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Glennwood bird feeding station £7.99 *INSTORE ONLY* @ B+M
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Glennwood bird feeding station £7.99 *INSTORE ONLY* @ B+M

Posted 12th Aug 2013
Was going to purchase one of these for £9.99 but they have now been reduced to £7.99, really easy to assemble, no screwing, you don't get the seed/ nut holders but does come with a mesh food / fat ball holder, a water holder and 3 hooks to attach whatever you want, great value.
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I've had one of these since last year. Its still going strong and hasn't rusted, fallen over or bent in the wind! If I wanted another bird feeder, i'd be quite happy to get this one again.

My cat likes the free show entertainment too! (As its not wood, she cant get her claws anywhere to climb up so she sits on the window sill and chats to them instead!)
Should save me loads on cat food...
Nah cats wont eat fat balls and seed.
my cats love a bird feeder too thats why they also in next door's garden
Got one a while back for £12 on eBay and that was cheapest by far do this is excellent price.

I was going to have to buy some new papers targets for my airgun but at this price why bother?

One question. What is the best way to cook sparrow?
These have been reduced to £7.99 in my local B&M for months now - they are a fantastic buy for the money. I've had one up in my garden since May and it still looks brand new. Heat added!
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