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Asda Fun Packed Summer: Spend £50 in store or £100 online to earn a £10 credit to claim one free entry
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Asda Fun Packed Summer Free entry to over 1000 attractions across the UK Spend £50 in store or £100 online to earn a £10 credit to claim one free entry. UK, 18+ only. *Claim maxim… Read more

Actually you know what, I do apologise. I went and thought about it. You're right. I did accuse you of discrimination. Because that's what it is. You assumed someone who is disabled would be less likely to have a day out. That assumption is what I was saying was ableist. So yes you did discriminate with that comment. It was probably unintentional. As I mentioned in the comment you chose to ignore, its something I myself have been guilty of in the past. There are many more examples in this Link, I was trying to use it as a teaching moment but you feel you're being attacked. Choosing to feign ignorance or ignoring what I - a disabled person - am trying to explain is just that. Ignorance.


Well done on reading the first thing Google throws out. Try this Link maybe? It mentions stereotyped thinking, which is exactly what I was referring to.


Ableism is discrimination in favour of non-disabled people , I know exactly what it means ;) . I am sorry I didn't read past the bit when you denied accusing me of discrimination, thought it'd be pretty pointless after reading that (confused)


I think perhaps it's you who misinterpreted comments. I didn't accuse you of discrimination at all. I said ableist. As in a mind set of an able person. You made a sweeping statement that if a disabled person was unable to shop in store then they are probably unable to make use of the free entry. The reason I said it's ableist is because most able bodied people make assumptions of disabled people purely being in a wheelchair, when there are many other kinds of disabilities. Especially ones that vary in their day to day presentation. You evidence this by using the word physically able to go. Not all disabilities are physical in nature. I just want to point out here, at one point I was guilty of ableist language. My narrow view of disability was the most common one, as I mentioned above, that of being in a wheelchair. When it goes much further than that. It's why many people will challenge a person using a blue badge when not in a wheelchair. My original post I didn't say I was unable at all, I said if you're disabled and unable to shop in store. One of my disabilities can vary hugely. Some days I literally can not stand for long at all without my body having a very negative response. So perhaps that day I am literally unable to shop. Some days I might be able to manage a 5 to 10 minute walk, so in that sense yes I'm probably able to shop in store but I would prefer not to, I would rather use my 10 minutes differently. And again some days I might be able to manage longer periods. Then I have the choice of how to use that time, I could choose to shop in store, I could choose to go out for a few hours. But just because I'm unable to shop every day that doesn't make me unable to ever venture further afield on a day out, equally valid the other way too. If I manage a day out it doesn't mean the following day I'm able to manage going to the shop. In my personal case, I would likely be bed bound for multiple days. Which comes back to the ableist comment, disability isn't one size fits all when it comes to rules. I hope that clears things up. I look forward to you educating yourself further on ableism.


I think you have completely misinterpreted my comment and I find your accusation of discrimination quite insulting to be honest with you. Did I say or even suggest disabled people are not allowed a day out ? I stated that if you were 'unable' to go to your local shop for shopping (and this applies to anyone regardless of whether you are disabled or not) then you are 'likely' unable to venture further afield on a day out. (hence unable to make use of the offer unless it was intended to be gifted to someone that could (physically) go, again, disabled or not ;) I have a family member that is disabled and has a mobility scooter, fortunately he is 'able' to go shopping himself, although like you said it is much easier to have the shopping delivered. In your original post that I replied to though, you stated that you were 'unable' to go shopping, however now you state that you 'prefer' to shop online, thus indicating that you are in fact 'able' to go .... I think this is where the confusion has stemmed from to be fair. A simple mistake on your part ;) , we all make them so no biggie (y) Hope that clears things up. (y) and look forward to an apology ...

Aldi - Lacura Biodegradable Cleansing Facial Wipes - 25 per pack - 45p instore @ Aldi, Wimbledon
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st JulLocalLocal
Probably nationwide. Fragrance-free biodegradable face wipes.

I love these! I use them all the time, they are soft and great value for the usual 59p!


I need a load of wipes for camping. These any good?

Visit to The National Motorcycle Museum for Two Adults £9.95 / £8.95 with code @ Virgin Experience Days
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
A very good price at £9.95 again but if you use code SAVE10 it should knock another £1 off (enter at payment stage) Full terms and conditions on thread. Make sure you select the … Read more

....and after a few have done this in front of you you find yourself in the inevitable queue, karma :D


I've not been to the motorcycle museum here, but I have gone to the one in Coventry. I do recommend the BMW motorcycle museum in Munich when things are safe to travel again (y)


BMM at Gaydon given you a 12 month pass pass if you let them collect the tax on your ticket. Seeing as it costs you nothing to do, it's definitely worth doing and you can easily justify a second visit if you're within reasonable driving distance


Well worth it, they give you a season ticket at Gaydon, or at least they used to. Land rover experience is quite exhilarating. We did enjoy the Coventry transport museum when it was free but probably wouldn't go again with the parking issues. I haven't had a motorbike for 30 years. I found it interesting but only just. My boys had no interest at all after 30 minutes. If you're into bikes really interesting but if you're trying to entertain kids I wouldn't bother. We've been on a few factory tours in the last few years. Lamborghini, Ferrari and museums. The best tour we have ever been to is the Morgan factory tour in Great Malvern. You are led round by a volunteer who is either fanatical about Morgans or retired workers. No kids with a crib sheet! Pretty booked up but well worth it.


If you're interested in this sort of thing and not just motorcycles in particular, then you should visit the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, is well worth the visit (y)

25% off using discount code (Exclusions apply) @ BuyAGift
TODAYTODAYPosted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Just had this via email, new code for BuyAGift - Ends 1st August. Excusions apply as always, full terms below and how to claim your offer / voucher. Ideal if looking to keep the fa… Read more
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Wine or Beer Tasting for Two including Vineyard or Brewery Tour (15 Locations) £15 @ Buyagift
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Once again this tasting and tour of a vineyard or brewery is £15, or £7.50 which seems and excellent price. As per the last time this was posted, people have commented on how good … Read more

Is it ok just to get pissed there ?


Would definitely recommend the National Brewery Center in Burton!


Is this even available in Scotland? Obviously as a nation we are pioneers and 3000 years ahead of the rest of the UK with a different alcohol legislation process.


You could always try. They were incredibly friendly and helpful. I wouldn't want to state that they definitely could, they may well not. But they're there to introduce their beers. They have a shop to sell bottles to take away, which we did. The more you like, the more you'll buy, right? They even sold bags of their malt and hops, if you brew your own. You could always ask. The worst is they say no. I thought it was fantastic value. A full tour. They were excited to answer any questions. You could always take an imaginary friend. £15. 6 pints all to yourself AND 2 pork pie salads to help soak up the beer. ;)


Thanks for the info. Do you think one may get away with 6 different halves?