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With extended battery life, unlimited storage and the AI, Google Assist, built-in, the Google Pixel smartphone is an impressive first attempt from the online tech company. To find out about the latest reductions, check in regularly at the HotUKDeals Google Pixel page, where we publish details on special offers as they are announced. Read more
£4 off Deliveroo,  ITV's this morning live Free ticket, Win a google Pixel 3 phone @ WUNTU (THREE)
30/05/2019Expires on 30/05/2019Found 6 h, 45 m agoFound 6 h, 45 m ago
Deliveroo - £4 Deliveroo credit – Wk 17-18 – Long T&Cs: 1. Promotion dates: 24.04.19 – 07.05.19 2. Code expires: 07.05.19 at 23:55 3. £4 off your first Deliveroo order. Vali… Read more
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Found it


Pretty rubbish, even @Jaime isn't posting Wuntu deals now! ;)


Source: Facebook wuntu Android BETA community group "Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and provide an update on the direction that Three is taking wuntu. There has been some ongoing discontent and we haven’t been great at addressing it. That changes today. My job at Three is Head of Product Development for Offers & Rewards. wuntu is my product and I was involved from the very first day in shaping the idea that ultimately became wuntu. My role involves coming up with the future direction for wuntu, and like any business, ensuring that wuntu is a commercially viable product. I wanted to take some time today to address a few outstanding complaints that the beta community has had with wuntu and explain why we have chosen to go in a direction that not everybody is on-board with. As members of our beta community, you have all helped to create wuntu, and your input and feedback is invaluable. However, there are a multitude of reasons why we can’t always implement your requests. These can be due to technical limitations or that quite simply, as a business, we would not see the appropriate return on our investment. We also have to be clear that as members of this community, you are in a privileged position to receive previews of upcoming functionality and at times, sensitive business information. Our community manager does a fantastic job of gathering this feedback and curating this community that we have built, but I need to stress that your involvement here is entirely at our discretion. We do not and will never accept abuse towards our team. Everybody who works on creating wuntu are real people who work hard to deliver what they believe will be good for our customers and good for Three. We will not continue to include individuals whose contributions are neither constructive nor well-intentioned. We do and will always welcome constructive, honest feedback – but if your continued participation in this community is simply to call our people, our products, or our services “shit”, “worthless” or simply “ (poo) (poo) (poo) ”, I can only encourage you to find another channel to express these views . With that out of the way, I wanted to address a few themes that we’ve detected over the last few months. "Where’s my cheap pizza? Where’s my free coffee?" To put it simply, we tried to make these freebies sustainable, but as a business, it hasn’t worked for us. Therefore, the decision was made to discontinue them. They will not be coming back and do not form a key part of our future strategy for wuntu. To go into a bit more detail, our research showed us that these types of offers were doing more harm than good. When we provided discount Domino’s pizza or free Costa coffee, we were paying those suppliers for their products. As the number of customers using wuntu grew, the cost to supply these offers also grew. To manage this cost, we were forced to implement caps on the volume of vouchers. This meant that proportionally, fewer and fewer people were able to take part in the offer. These offers were also subject to a significant amount of abuse by wuntu users. We would be sent photos of customers turning up to Domino’s shops with ten phones, with ten, free, PAYG SIMs in them, claiming ten free pizzas at a time. A Costa store once emailed us a scan of a receipt which showed a single user had redeemed 45 ‘free coffee’ gift cards on a single transaction to buy the store out of chocolate brownies. Another individual was identified to be re-selling our Cineworld codes (at a profit) on ebay – up to 500 codes every week that we ran the offer. Ultimately, these free offers were not delivering a positive experience for our customers, nor our partners. The majority of customers missed out on the freebie and our partners began to dread ‘wuntu days’ as the overhead of dealing with frequent abuse of the offers far outweighed any benefit from extra visits. Something had to change. "wuntu sucks, you never have anything near me!" The UK is a diverse and distributed country, as many people live in rural villages as live in Greater London. However, for a platform like wuntu, it is impossible for us to ensure that every user has something within a 2-5 mile radius. We try to focus our offers on physical locations in the 16 cities and metropolitan areas that have the highest concentration of Three customers. While this serves around 90% of our users very well, if you are in the 10% you may feel left out. This is unfortunate, but unavoidable and not something that we are looking to change. This is why we also publish offers and discounts for online stores, subscription services and more, to provide discounts to people who may not have a physical retail partner near them. We also plan to significantly expand our selection of these offers in the second part of this year. "Why can’t I use wuntu on my tablet or my older phone?" The vast majority of our customers on Three are mobile handset customers. While tablets make up a proportion of our business, it is a small one. We do not actively block users from using wuntu on tablets (for example, we make the app available to tablet users on the iOS App Store and on Google Play), but we also do not do any specific testing to ensure the experience is seamless. There are also other considerations that will affect how we serve tablet customers. We use SMS verification to validate whether or not a user is a Three customer. iPads do not support SMS, nor do WiFi tablets connected to a portable MiFi unit. These are not restrictions we are in control of, and it would require substantial re-work of our registration and authentication journeys to provide full support for tablets. This is simply not justified for the small volume of users which are affected. With regards to us dropping support for older versions of Android or iOS, we only ever do this if it is absolutely necessary. Examples of why might do this include wanting to take advantage of features on new operating systems that do not have an equivalent on older versions, and security standards. Specifically, for one user who wants us to support wuntu on their Android 4.4.1 device, that version of Android is no longer supported by Google and does not support modern security protocols. We made a decision to drop support of this outdated version of Android so that the majority of wuntu users could be offered a more secure experience. This is not just something we consider a moral obligation, but is also a legal one. "OK, so what are you doing about all of this?" The way we’re shaping wuntu has now shifted to providing users with a range of membership-style discounts that are truly unlimited. This does mean no more regular freebies, and it does mean that wuntu users will need to pay some money with our partners to enjoy the discounts. However, this model means that everybody can take advantage of them. There are no limits on how many coupons can be given out, and in many cases, there are no limits on how frequently a user can redeem them. The first partnership of this sort has just launched with Dine. Dine gives users access to over 5,000 restaurants, all with a significant discount on them. This instantly multiplied our number of participating wuntu locations by a factor of 5. Dine also focuses on smaller, independent, outlets which are more likely to be in smaller towns. This helps us provide more outlets for users who aren’t in the 16 focus geographies I mentioned earlier. Our research tells us that on average the saving with Dine per meal is around £14, and that saving can be enjoyed day after day after day (although most people only eat out 1-2 times per week). We’ve also covered the cost of the annual membership (worth £49.99) for every wuntu user. This means that rather than saving £2-3 on coffee every other week, customers could save nearly £30 per week, every week. This model is also financially sustainable for both us and our partners, and unable to be abused – you can’t get even more of a discount by having more phones or SIM cards. "What next?" Food & Drink is the first category we have launched this style of partnership in. We have been listening and as such we’re actively reviewing a number of partners that can provide similar schemes in categories like theatre, attractions and yes – even cinema. However, if you are longing for the days of free coffee and pizza, those days have gone and they’re not coming back. If these are the only reasons that you have used wuntu and been a member of this community, we genuinely appreciate your contributions to date but you may decide that this is no longer the app for you, and that’s OK. I’d be happy to answer any follow-up questions you have and provide a bit more background on the thinking behind these decisions but please appreciate that due to sensitivities around business information I may not be able to answer fully or answer at all. Thank you for your continued support."


I deleted that app ages ago. Got one are the days where all the good things were free like free Bella Italia up to £15, free dominoes, free costa, free Latinas, etc... now it's crap


I would believe it but they still had costa codes and dominos codes left even after people that did that, so can't see that being the reason, unless someone has a link to this facebook announcement.

Google pixel 3. 5GB data/ 1000 min.£23.99 a month & just £19.99 UPFRONT!  24M contract. £595.75 total cost. Similar deal for XL @ TechRadar
25/04/2019Expires on 25/04/2019Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Use code to get upfront cost to £19.99 .One of the best camera phones with unlimited Google cloud storage to keep your pictures saved securely. 5GB Data & 1000 mins. £23.99 a … Read more

Totally forgot, stereo front facing speakers in exchange for the bezels.


Ha I've just seen it.. I'll have a look. Bezels don't look as bad as I thought, maybe my friend had the first gen.


I'm wrong again, It's for the Google Pixel 2 phones.


Oh no, Argos too?!?


100gb data boost on Google Pixel 3 & XL  from £21.99 per month @ IDmobile
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Use code "IDMOFF10" for £10 off upfront cost. google pixel 3 from £21.99 you will get 500minutes/ unlimited texts / 100gb. £49.99 upfront = total £577.75 also available on Pixel 3… Read more
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Is it an unlocked phone?


not a good deal I would use that up in 6months lol



£49.99 Upfront + £21.99 for 500MB, 500 Mins and Unlimited Texts for each month. The 100GB is added to the whole plan for 24 months, can be used whenever and not 100GB for each month.


Me too. Too good to be true at £21

Samsung Note 9 £431.99 & S9 £260 Used Good / Google Pixel 32GB £89.99 / Sony Xz3 £281 All Used Good + More @ XS Items Ebay
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
All items are utilising today's eBay code, and all items are in used good condition unless stated otherwise, hopefully helps someone make a smartphone buying choice. Moto G6 £… Read more

Now the same sort of comment lol


(lol) posted same seller


Lol, same one as me, great minds and all that ;)


Here is A seller on eBay O2 Unlock code



Google Pixel 3/3 XL - Save £400 O2 Refresh Device Plan!! Pixel 3 64gb now £377
01/05/2019Expires on 01/05/2019Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Big reductions to be had starting from today on the Google Pixel 3 range, using the O2 refresh device plan that we should all be aware off due to the great success with previous de… Read more

Phew not great! I think am taking mine back as this is not acceptable at all. Its super slow charging.


I have the same Concerns with regards to slow charging. I Thought it was because I have been spoilt with Huawei's Supercharge Which Is Blazing Fast. It does get quite warm too, Which is part of the problem because the Accubattery app Shows It Charging At A respectable speed until The phone temp reaches 40°. After that it reduces to a crawl. Not a problem for the people who charge once a day overnight but could be an issue for the people like me who top up during the day, especially considering the Pixel 3 has such a small battery. Anyhow I'm gonna try it for a few days and see how it goes.


Phew just tried to use my new pixel 3 and not impressed. The charging is too slow compared to my oneplus and the phone gets too warm without even a case on! I believe all online sales have 14 days cool off period? As I believe I might have to take it back sadly. Those who took the regular 3 how are you finding it? Please.


Yes I totally agree with you. One seems to have far less of a hassle online instead of in store. In my local store they will ignore you so I would rather deal in store.


I'll try my luck tomorrow, seems absurd to return phone just to get another, must cost more to restock and refurb. I have Spigen case on Pixel, and was going to order for 3. Shop have me a battery recharger, already got 2 so asked if they can swap for case instead. They stock Tech21 cases at O2, ludicrous pricing at 29.99 but better than nothing I suppose.

Save £150 on a brand new Google Pixel 3 from £589 or Pixel 3 XL from £719 @ Official Google Store
07/05/2019 at 07:59Expires on 07/05/2019 at 07:59Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Google Pixel 3 Standard Size (5.5"): 64GB - £589 £739 128GB £689 £839 Google Pixel 3 XL (6.3"): 64GB - £719 £869 128GB - £819 £969 Terms and Conditions Save £15… Read more
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£100 cheaper at John Lewis though!


The announcement of the Oneplus 7 has got them rattled.

Google Pixel 3 128GB , 10GB data, O2 £50 upfront (then £25 TCB), £31pm
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
£769 after cashback Just another variant on the pixel 3 deals. Think this is the best deal if you want/need the larger capacity phone and more than 5gb data. For s… Read more

Been looking at it and the refresh deal is very slightly more expensive for my usage but is probably better in that you aren't tied down for the two years if you did want to leave. If you actually stuck with the O2 refresh airtime tarif for two years then the it's a lot more expensive than this deal.


Is the o2 refresh deal any better mate. Not too sure but was interested in a pixel myself.


Luckily I don't assess my self worth depending on if a deal gets hot... but if there is a better deal somewhere can those voting cold point it out? Ideally while I'm still in my 14 day return period :-)


stock picture it pulled? I'll sort it!


Apple pixel 3 ?

Grade B Google Pixel 3 Just Black 5.5" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £349.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
It's back! Grade B Google Pixel 3 Just Black 5.5" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Ultra-shar… Read more

It's all nice but you need to think about from whom you are buying it... Its Laptop direct and i am sure it will take 2 weeks to be delivered and if you have to refund it then you better hire a PD and some bounty hunters too..I am in process of waiting for my monitor form them and at the moment its been 18 days and after many emails they told me it may arrive in next 5 days so id i will be lucky my waiting time will be 22 days for delivery. So consider yourself warned and stay away from laptop-directORDER DATE WAS 30/03.2019


Probably not worth it of you are happy with the form factor and battery life of your 2XL. No doubt the 3 has better screen, haptics, wireless charging and that wide angle selfie camera on the front. Aside from that it's hard to see a major difference, depends how much you value those things. I do wonder what condition it would arrive in Mrswitch mentioned before that Grade B is better than it sounds !


What are opinions on this vs pixel 2 XL?


Just wait for brand new deal tomorrow for a few pounds more. There will be one, I guarantee it.


Had a B grade pixel xl come from them this week, screen fine, back of it wow, looked like it had been stamped on and attacked with a screwdriver.

Google Pixel 32GB BLACK UNLOCKED In Good Condition + 12 Month Warranty £94.99 @ XS Items Ebay
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Excellent price for the good condition only in black, I am tempted to get one of these, so thought I'd post in the hope they sell out :D Good Condition - This product will show … Read more

No I got the Pixel from Laptops direct. I actually ordered 3 (2 grade B's and 1 grade C) and ended up keeping the Grade B with the best battery. I think I got lucky with it because it's normally about 5.5 - 6 hours SOT which is pretty decent. Personally, factoring in £60 for a screen change I wouldn't bother buying one unless the battery's decent from the off. As someone else said, getting another phone for ~£160 new might work out better but that's really your choice. I looked into doing it DIY but after a bad experience the last time I tried to do something I thought I wouldn't bother (plus as I say the one I kept was decent). Generally though, they're still great phones (y)


Thank you very much for the link. I'm going to buy the Pixel for my mom very soon. Did you buy the phone from this eBay seller? If YES what was the battery like? Did you have to change it? I'm thinking about doing it myself but a bit afraid about cracking the screen.


I got one for my wife's Pixel XL from here, was a bit cheaper when I got it but it's genuine and fast charging works a treat.


No, onlygoogles charger works from my experience (something like the 18w one or something) I remember trying to find one when I bought my Pixel 2 xl, it was a nightmare


It is a good way to get cheap mobile phone with Snapdragon 821 processor. I guess beside the battery replacement you need to factor in another little purchase which is the power supply (Please note that the power adapter and USB Lead are not included). I guess you can't use a random USB power supply to take advantage of the fast charging.

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Grade A Google Pixel 2 XL Black & White 6" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £299.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Despite what it says below, grade A generally come boxed with everything, though ymmv. Grade A Google Pixel 2 XL Black & White 6" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free Key Feature… Read more

No problem :)


Thank you thats smashin did realise its not wireless charging but you cant have everything, THANK YOU purchased


This is what you need, though it may be cheaper on ebay if you have a proper search.


Can anyone suggest a good fast wireless charging unit compatible with this phone please, I am about to order but cant seem to chat to anyone got thru once than left hanging on the laptops direct chat window ? Not a good start


Same for me. Got mine today. It's in absolutely mint condition, looks like it hasn't been used at all. I cannot see a single mark on it. Came with all the standard accessories in the original box. I'm so happy, like the cat that got the cream 😁

Google Pixel 3 XL Smartphone £619 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Seems to be a really good saving on this and £100 below elsewhere Google’s Pixel 3 XL Smartphone has a battery that will provide a day’s usage – as well as featuring fast and wire… Read more
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I'm all out of well done badges


My oneplus 2 has just turned 3 and a half


Personally I think the phone should have launched at this price. Flagship phone prices are getting ridiculous.


I have one plus five now, but thinking to upgrade to Pixel, nothing but good reviews, top notch phone!


I have 2XL which is as smooth as the day I bought it (release day). Probably the best camera ever. Just improved with night mode which takes photos with no flash even in pitch black conditions. Latest version of Android- always. Still a good day out of the battery. No bloatware. Whereas past Samsungs had started to show their age at this point, no such issues with the Pixel. Which shows that the chip inside isn’t the most important thing, it really is the software being optimised for the phone. i have no need to look at Pixel 3, but I may start looking at the 4, but might not bother

Google Pixel 3 64gb Smartphone, now  £489 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Looks like a good deal.
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I grabbed this deal last week. I previously had a Honor View 10 which I really liked and was planning on keeping for the next couple of years. I saw this deal and due to the sub £500 price point thought I'd make the jump mainly due to the camera. The first few days I was questioning my decision, mainly due to the battery life. The View 10 was a beast in that department and I would rarely go a day with less than 50 percent. The Pixel was poor in comparison. However, it does seem to be improving after a few tweaks and I'm now happy with my choice. It's very smooth to use, I've experienced no memory, fingerprint or Bluetooth issues and the camera has lived up to the hype. 3 years of updates are guaranteed so with that in the bank I'm planning on keeping the Pixel 3 for a good while. It's a very impressive phone and this deal is well worth consideration.


Haven't got 3rd gen, did it on nearly all apps, one by one, just to be sure - even though many hadn't been opened in a long time, wanted to be sure none was draining battery.


How have you got 110 restricted? Restriction is automatic on mine and it's just done the one app


Because OnePlus (or Oppo, rather) make a good product and control their own market. They’re very much like Apple in this regard. OnePlus devices all hold their value very well, far better than any other android device. I could still get £450 for my 5 month old 6T. Wait for the 7, it’s out in a month. You mean a software win. Pixel hardware is extremely average at best. They use software processing to make it seem better than it is. Side note, iPhone has all the power and hardware but even on iOS 12 there are stutters and slowdowns everywhere. It’s such an archaic operating system.


Depends which OS you prefer. Hardware is a Pixel win all day long if you like taking photos. Night Sight FTW.

Brand new Google Pixel 3 XL Unlocked, 2 years official Google UK warranty, 14 day money back guarantee £588 @ WowCamera
Refreshed 11th AprRefreshed 11th Apr
Amazing price for one of the best camera phones with pure Google software. Some people have reservations about buying from wowcamera. I have posted several times from then & re… Read more
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Would like to see your ScrapPhone performance on macro..Thanks


Think it's expired now, shame because a great price. Let's see what the 3a and 3a XL bring


Guys let's not fight. Its, us (Android users) versus IOS users. Android FTW.


Most people considering the Pixel 3 will be looking for a pure Android One type experience and will likely value the quality of the software/updates over raw hardware specs. As such the Pocophone would be a rather poor choice!


Almost did - was about to buy a One Plus 6. Got the Mrs one but price increased on Amazon so decided to wait and while I was waiting got the Note 9 on a price match & cashback deal £599 from £850. Too good to refuse.

Google Pixel 32GB BLACK EE In Used But Good Condition £75.99 @ Xs items Ebay
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Getting some bargains with this code, which can't be said for most codes, they usually hike prices up, if you are OK with reasonable condition, knock another fiver off. ACCESSORIE… Read more

Looks like 13quid to buy unlock code on eBay


Depends what eco system you are in. If your looking for a pixel get a pixel 2 XL tbh. But if your wanting iOS, definitely iPhone 7. Just better made product and not outdated design like the pixel 1.


It says EE - what's the score with using other networks?


Blows it out the water, still.


How does this camera hold up to something like the Nokia 7 Plus?

Pixel 3XL 128GB 24 Month contract, EE 30GB, £33PM, £105 Upfront, Total cost £897 at
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Pixel 3XL 128GB Black, 24 Month contract, EE 30GB, £33PM, £105 Upfront, Total cost £897 Good deal for anyone wanting the pixel 3 xl 128GB. The cheapest you can get the phone unloc… Read more

That's a good deal for EE - shame it's only for new contracts. Their upgrades for this handset are ridiculously expensive.

5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 (Pink, Black & White) 64GB £24pm £5 upfront £581 Total @ E2save
Refreshed 2nd AprRefreshed 2nd Apr
This may not stay around long, but e2save still have this cracking deal that has now been removed from the mobiles website, in pink only though. 5gb Unlimited everything else Fi… Read more

£50 on


Yeah, it's seems the £5 upfront is no longer available, now £75.


Yes I’ve just encountered that, isn’t Wazzap great! I’ve had some real battles with getting apps installed and updated, tried every route I found online and in the end, enabling web and app activity temporarily, seemed to get it working again.


S*** sorry bud, just saw this, you wouldn't have been disappointed either way.


Too late, ordered the P30, hope it's alright....

Google Pixel - 32GB Used Good Condition - Smartphone Black On EE - £84.99 @ Music Magpie Ebay
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
I wish I'd have seen this when the 10-15% was on recently, I'd have snapped it up, as it is, this is still a great price for one of the best point and shoot cameras (still) you can… Read more

I'd be interested in how the performance is after popping in a new battery? Can you get genuine ones or would they be generic?


:( no free video storgae. Booo


Open box OK, no refurbs


I haven't but toying with the idea. Looks a bit of nightmare though


Out of stock luck !

Google pixel 3. 4GB data & unlimited calls. Just £22 a month/ £70 upfront. With EE. Total cost £598.
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Some other deals with better data but this is with EE who arguably have the best coverage. £598 is total cost over 24 months which is less than what most retailers are asking for… Read more

That's going to be a huge leap in camera!


Thanks for posting OP, my wife was moaning about the crap camera on her Moto G5, but she didn't want to spend premium money to get a decent phone. Only available in pink now or not pink as Google call it. Was already paying £9pm sim only with 4Gb data, so extra £13pm to get the Pixel 3 is awesome. Paid the £80 up front as went through Quidco and gambling on getting £30 cashback by not using a non approved code and has already tracked at £25. (y)


erm... how does a screenshot show anything?


DxO tests give a great representation of technical capabilities etc. but not necessarily real life. By their own admission there's some test which they can't do because they deem them not repeatable. For me, my main camera use is grabbing quick pics of my kids - at Christmas my wife's Pixel 1 XL produced better pics most of the time than my P20 Pro, despite having a narrower aperture etc. DxO doesn't test stuff like this as they deem it not repeatable. So yeah, they're a good I indicator in the same way antutu and other benchmarks are but should be taken with a pinch of salt. If someone offered my a mint pixel 2 or 3 XL in exchange for my P20 Pro I'd do it in a heartbeat just because the point and shoot nature is better for me, but I can imagine the P20 Pro would be better for some people than the Pixel. Swings and roundabouts basically (lol)



5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 XL 64gb £24pm £90 upfront With Code £666 @
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Another cracking deal here, £819 sim free bare in mind. Try topcashback for further £30-40 128gb £847 USING SAME CODE

Don't get what you mean sorry (confused)


yes pissible..prices are around 40..80quid




£10 a month extra for another 2GB according to the other pixel thread .


Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade the data allowance once on contract with Voda, and how much?

(In Stock Tomorrow) 5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Google Pixel 3 (Black) 64GB £24pm £5 upfront £581 Total @
Refreshed 1st AprRefreshed 1st Apr
Thanks to @crissy_uk for this beaut. Credit to her. 5gb Unlimited everything else Fiver upfront 24pm Take into account a possible £30 at topcashback, makes this an outstan… Read more
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Check your Vodafone account and contract. Mine came with an additional £1 a month Vodafone Secure Net extra that's free for 3 months. You can cancel it through the online account.


Also. Not sure if its "hot" enough for its own deal but I just noticed an oddity on the website regarding the 128gb version. On Vodafone contracts like this one you have to add £110 to the upfront cost to upgrade but on o2 contracts its "only" £50. I've just gone for the o2 10gb £31pm with £50 upfront (£25 TCB) offer which I'm happy with for the 128gb version and a decent amount of data. Remember the days when adding 64gb memory only cost the price of a memory card though?


Topcashback offering £50 cashback for new Vodafone contracts :-)


up front cost is now at £50.00


I'm just wondering why, probably coincidentally, there is 5GB used as the first thing in the pro) tariff name. Obviously nothing to do with upcoming 5G networks...

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