatar
    Anyone got spare codes please DM me (edited)
    Rycho's avatar
    Good luck
  18. wasntme's avatar
    For those querying how to find the deals, the mobile page doesn't give as many filters as a web browser.

    E.g you can filter to towns, city or county level.
  19. dawyldthing's avatar
    Me and my mates just been.

    it worked on
    -Blackpool tower
    - Blackpool circus
    - Madame Tussaud’s Blackpool
    - sealife Blackpool.
    - Peter rabbit experience

    just bobbing it up as they do deffo work at these.they did say they can’t always read the barcodes from visit Britain site but they recognise the number if you read it off to them they’ll find it
    shantelle_harvey's avatar
    Did you use separate vouchers for all of these?
  20. Sutats's avatar
    The coupon is only available to be applied for UK customers

    The visitbritainshop.com website appears to be struggling with the checkout process. (edited)
    koolishy67's avatar
    Happened with me tried again after few hours worked for me (edited)
  21. bobster86's avatar
    Anyone tried booking Alton towers? No option on the website to add under 3.
    deanos's avatar
    Under 3 are free you don't need a ticket , staff at turnstiles will sort you a ticket
  22. Kal007's avatar
    Tried to use for the Buckingham Palace State Rooms but wouldn't accept the voucher. However, it seems to work for other visits though, such as Tower of London or London Eye.
    RichH6109's avatar
    Vouchers don't work on anything Buckingham Palace related.

    Make sure the "National Lottery Days Out" category filter is selected on the left hand side (although sometimes they do erroneously show up under this filter.) (edited)
  23. grovebright1's avatar
    Which zoo would you all recommend please. Whipsnade Zoo or London Zoo? Tia
    adamguest1985's avatar
    Look on their websites, they have different animals. Whipsnade is huge in comparison, but can be a trek to get around if you have little ones etc.
    London Zoo is still a lovely day out, but, depending on where you're coming from, there's the factor of getting in/out of London.
  24. c.heaney27's avatar
    Is this with the National Lottery?...
    7913249082's avatar
    What gave it away? Was it the "National Lottery" part of the title?
  25. crazzzz's avatar
    Superb deal, used it last summer, multiple times!

    The trick (if you have an Apple device) is to sign up with the ‘alias’ emails they offer when auto filling on the website, as they get redirected to your regular email.

    Had totally free trips on Clipper, Tower Bridge etc, all summer with kids, all for the price of a lotto ticket. On that, another note, make sure to buy multiple lotto tickets as single lines only, so you can get a new code on each ticket (can’t reuse them)
    ministrymason's avatar
    How did you get multiple days out for free? Thanks
  26. Brettmyboi's avatar
    Not sure if something similar to this method has been posted but instead of buying a lottery ticket or scratchcard to then redeem the code you could always use the first part of this scratchcard number which is 0251425 and then add any three numbers after it. For example 0251425029 and it works. I have used 029 to 034 as the last 3 digits and works a treat, saves buying a scratchcard or lotto ticket.
  27. deanos's avatar
    Tickets scanned ok at Sea Life today , thanks op (edited)
    jks16's avatar
    Which sealife was this? Was the name checked at all? I've ordered 3 tickets for Sealife Weymouth but now worried we'll be refused entry as someone up thread had said!
  28. gobbhudk's avatar
    oh wow, I don't play the lottery so would appreciate it if anyone could pm me a code, thanks!
    TOMCAT22's avatar
    Buy a £1 scratched and you are sorted.
  29. jayzone1998's avatar
    It's effectively free, assuming you have bought a lottery ticket this year. So not much risk
  30. Noosei's avatar
    Here’s one: 3S2HOXYJ63O3

    Here’s another: YHPLF6AVPFDQ

    One more for good luck: SF6R6BOG16BF
    LazyTexter's avatar
    Thanks! I used the first one
  31. teddyshady's avatar
    Draw games:

    mdadnan's avatar
    all used
  32. Elaine_T's avatar
    I have a code -

    Tuta's avatar
    Thank you, I've used your code.
  33. bvmjain's avatar
  34. SRT2022's avatar

    Spare code


    And another (edited)
    Tuta's avatar
    Thank you so much, I've used both codes 🙌
  35. Money_Saving_Mum's avatar
    Does anyone know if you can use more than one code per ticket? Looking at booking Alton towers tickets for a family of 4, happy to buy 1 at a time but wondering if I can use 2 codes per transaction to cover the full cost of the tickets?
    dawyldthing's avatar
    No it’s one code per ticket or no one would pay anything, but the 2 for 1 might be cheaper for Alton towers
  36. Jetset1981's avatar
    Thanks. Got 6 to our various email addresses. Just used the instant win game online £1.50 for 6 codes.
  37. r4w80's avatar
    If someone has three codes that don't plan to use, I would really appreciate it otherwise, what is the cheapest lottery ticket or game confirmed to work? Thanks
    Parappathepappa's avatar
    There's a 25p instant win game at national lottery online which should be valid.
  38. ionuttd's avatar
    Great tip from last time this was on.
    Instead of using different emails just use same email address but use a (.) in the email address
    joe.blogs@email.com and so on
    Great to see this is back again

    Have a spare code if anyone interested. Can PM (edited)
    hmnadjib's avatar
    yes please
  39. MissLaraCroft's avatar

  40. nathinha853f3f0's avatar
    Tip on how it worked for me: Open the Visit Britain website through the email you got with the voucher. Click on Redeem your code from your email.

    then copy the voucher code. It worked this way and I was also getting the message "available for uk customers only" before
    duane_mortimer's avatar
    I only tried today. Done it as you recommended at it's worked every time, 8 so far. I mix the address and phone number to random ones. Keep the email but change the .dot for each order
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