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With extended battery life, unlimited storage and the AI, Google Assist, built-in, the Google Pixel smartphone is an impressive first attempt from the online tech company. To find out about the latest reductions, check in regularly at the HotUKDeals Google Pixel page, where we publish details on special offers as they are announced. Read more
Grade B Google Pixel 2 XL Black & White 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £299.97 (£285.97with which trial) + Free collection @ Appliances  Direct
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
Take out the which trial to get this amazing phone at this amazing price for £285 excluding the £4.95 postage. Unsure on stock levels, so maybe do a quick live chat to check. Wil… Read more

This happened to me with a galaxy S8 I bought on Gumtree. Apparently it's quite common, people sell them and then report as lost/stolen and claim on insurance. I paid cash so had no comeback


Dam sold out


super phone - some quality control issues with screens, but get a good one and you are golden!


It's not the blame, it's appreciation :) need to take a look in there but I am not sure my wallet can handle more phones now. Need to get rid of them instead of ordering more :D (in other words, need to stop coming here as I am tempted by recent OnePlus Amazon offerings :) )


Haha, don't blame me lol Btw, 4gadgetswho are pretty good in the refurb stakes, now have a pop up whereby they give you a tenner off your first order.

Grade B Google Pixel XL Quite Black 5.5" 32GB Unlocked & SIM Free £129.97 at Appliances Direct
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
The pixel deal has gone back up to £149.97 but just found this XL, grade B rather than C so should be better quality for £129.97 Grade B Google Pixel XL Quite Black 5.5" 32GB Unlo… Read more

I'll trade you for a grade C one (cheeky)


I ordered one but really don’t think I need it! 😩


Blinked and missed it!


When all your photos and video are in the cloud, 32gb is fine for a £130 great phone


32gb when you can't slap in a micro SD is a bit limiting though

Google Pixel Quite Black 5" 32GB Unlocked & SIM Free Grade C at Appliances Direct for £99.97
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Price is not bad considering camera is better than any midrange phone out there and unlimited google storage for life and running android pie .. They also managed to port pixel 3 c… Read more

:S Well looks like they are slow at dispatching as they haven't even bothered today.


I enjoyed reading this thread. Thanks, all of you.


Fab phone.


I got one of the Pixel 1 XL's from the Argos deal last summer for £270, so if this is halfway decent at all, it's a bargain. My phone was brand new and as a light user I get days from a single charge, so hopefully secondhand you'll still get about 80% charge retention on this. My only gripe is that it is USB C and I have nothing else that uses USB C so have to remember to bring a C to A charging cable with me to charge the thing at work!



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128gb Grade B Google Pixel 2 XL Just Black 128GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free With Witch Trial @ Appliances direct
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Again, a crazy price for the 128gb model, do the cashback thing. The 64gb is also available at £349.97, but I'm sure some sneaky person will see this description and post it ;) Read more

HUKD is a funny old place.


Why is this cold? I sold a Pixel 2 XL 128GB on eBay for over £400 yesterday. This seems like a very good price for a phone which is basically the same as the Pixel 3 XL and it's the 128GB version. Appliances Direct are good at accepting items back too.


has anyone had a grade C from appliances direct??


People voting cold know absolutely nothing. This is a cracking deal for 128gb!


Which is annoying as when I sold them my mint RN3 they called and said it had damage around the USB socket. There really wasn't a mark on it and it was clearly "as new". Thankfully it only went down £7 from Grade A to B.

Grade B Google Pixel 2 Just Black 5" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £235.97 With Witch Trial + £4.99 Delivery @ Appliances Direct
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Silly silly money, buy it now, so you won't be dissapointed if you buy it later, maybe live chat to ask stock levels before purchasing. Do the which trial, and cashback, this real… Read more

Mine arrived today in a slim box in a jiffy bag. No cable, nothing other than the phone. I'd maybe say the condition was B if the edge beside the screen wasn't worn to the metal at one point. While this would be hidden under a case, I'm thinking I'll send this right back as it's below the standard expected. I hope they refund me the extortionate £15 postage costs.


I believe any photos taken by the pixel after this date are either at original quality if you pay the normal Google photos fee, or compressed if you want the free option


Do you know what option is when expires ? I have this phone and it's excellent. ( Dropped my pixel.1 in Leeds and pixel 2 was in cash converters offered them 300 they said yes ) called to unlock and was told was under 6 months old so couldn't . I digress Cracking phone. Its my entire photo collection now so curious thanks


Heat added & ordered. However I will be intrigued to see what turns up as in the past I've not had any luck with Appliances Direct. Bought refurb Nokia 8 & it was in excellent condition except the screen was buggered, touch response was all over the place and the phone was unusable. Let keep fingers crossed for this one though.


£349.97 now! ;(

Google Pixel 3 + Free Google Home Mini. 26GB, unlimited mins & texts with Vodafone for £49 upfront / 45.90 per month (from £54 per month)
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
15% discount for existing Vodafone customers. £49 up front.
Get dealGet deal

There's been 100gb for £18 recently


I just logged into my vodafone to see if i could this. I only seem to have the option for the Pixel XL which is exactly the same everything except £58 per month. Also a good deal but i dont want such a massive phone! Wonder why i can't see the normal pixel. How do i get the 15% discount?


I think deal looks good but not week before Black Friday/Cyber Monday that's why it's cold


Not sure why its cold. This is pretty good to me. * List price for Pixel 3 is £739. That's £30.79/mo over a 24 month period. * Deal's price is £45.90/mo, or £47.94/mo when you factor in the £49 up front cost over a 24 month period. * £47.94 - £30.79 = £17.15/mo for your minutes, texts and data. For 26gb of data, that's a pretty damn good price. Don't know of any sim-only deals that can compete with this. * I haven't even factored in the free google home mini into this calculation. If you do, that's another £2/mo off of your price. So £15.15/mo for 26gb data. TLDR: If you you have a use for every item in this deal, then i think this is a great way to get them!


If this was the xl, would be a superb deal. I don’t know why but this feels expensive. Great first effort and welcome

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Google Pixel 3 + One Month Vodafone contract  £13 at CPW - £47 discount £692- INSTORE
LocalLocalFound 4th NovFound 4th Nov
If you buy a Google Pixel 3 at Carphone Warehouse and also purchase a Vodafone SIM you will get a £60 discount. A One Month Vodafone contract will cost you £13 (cheapest one) so … Read more

The picture thumbnail is clearly a 3 XL.... the 3 doesn't have the notch...


Saw it today in EE, the notch is so much bigger in person. Google really foobared up here


Felt like a very cheap phone imo, when in cpw other day.


Wrong Pixel 3


Minor point but you've shown a 3XL in your picture

Grade B Google Pixel 2 Just Black 5" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free (£285.97 with which trial) @ Appliances direct
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
Great price this I think anyway, under £300, and in my limited experience I may add, these usually come boxed with some accessories, and as are pretty good at undergrading their ha… Read more

Concerning Appliances Direct, if the phone you're buying is one that has already replaced a faulty one in the past, Google support might ask you for the RMA connected to that phone.


No issues with my Bluetooth and I use headphones wireless pretty much all day


Google will still look after you. My lad's 2XL came from CPW and he's had replacement dongles and a replacement phone, power button got stuck, direct from Google with no issues. In fact, when the power button went Google said he could either take it into CPW and they'd send it away or they could just send him a replacement, guess which he went for :) I know they're slightly different beasts in some areas but the bluetooth on my 2XL is great, really strong signal that connects instantly and never drops out so I'd definitely recommend you speak to them.


I got it through, Carphone warehouse are supposed to handle repairs after 30 days but the guy in the shop didn't seem to know about this. Eventually he said he couldn't look at it in store and would have to send it away, could take two weeks. The latest update seems to have sorted the overheating but the connection issues we the Bluetooth, particularly, remain.


Why haven't you had it replaced, none of those (apart from the camera :) ) are normal for that phone. Just go to the Support page in Settings and request a chat or call and you'll be sorted with a replacement in no time. Try cstark27's latest non-root Pixel 3 camera port on XDA, makes the camera even better and only thing missing from the P3 is Top Shot which is no great loss, will probably be added soon anyway. It finally uses the visual core processor for what it's meant for like the P3 does. Super Res Zoom and Night mode are incredible and prove even more so that you don't need 43 cameras on your phone to get the best shots out there.

Google Pixel 2 XL G011C 64GB Refurb Very Good - Just Black £338.29 w/Code + 12 Month Warranty @ Xsitems Ebay
Found 29th OctFound 29th Oct
Good price I think this one, in very good condition. XS items offer a 12 Month Warranty. WARRANTY: If a manufacturing fault occurs within 12 months, we will repair or replace yo… Read more

Great to know, thanks!


Same thing happened to me, mine came from German but was replaced in three days. Impressive!


The two run in parallel, so you can get the official version as well as the side loaded app. some things like the tracking focus will never come to the older phones, only available using the side loaded app


They simply asked for the imei, I don't know if I had one of the dodgy batch, and they replace without quarrel, but it was the easiest warranty deal I've ever had to face.


Oh so that was Google's chat service? They didn't ask for proof of purchase then?

128gb Google Pixel 2 XL G011C Very Good Unlocked Black/White + 12 Month Warranty £429.99 @ Xsitems - Ebay
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Thought this to be a great price for the 128vb in very good, the 64gb very good is the same price, from the same seller, hence the post. Do the cashback thing (quidco/topcashback)… Read more

I've never used the DHL option, so can't really make an informed comment.


it's quite a bit more expensive on gearbest. In your experience upgrading to DHL for "delivered duty paid for EU customers? thanks


In most cases yeah, you can probably get it slightly more expensive on gearbest, and avoid potentially extra costs


I'll check out the sellers feedback on other products re customs but buying direct from the manufacturer will obviously increase the chances? Also best to avoid DHL? Thanks


Much better, and a steal at that price, if it avoids customs.

GOOGLE Pixel 2 XL - 64 GB, Just Black With code PUMPKINS
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Best price available for new, use code PUMPKINS for 10% discount

Camera = trash


You can get the black and white one for the same price just FYI


Buy poccophone , cheaper and faster. Cold


At lease they offer some sort of resolution. I'm just going to take the pint and see what turns up, worst case send I back I guess.


Use another account? Friend/family or setup another one yourself.

Google Pixel 2  - New & Unlocked - 128GB Storage - £499.97 Laptops Direct - UK Seller with next day delivery
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Get an extra £10 off with a £1 Which Trial (cancel after 1 month). For those who want a smaller phone, and more storage this is about £100 cheaper than the next best new sim-free … Read more
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If you don't mind buying used you can find these on Facebook market place for ~£300.


good recommendation. Bit too big for me physically but certainly good for many. Want a compact sized phone and this is currently the best option available i think. Prices seem too high at the minute though and it's disappointing prices haven't fallen down further


You can probably cancel the Which trial immediately after opening it, to save you having to having to put it in the calendar. All trials seem to have that option these days. They'll run to the end of the month still.


64gb XL 2 is £499 at Currys if the 128gb isn’t essential to you


I would consider an XL at this price

Google Pixel 2 XL on EE - 9GB Data £731.99 Total 24 month Cost @ CPW
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Carphone Warehouse seem to be doing some good deals on the Pixel XL 2. This one is for 9GB data, £28/m £59.99 upfront fee. Also Quidco are doing £50 cashback on contract deals wh… Read more
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I suffered zero customer service at the hands of CPW when I had a Galaxy, they were less than helpful, repeatedly. Disinterested in the extreme, trying to pass the blame to anyone apart from them. Their head office were no better. I gave up in the end. I’d be very, very reluctant to purchase anything from them again. I also happened to be with talk mobile who they owned, that was a disaster as well. When you question their service, they just reply with T&C’s. At least with EE you should be okay. Google will price match a sim only price from CPW, so you get Google’s customer service which is supposed to be very good. Good luck with CPW if you take this deal.


whats so bad about CPW?


Nice phone, just a shame it’s with the bandits at CPW. Expect zero customer service if anything goes wrong.

Google Pixel 2 XL Black 64GB Refurb Good £339.99 + 12 Month Warranty @ 4Gadgets
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Just bought one of these for a mate, they asked me the cheapest I could find, and this was it. £339.99 for a good is really, Erm, good? Lol Other grades available. Pristine (1 in… Read more

Thanks. Order the last excellent pixel 2xl 64gb.


Yeah, that's annoying, but you're still saving a lot of money over new I guess.. You can get original Google chargers on ebay for £10-£15


Ordered the pristine pixel 2xl 128gb one today, will see how that is (annoyed) Kind of annoying how I have to buy my own charger for it though, through Google they're £30😬


Good condition.


Which condition did you buy?

Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB Black Unlocked £359.99 Next Day Delivered (Refurbished - Good w/ 12 mo warranty) @ envirofone
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
With the latest round of Google Pixel devices dropping this month, I've been keeping my eye on the Pixel 2 and XL waiting for prices to drop. If you don't mind a refurbished handse… Read more

Thanks. The standard Pixel 2 - excellent condition is only a touch more. I'm definitely tempted.


Got mine and it's in good condition plus one year warranty and I plan on getting the new phone next year anyways


Personally I'd never purchase a used handset. Their lives are short enough (3 years?) and so it'll last even less time for you. I guess this factors into the price.


Did anyone order one and able to comment on condition?


Actually different people have different preferences about what make a phone beautiful..some like small sizes compact phones , others prefer bigger screen , some hate fragile curve edge screen others love them .. I am someone who hate this new trend of curve edge screen because of two reasons.. uncomfortable to hold and make phone more fragile and easy to durability is important for me..i prefer simple form factor with minimum bezels on top and botton but prefer some bezels on sides to provide strong grips..people prefer glossy beautiful looking phones and then hide them in some ugly cases lol

Google Pixel XL 5.5" 32GB Unlocked & SIM Free (Grade D) - Appliances Direct
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Sold by Appliances Direct. You know the script; most mobiles arrive in pristine condition and some with original accessories. Not sure about Grade D though.

502 bad gateway


Thats all thats on it, maybe from the clamp thing that holds the phones in the shop? The front and edges are unmarked to my eye and there is no gunk in any of the recesses (speakers, jack etc.) like you would expect if the phone had been used for two years. Can't comment on the battery, only got it today but I will take it work and use it tommorow then update.


Any chance you could send over some pictures?


A lot of scrapes or? How's the battery


I bought one, well the regular Pixel for £130, there are some scrapes to the metal on the back but the edges and the front are good

Google Pixel XL 2 £100 upfront and £23 per month with 4GB internet allowance = £662 @
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Great deal if you don't have £490 to buy as PAYG. Around £7 per month for contract. Use code SSAVE10UPG to get this price and don't forget Quidco

Yes u stay on outdated software with no support lol on pocco. I would go for android one phone now, im on pixel xl and looking to change so will go for nokia 7 plus cause i agree since nexus range google have been ripping us off.


Doesn't work


Buy poccophone for yourself and stop this circus.


Dont pay Google Tax for old phone with old hardware. Buy Poccophone or Nokia instead. Cheaper and better.



Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB Black Sim Free £489 @
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Slightly undercutting carphone warehouse here. £489 for this phone new is a really good price £3 cashback at Quidco as well.. Upgrading from the previous model from a 5.5-inch t… Read more

Set mine up yesterday. Pleasantly surprised I can still just about use it one handed. The setup was a bit of a faff, I accidentally chose to copy over all my photos off old phone then stopped the set up to cancel this. There is no way to restart the transfer, had to do factory reset to start again. I find the blue tint quite noticeable as the phone rocks around in my hand or if looking at it flat on a table. The speaker sound is tinny and lacks the punch of my old HTC phone. There are no doubt loads of cool features that I haven't discovered yet but overall it is fine, I really did need a new phone, old one was trashed. Very glad I didn't pay full price though. It is not at all bad, just not all that WOW. Speed is great that is the main thing.


Thanks for posting. I ordered one for my wife yesterday and it arrived today. Just setting it up for her now. She'll be coming home to a nice surprise. :D


Yes, it was in spam, thanks. Though I now have a new problem that Barclaycard declined the transaction for some reason. I can see me wandering into carphone warehouse and paying the extra tenner tomorrow to save messing about online.


Check you spam mail that's were my confirmation was. I ordered Saturday and will be delivered today with a confirmation from DPD


This company is owned by Dixons Carphone btw, which we all know has a fabulous reputation.

Google Pixel 2 £479 and Pixel 2 XL £599 at Google Store
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Price drops on the outgoing model are live at the Google Store, not the absolute lowest price around but probably the best after sales service if you have any problems. Add an ext… Read more

Why not just go to samsung directly rather than using CPW?


I don’t know. When I had issues with my Samsung Galaxy, I had to deal with CPW and they sent away every time to their own repairers, not something I want to risk again. The overall experience from CPW was exceptionally poor, and something I won’t be repeating. I couldn’t care if CPW were £100 cheaper, the grief just wouldn’t be worth it (I’d just get Google to price match and go with Google instead!!!).


Unless you can get discounted currys vouchers through work, then it comes up to 460, so still cheaper. For warranty you would probably go to google, not currys anyway right?


At least 3 of those 4 points no one cares about


Is it hopeful thinking that now that Google Store have reduced their prices other stores may further reduce their prices.

64gb Google Pixel 3 £45 X 24 No upfront 100gb unlimited mins / texts - £1080 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
64gb Pixel 3 No upfront On O2 100gb data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts £1080 all in Or £49 a month if you want 128gb storage
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So it wasn't immediately clear that you could turn the notch "off" but you can, question is, does this look exactly the same as the pixel 2xl?!


Ugliest looking phone of the year


Have a look on techradar, that's where I saw it!


Can someone link me to the deal - it seems that it has 27.99 handset cost now.


Well spotted, let's watch it rocket skywards now! ;)

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