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With extended battery life, unlimited storage and the AI, Google Assist, built-in, the Google Pixel smartphone is an impressive first attempt from the online tech company. To find out about the latest reductions, check in regularly at the HotUKDeals Google Pixel page, where we publish details on special offers as they are announced. Read more
Google Pixel 2 XL 128gb - White £649.99 @ eglobalcenter
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
The company does not have the best of the reviews when it comes to communications, however I have had pretty good success with them. Looks like a good deal if you can ignore the ba… Read more

Was in Norham Road - North Shields yesterday. Don't know online price


Maybe because S9 is this years phone & processor & pixel 2 xl is last years? & doesn't have blue tint screen & is more premium build..




This is 640 at curry pc world;)


Good phone. Bad shop.

Google Pixel in Very Silver (Refurbished A1 Pristine Condition) - 32GB/4GB Memory, 5in Screen, SD 821 Processor and 12MP Camera - £249.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Just seen this deal on Laptops Direct and thought it seemed a pretty decent deal, especially considering it is guaranteed updates for a minimum of 2 years after release and will ge… Read more

Everyone has their own requirements, the fact is the Pixel is a great phone. There are enough reviews on the web to back this up. If in doubt go in to a Currys and try some devices out, then go and buy it from a proper retailer who adheres to customer laws... When seeking opinions on forums though, exclude the chaff by applying a troll filter. If someone is talking generic, unsubstantiated trash, they are trolling - and so should be ignored. Todays trolling has been brought to you by yoyo59.


Never handle it, follow the charging instructions to the letter. It will still die one day out of warranty.


So right. I got this Samsung a5 2017 suite me fine. I just use it for Facebook and pictures of kids but I did like look of pixel and thought it was good price here and then people saying how bad it is. I never know what they mean by stock android. Lol


You're mistaken (in my opinion and from my experience). I've tested the app on multiple devices - including a U11+ and whilst the app makes a significant improvement it does not make it a better camera than the Pixel 2 - which still exhibits better dynamic range due to its low level optimization and the fact that the app was built for the hardware. The page you linked to demonstrates that, to my eyes at least. Those photos also don't factor in focus speed, shot to shot time or the overall consistency of photos in a variety of scenes - such as backlit subjects. Portrait mode is also significantly better on the Pixel 2 as all the G Cam ports are just using the mode from the Pixel 2s selfie camera, so depth analysis and edge detection is inferior and it only works when a human subject is detected. Your opinion is your opinion though, so I respect your choice. Personally I think the Pixel 2 is a lovely device. I haven't tried a Pixel 2 XL. I'd still use a 1st gen Pixel quite happily as there is very little to complain about.


No difference even in low light photography because hardware very much same

Google Pixel XL in Very Silver (Refurbished A1 Pristine Condition) - 32GB/4GB Memory, 5.5in Screen, SD 821 Processor and 12MP Camera - £299.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Just seen this deal on Laptops Direct and thought it seemed a pretty decent deal, especially considering it is guaranteed updates for a minimum of 2 years after release and will ge… Read more

Ahh poo Gave heat thinking pixel 2 xl


Discontinued, give it to a baby for his/hers first tablet maybe, pricey one at that.


Old phone , price of new one


Bear in mind this is version 1 so battery may have some wear.

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Grade C Google Pixel 2 XL Just Black 6" 64GB 4G Unlocked £349.97@appliancesdirect
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
back again 335 with which trial

got mine 2 days ago, came boxed with all accessories,light scratches on screen which can only be seen under lights, some scratches to the back but as its grade c i cant complain


Anyone received there’s? What’s the condition like?


Better screen than the View 10


i have thus phone but anyone seem to get random freezes and lag on the phone??


Was thinking of getting this phone but that screen :( not keen on the paint job on the black one & panda colour feels bit plasticy but both feel sturdy..

Grade B Google Pixel 2 XL Black & White 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £449.97 @ appliances direct
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Still a great price for a grade B refurbished. I bought two of these last week and grade B they weren't, more like pristine. I didn't personally receive any accessories, but a l… Read more

I went and picked mine up sat from the east midlands store all original box and accessories not used phone looked new but it has got the blue shift but I got 10% back and it's loads better than the razer phone I got off the 3 deal the other week that thing was forever locking up.


Yup. Everything inside


charger? thanks


Got a Grade B for £349 last week. Practically brand new in box.


Their customer service is very good you won't have any issues returning.

Google Pixel 2 XL £629 @ Carphone warehouse
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Just started today you can get the Google Pixel XL 2 64gb SIM free for the same price as the smaller version.Handset is unlocked and comes in blue white and black on Carphone wareh… Read more
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Got the phone and managed to cancel O2 contract without issue. Seems ok to me, very smooth, slight blue hue. 2 year warranty makes up for it.


Why is a phone with a pic of a banana on it worth more than £500?


Price of these has gone up. Got mine a month a go or so for total 707 over 2 years with 4GB data. Good phone, wouldn't pay this much outright though..


Had mine a while now. No issues, simple Android as it should be and screen is fine. The only issue is the bit about how fast it charges. It's no faster or slower than my old S7.


To be honest, this is what worried me. How bad does quality control have to be to have so many variations on screen quality.? Genuinely loved the phone, but LG just don't make good hardware. How long before this bad boy bootloops!?!?

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Google Pixel 2 - Clearly White (Refurbished Grade A) w. Unlimited Calls and Minutes, 4GB data on O2 - £24 / 24 mths + £50 upfront @
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Just ordered mine 8) Top of the league user experience + best phone camera for just over £600 inc. bills. Imo a great deal for a phone that tends to go for over £30 p/m. Handset… Read more
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Very very bad. They seem to depreciate in value so fast compared to other phones.


(In your opinion)


great software, bad design, perhaps the Pixel 3 may be an improvement.


Hmm. Think you're just trolling now. Have a nice day.


i wanted to like it and it does have a lot of goodness but going from an S9+ i guess it was always going to come second best. if you can get the handset for £200 its decent value

Google Pixel 2 used - £275.97 @ buyitdirectdiscounts / eBay
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Google pixel 2 Black 64 GB. Grade C.
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Came from a Sony Xperia XZ so I obviously don't mind about dated looking phones. I always keep mine in a case so looks go out the window as soon as you do that. Battery has been good so far, plenty left at the end of the day, though I don't do much more than casual browsing, email and skype - being at work all day. I've had android phones since day 1, so far this has been the best experience. How the 64GB memory will last I'm not quite sure.


what phone did you come from? I like the idea of having a google device which i believe is guaranteed the next 3 android updates? just not sure if it's a bit dated looking. Also i'm used to a bigger screen (though not as big/bulky as the pixel xl). what's battery life like? as its quite a bit smaller than other devices


As with many others, mine came boxed with accessories. Some small scratches on screen, but not noticeable in normal use. Really pleased with the phone so far. Nice and fast and a great camera.


Would love to hear how people are getting on with these as considering getting one


See this thread

SIM-Free 64gb Google Pixel 2 XL @ for £619 in black/white
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Came across SIM-Free Pixel 2 XL 64gb for a nice discounted price as it's selling for £799 everywhere else. A good grab if you want an excellent camera with regular updates and unli… Read more

Hot from me. Totally on my want list this phone but the XL 3 is coming in October....


11% off this which is currently the cheapest. Open to offers


Thank you, much appreciated


I'd just give them a call and confirm that with them before ordering.


'At we want you to be happy with your new product. As you didn’t have an opportunity to examine your product before you received it, within 14 calendar days from the day after you received your product we will either exchange it (in the case of a handset only) or cancel your agreement and provide a refund as detailed below. If upon receiving your handset you decide you no longer want the handset or the contract, then you can complete a 14 calendar days return. For this to be completed you need to: Contact our Returns team via the contact us page of our website or you can fill out a cancellation request form online by visiting the My Account section on our site. Ensure the Sim/Handset/Free gift has not been used (use signifies acceptance of your contract). All products returned preferably in their original packaging. Contact us to arrange a return by the 14th day from receipt of the goods'

HP OMEN X 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor (Nvidia G-Sync 3440 x 1440 Pixel Ultra-wide Quad HD (UWQHD) 4ms 100Hz Refresh Rate @ delivered - £610.98
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
GET LOST IN THE GAME , See what your graphics card is really made of on this curved 35" diagonal UWQHD 21:9 display. MAXIMUM AGILITY , Never let a display disrupt your winning str… Read more

Very glad I went with this, it’s a wonderful thing. £16 for the Hp care pack for 3 years pick up


I’m sick an idiot, I placed an order for one but went in the next day to cancel it as I wanted to find it from another CC (cheaper currency fees), the e-mail that came through actually said it failed to cancel it yet I didn’t take the time to read it I assumed it was cancelled. Long story short I have 2 delivered. Does anyone near Sheffield want to purchase one please, the boxes are massive.


still waiting for links to, 'Better monitors for the same price' (annoyed)


Bad experience then you had :) Sucks getting faulty goods


He said... or 1440p alternative.

Refurbished Pixel 2 XL pristine @ appliances direct  - £379.97
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
£4.95 delivery Also 2 xl 128gb here for £20 more Pristine grade A Product Inf… Read more
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I think you have, that sounds the worst of the lot.. Problem being, they won't send you another, as either A, they have none, or B, they have some, but at a different price.


My grade b has lots of scratches a dent on the bottom left and the bottom speaker grill is a little damaged... I complained and they gave me £40 but now I think I’ve been properly short changed.


No, today was the estimated delivery date. I ordered right before the price changed to £450


Did you only just collect it or something?


Just received my two 'grade c'. one is immaculate no signs of wear, came in a box with the power adapter, the other came in a generic with one scuff on the back of it, I'm well happy, I haven't tested them yet however, but so far so impressed.

*Pristine* Refurbished Google Pixel 2 Just Black 5" 128GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free A1/G011A/128BLK
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
For 3, other, fast fingered hotukdeal members only! £100 cheaper than the same deal posted earlier, but this time in Pristine condition! Refurbished Google Pixel 2 Just Black 5" … Read more

Gutted oos








Thanks, expired now, hope the 3 others are happy, whomever they were! 8)

Google Pixel 2 Just Black 64GB Unlocked (Grade B) at buyitdirectdiscounts/ebay for £249.97
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Here is a link for the white: I posted a deal for the 128G… Read more

It might be worth you trying again. I got a replacement from google this week due to the microphone not working. Just did it on the phone. It's a refurb but it looks perfect.


anyone selling their handsets ? working, as new units of course (cheeky)


Tried that, after a long delay they have confirmed 'As informed earlier, since Appliance Direct is not an authorized retailer, we cannot process replacement for your device' They won't support, full stop. (shock)


That doesn't sound right. I thought that the Google warranty was transferable to the new owner. Is it worth approaching them again to ask if the original warranty is transferable to a new owner (you in this case)? This is the question I opened with when I contacted them. Good luck either way.


Weldone you have been lucky! After 5 days of battle, Google support finally confirmed that they wont provide support for my DOA unit. Hi xxx Thank you for writing back to Google Support. I appreciate the information provided. I've contacted our specialist team regarding this issue, but unfortunately we cannot process the replacement for your device. As the 'Appliances direct' is not an authorised retailer of Google products, we cannot process the replacement for the device. As the device was 'Dead on arrival', we recommend you to contact the retailer for additional support. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us back. Thanks! Aaron

Google Pixel 2 Just Black 5" 128GB 4G Unlocked (Grade B) at buyitdirectdiscounts/ebay for £382.97
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
This is a really good price for this handset. Have purchased other items from this company with no issue, also well reviewed. 7 Available at the time of posting. Grade B Go… Read more

I was honestly thinking the same, Im interested to see how much manufactures warranty is left once it arrives. Like you say they could be recent returns with a lot of warranty left. But otherwise it's really strange as this phone is less than a year old, I mean are 12 month contracts even a thing anymore? With the Pixel XL they had screen issues from launch, so I could imagine why a lot of those would be returned, but nothing like that for the standard Pixel.


Where do all these flagship refurb phones come from? There's thousands of phones refurbished graded just lately. There must be a hell of a lot of tyre kickers out there.....


I posted an almost identical offer a few minutes later for the 64GB version, with exactly the same title layout and explnation, and its currently 870c.... Their's also a lot of comments on their, not a single one like yours. If you don't understand something, then learn. nobody here owes you anything.. Also stop being such a critic and post a deal!


It doesn't state that it's second hand. People not familiar with buying second hand products won't have a clue what "grade B" means. Accept the error of your ways and make amends!


I ordered at 349.95 will report back when it comes. Thanks OP

Google Pixel 2 - EE - 128GB- White - Smartphone £449.95 @ lime tropic Ebay
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
In very good condition. Seems like a decent price for this phone. 12 months warranty 128gb lime tropic Feedback score (62955) At Second-Hand Phones we offer a comprehensive 12… Read more

£415 for a Grade A at CEX although only 64GB


Price you pay to get £100 off new suppose.


You only get phone and usb cable with them. No wall charger, box or any other Accessories


Didn't notice that, you can have a s7 edge good condition for £229.95 making £45 profit from one of the cpw trade in deals. Thanks @bitcoin5


Some good prices for some good devices! (party) Reviews for seller / company on TP Also noticed they are selling the S7 Edge, for less than CPW will give you in PX against the S9 deal that @Mrswitch posted already, so might be worth looking into if you fancy an S9 cheaper and do not have one to PX! (y)

Google Pixel 2, 16GB data, unlimited calls+texts, £10 + 24x£30 on Vodaphone. Total £730 (possible £690) @
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
If you want the Google Pixel 2 (I do) and you need this amount of data (I do), this seems like a good deal. Sorry if a repost, I couldn't find this exact one in search but loads of… Read more

For anyone who is keeping eyes on pixel 2 contracts, the upfront costs are slowly going down!


Apparently newer xl’s don’t have this issue and it was a tint you can see at about 60 degrees. don’t believe the standard pixel 2 has blue tint issue


Was thinking the same.. I've been looking a lot over the last couple of weeks, ready to go for a Voda option and now it's gone! Hopefully they will be back with more deals soon.


It seems to have happened across the board with all the good deals over the last few weeks. I phoned mobiles direct to check today, they said the prices can change from week to week we can’t confirm how long a particular price will remain. I thought if anything deals would get cheaper now that the p20’s are out. I’m going to hold fire a few weeks and keep checking until it drops. Fingers crossed!!


No, but pi55ed off with it! I was going to order this deal as soon as I got back from holiday only to see it vanish overnight.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Chalk / Charcoal / Coral £34.00 @AO.COM / GoogleStore / + Free UK Delivery with all
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Chalk / Charcoal / Coral £34.00 @AO.COM / GoogleStore / + Free UK Delivery with all AO.COM: Chalk… Read more
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Got one, works great for me. You can subscribe to Google play music for 4 months free.


Ok thanks. I like Dougal!


This feature is coming very soon, it was briefly available to firmware 114510 according to Reddit.


No training other than the initial setup bit. Whilst Alexa is more natural, it also means that the dot used to wake up with similar sounding words or sounds. No accidental waking up with the home so far. Try "hey Dougal" with the home though. Someone else suggested it on here and it makes my son laugh! Or try "Ok Booboo" Surprisingly it works.


Out of interest have you trained the Home to everyone's voice? I didn't as I think it gives each person a profile so we can't share my music? Perhaps that's my problem. I'll try to sneak it back this eve. If only you could change the wake word to Alexa :)

(Refurbished) Google pixel 2 in black with 4gb data unlimited texts + minutes (Vodafone) use code EPICTEN for a tenner off upfront cost @ e2save
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
So considering these phones new are £519 at carphone, then I reckon this is an outstanding deal from the sister company of carphone. At a total cost of £577. Refurbished phone… Read more

There was a 'cancel with O2 £519' thread. Given the UK 14 day cooling off period, is this a possibility with this deal?.


Theres also tcb £42 available


Yet strangely this one is going colder and it's a better deal (lol)


Heat given but nothing on Razer from Three


Also posted by me I may add.

Google pixel 2 black or white 64gb (refurbished) £23 per month with £35 upfront cost (total cost £587) @
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
So considering these phones new are £519 at carphone, then I reckon this is an outstanding deal from the sister company of carphone. At a total cost of £587. Refurbished phone, b… Read more

Does anyone have some experience with cancellation policies from them? I got this deal but there is a new one with p20 pro and headphones. They say in they reurn policy that cancellation and return canot be done if the sim has been activated. Is this even legal? I thought that every contract singed up online has 14 days cooling off period.


I always sell my phones when there are £1 selling fees promotions on like today for example, so that wipes out the £40-£45. £7.25 for royal mail special delivery, and they are selling for between £400 and maybe £480 at a push brand new, which this will be because you wouldn't break the seal (well I wouldn't anyway)


Minus the 10% ebay fees (£40-45), plus the £8 to post it with insured delivery, and that's IF you get that much for it - and it becomes a much less appealing prospect. I think the deal as it stands isn't bad though, as a way to spread the cost.


There is NFC.... And there's a dongle ;)


Excellent, it really is a good deal, especially as they are just treated as new handsets.. Enjoy.

Pixel 2 XL 64GB £604.50 SIM Free with 1 Month Vodafone SIM @ CPW
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Buy this SIM Free for £589 when paired with a SIM. Cheapest SIM is £15.50 a 1 month rolling Vodafone SIM contract. Cancel immediately and total cost is £604.50 for Pixel 2 XL. Can… Read more
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Thanks for letting me know. I’ll expire this now


Not working for me. Cheapest is £759.99. At well. Must of missed it


Should I wait for the cashback to cancel the sim or will cancelling the sim instantly still give topcashback cashback?


Aaaaaaaaand then I called back this morning, spoke to a different person at O2, and it was cancelled inside 3 minutes. Bizarre.


O2 won't deal with me as it was pruchased through a third party (CPW). CPW won't cancel the sim only part of it. Rock and a hard place.

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