Unfortunately, this deal has expired 13 February 2024.
Posted 11 February 2024

Google Pixel 8 128GB + Up to £200 TCB Cashback

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Pixel 8 is currently listed at £599 on EE, but with £200 cashback via topcashback, making this a total of £399 (topcashback.co.uk/ee-…re/)

All colours available

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About this item
  • Google Tensor G3 is Pixel's most powerful chip yet. It makes Pixel 8 fast and efficient. And Google AI gives you personalised help throughout the day
  • The 6.2-inch, high-resolution display delivers sharp, vivid colours and detail. And it has a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz for smoother scrolling
  • Pixel's Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours. Turn on Extreme Battery Saver, and it can last up to 72 hours. And it charges faster than ever
  • Did someone blink or look away? Pixel's Best Take combines similar photos into one fantastic picture where everyone looks their best
  • Audio Magic Eraser uses Google AI to reduce disruptive noises like cars and wind and to highlight the sounds that you want
  • With Pixel's signature Night Sight and Astrophotography, take pictures of city lights, starry skies and everything in between
  • With VPN by Google One built in, Pixel helps protect your online activity no matter what app or web browser you use
  • Pixel 8 can handle water and dust with its durable design and IP68 protection.¹ And it's scratch-resistant, with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus
  • With Live Translate, interpret face-to-face conversations in 49 languages, chat in real time and translate menus with your camera
  • Pixel 8 raises the bar for beautiful design with contoured edges, a satin finish and stylish colours. And it's made with recycled materials


6.7" Super Actua display,(23); 1 to 120 Hz(24)

Camera Hardware

  • Front Camera(25): 10.5 MP
  • Rear Wide Lens: 50 MP
  • Camera Features: up to 30x

  • Rear Ultrawide Lens(24): 48 MP w/ upgraded macrofocus
  • Photo Unblur: ✓

  • Macro Focus: ✓
  • Rear telephoto lens w/ optical zoom: 48 MP (5x optical zoom)

  • Pro Controls(28): ✓
  • Thermometer: ✓
  • Google Tensor processor: G3

EE Store More details at

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  1. qw3rtyhhng's avatar
    My top cashback is showing as £170 for the pixel 8, not 200
    Deal_Er's avatar
    £200 for plus members.
  2. TopCashbackRep's avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Just a heads up that the cashback for this offer will track lower and increase by the time it's marked as confirmed.

    This should have been included on the page and wasn't so we just wanted to give anyone who partook in this offer the assurance that it's intended to track lower and then increase by the time the cashback is confirmed.

    moneybanks14's avatar
    So it definitely works for used devices?
  3. basergorkobal's avatar
    I don't see why everyone is getting so excited about.
    £600 for pixel 8 is no deal.
    Cashback is a bonus and not a price component.
    With the popularity of this deal I don't see EE paying it out.
  4. Mook2000's avatar
    I've had the Pixel 8 for two months now and honestly find difficulty telling it apart from my two year old, second hand Pixel 5. Kinda insane that I mean battery life also, as the Pixel 5 had 80% battery health when I got it.

    Photos might be slightly better - particularly night time - but I'd have to investigate to verify that.

    Big Pixel fan, done Nexus and 2 previously. Finger/thumb print unlock is fine, but can't see any big jump with this one.
    jjohnston890's avatar
    Also have a Pixel 5 (which I love), and said I'd change to the pixel 8 when released. So far I haven't made the jump. Not sure if you've convinced me or put me off
  5. DarthBalor's avatar
    Tried this out on a used Pixel 8 for £468 (so £268 after cashback hopefully!)

    Never used TCB before but signed up in the app, searched EE and clicked the "get cashback" button thing.

    Anything else I need to do? And how long does cashback take? Also, does the cashback get deposited into my bank?
    dlo247's avatar
    To be fair it does say any pixel 8... I'm looking at new 459 after TCB... tempting.
  6. deanos's avatar
    does not say it has to be new , there are some returned ones for £379 
    Msx98's avatar
    Any links?
  7. moneybanks14's avatar
    Awesome! £549 for a pixel 8 pro after cashback. That's me purchasing!
    bradford_dr's avatar
    I've gone for the 256gb... Been holding since I missed the student offer in December
  8. DarthBalor's avatar
    Update #1: Bought a used Pixel 8 for £460 with the hopes of cashback making the total price £260

    Spoke to Topcashback who confirmed they could see my visit to EE Store so it should track/uplift etc.

    Pixel 8 arrived just, condition is incredible (10/10) everything was still sealed so I'm fairly confident the phones actually brand new and had never been used.

    If the cashback works out okay, I'll have somehow got a Pixel 8 for £260 which is an incredible deal if you ask me.
    keith43's avatar
    Mine has just arrived but not opening it until we get confirmation, they haven't responded above yet.
  9. moneybanks14's avatar
    Cashback tracked at £300. Lovely stuff! £349 total for a mint 10/10 pre owned pixel 8 pro bargain!

    SantoshKaushik's avatar
    Very good. I had managed to get pixel 8, effective price now of £194
  10. HAZZMISTER's avatar
    Not to be that guy but can the potential nature of not getting the cashback even qualify this as a deal?
    sheffield788's avatar
    The deal is listed at the price without TCB, while the OP mentioned the possibility of getting TCB.
  11. TN567's avatar
    I have a pixel 7, can't justify getting this, tbh it's a decent phone but it's no Huawei p30 pro, I miss her everyday
  12. damianscotland's avatar
    Wow good deal!
  13. MrAlbert's avatar
    What are EE like for tracking/honouring?
    rodhull's avatar
    Good question. This is only a deal if TCB pays out. Bit of a risk?
  14. TheOak's avatar
    Imagine it doesn't track
    newbuyer17's avatar
    I've had an email saying mine has tracked within 2 hours.
    If it doesn't show as tracked in a few days just return it.
  15. timz's avatar
    For the topcashback plus, can you join it for a year? looks good to get the extra £30
    mikex163's avatar
  16. ifeeltheheat's avatar
    TCB have avoided paying me on every instance. I've had to contact them and they would interrogate me about whether I have any other accounts... eventually they give in and process the cashback. I imagine a lot of people do not confront TCB and therefore TCB pockets so much money it promises people. (edited)
    kwl147's avatar
    Depends if you use any software to block their trackers or VPNs etc.

    I would say the majority of my cashback tracks though and more often than not it's a problem with the retailer not wanting to honour the cashback deal they're advertising which winds me up because it takes months to get them to cough up. (edited)
  17. hotshot's avatar
    Go this few weeks ago and have been unimpressed went back to my nothing 1.

    Decent phone that does not stand out in any way comparisons with the pixel 5 are spot on.
  18. dberrypro's avatar
    Too much risk for me when you can get as new device from eBay for 420. Best to wait, pixels always come down in price quickly.
    doppo666's avatar
    Exactly why take the risk and be stuck paying over the odds if it doesn’t track,  when you can have a automatic £180 saving off this deal straight away via your route (edited)
  19. bogdan_lm20's avatar
    If we would not buy this phone, prices will go down faster !
    This applies to most of the products.
    This phone is expensive, let me make myself clear
    Deal_Er's avatar
    Let me call my electricity provider to shut down my account. The bills are too high.
    Let me make myself clear, your plan sounds amazing!
  20. kp001's avatar
    Bought a new pixel 8 pro, still tracking low...

    gazjlfc's avatar
    Same here
  21. karanbajaj90's avatar
    If it tracks £200 or £300 for anyone. Keep the thread posted. Lets see if we can get pro at £299(Employee saving)
  22. Fuzzarr's avatar
    Hmm risk vs reward
    sheffield788's avatar
    It is listed under TCB as a specific deal for this phone, so I think the risk is very small, if there is any.
  23. sheffield788's avatar
    Voted hot, good deal. I was between this and S23. But I could not resist £284 after cashback and trade in, plus earbuds, so I've got the S23. I think I've made the right choice.
    sim11's avatar
    What deal was this please?
  24. Afrim_Ramaj's avatar
    Do you have link for that (edited)
    deanos's avatar
    Just scroll down and it says used stock on the webpage
  25. moneybanks14's avatar
    My used one has only tracked at £10 anyone else tracked for film amount?
    RMDishman's avatar
    It said it would track at a lower amount then uplift. Mine hasn't tracked at all yet though
  26. hadleighboy's avatar
    Have an offer as a shareholder discount on handset for £499 and wonder if I would get the £170 being offered through TCB or do I keep the S23 FE deal but not opened as yet.
    What a dilemma
    Still love my Huawei Mate 20 of 5 years and still going strong.
    TrackDeals's avatar
    If you see your shareholders offer just by logging into your account then it may work otherwise applying any coupon invalidates it
  27. Flo180831's avatar
    Ordered one , tracked at 10£ will see
  28. feverfew's avatar
    Anyone else getting no results found?
  29. keith43's avatar
    You need to search for the pixel 8, then it appears.
  30. kwl147's avatar
    Pretty hard to say to it at this price point. Google must be going to maximize their sales with these sales
  31. DJBlewitt's avatar
    Same price at Argos. Could be better if you can get a discount on argos gift cards. £60 extra for the 256mb. (edited)
  32. 1988dave's avatar
    Big payouts and tcb shouldnt go together, they will find a way of not paying it
    moneybanks14's avatar
    I've had over 5k in cashback always had big payouts as long as it tracks it's paid.
  33. IamWiley's avatar
    Nice deal, ordered!
    Been using TCB for years and they've always paid out. On one occasion I had to chase them up before they paid. Based on my own experience I feel like the risk is low
  34. newbuyer17's avatar
    Anyone found any good screen protectors for the standard pixel 8.
    Always use them, but all the Amazon reviews are awful.
    Sounds like the screen is actually curved at the edges.
  35. cy168's avatar
    How long did it take for the cashback to track in your account? I ordered at 2am yesterday and the cashback is still not showing in my account.
  36. cy168's avatar
    How long did it take for the cashback to track in your account? I ordered at 2am yesterday and the cashback is still not showing in my account.
  37. ray0711's avatar
    I purchased at 23.55 will I still get cashback even if it tracks after the deadline?

    p9dyl's avatar
    Yes cashback will track based on time of purchase.
  38. moneybanks14's avatar
    My used one has just turned up, it is immaculate 10/10! Just hope the cashback is authentic for used devices.
  39. AdamasDodius's avatar
    It's worth keeping your eyes peeled on this thread as those who have bought using the top cashback deal are 10 or so days ahead hotukdeals.com/sha…127
  40. keith43's avatar
    Mine is now showing £200 as pending, any one else?
    Sharpie's avatar
    Yes, mine was a used unit & tcb uplifted to £200 today
's avatar