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Google Stand Wireless Charger for Pixel 3 - £48.99 delivered @ O2 Shop
Posted 17 h, 46 m agoPosted 17 h, 46 m ago
Get help from the Google Assistant while you fast-charge your Google Pixel 3. Rise and shine with ambient lighting that mimics the sun. And relive your favourite memories with a sl… Read more
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Not voted but this seems expensive for a wireless charger.


Heat added OP


Agreed. Ordered another one for the bedroom 🤪


Agree it's too much, but best deal around and only way to get the additional features, so I bit!


Still about £20 too much for me (not voted either way)


£619 is just such a bad price for this phone. You will lose loads of money on this and quickly. Just doesn't make sense unless £619 isn't a lot of money to you, I suppose you'd get a better phone though if it wasn't?


Description has been updated to say 64GB.


Yep noticed the specs and description having different values so would check before ordering.


The listing is all mixed up. Some says 128GB and others 64GB!


Lot of pixel hate on here but having this exact phone and paying this same price via contract for it a brilliant deal in my eyes! Funny thing is gets slated for battery (more so the 4) but I've just moved to an XS Max and (think partly to poor automatic brightness) I would get to 11-12pm from 6am on my 4XL but more like 7pm on my XS Max with same setup (especially impressed as that is 1440p 90hz too Vs XS Max)

GOOGLE Pixel 4 - 64 GB Just Black Smartphone - £450.35 @ Currys Ebay
268° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Further reduced now using the code PRODUCT5 More screen for your entertainment If you love to game, stream and scroll - do it on the Google Pixel 4. Everything looks fantastic… Read more

Code doesn't work when I went to checkout :(


Genuinely think it's down to high refresh rate screens still being too 'new' it's something they've obviously not nailed yet. Think OP use Samsung screens Samsung S20 series are the same Pixel 4/XL are a mix of LG and Samsung


Seems pixel 4 isn’t the only one suffering from this. Was looking at the Oneplus 7t yesterday and lots of reports of green tint/patches on that too with some phones worse than others. Samsung also has it. Seems to be on low screen brightness settings ?


No? The 4 is horrendous


i have seen them around on the site and have had a quick look as they are cheaper than the flagship samsung phones and as i don't use the phone that much, they may be a better buy (y) thanks.

Refurb Google Pixel 4 Smartphone, 5.7" 4G LTE SIM Free, 64GB Black - Grade A, 12 Months Warranty £389.99 delivered @ ebay / homeandgardenltd
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
What is included? Google Phone USB Charge & Sync Cable Retail Boxed 12 Months Warranty
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The battery "was" awful. Now it's decent. Read or watch any review. It's quite remarkable the change actually. This is a great phone now. But I'd get one new for £50 more from Germany. This could be a year old and that will affect the battery life.


Thanks for the review.


Honestly I wouldn't pay more than £200 for it. Yes it's a "flagship". Yes it's stock Android. Yes it's got insanely good camera. But the battery life is awful. Heck calling it awful is being generous. Arguably the worst product Google has ever released.


Heat added OP, good price

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Google Pixel 4 64GB - £438.82 delivered at Amazon Germany
386° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
use a fee free card to get it a bit cheaper. Shoot without the flash. Capture rich detail and color, even in the dark, with the next generation of Night Sight. Challenging shots,… Read more

August/ October now apparently. (shock)


The 4 has a lot of advantage over the upcoming 4a but the 4a has a few tricks up its sleeve too. 4a will have headphone jack, finger print (debatable if better) better battery life due to slower CPU. If the rumours are true then the 64GB will be £349 and a 128GB £400. That’s a decent option for those who want more storage with the £100 premium on the 4. Having said all of this the 4 has waterproofing, wireless charging, dual camera, better CPU, Face ID technology and soli (which is actually really good on the odd occasion I have used it but as the Face ID technology is linked to it that’s ok) no hole punch camera (debatable again) and the pixel core for the camera. I also like the technology on it allows for face tracking to stop phone locking when reading and crash detection. Personally unless you need the headphone jack (you can get USB C adapters) or the 128GB model at this price I’d get the 4 every time. One annoying thing is still waiting for more app development to use google Face ID (some banks) and as this might well be the last google flagship (debatable again) I’m not sure to expect it. Honestly though the Face ID technology is so good (and secure!) on the 4 with the soli sensor you’re into your phone before even ready to use it (vs the need to swipe up on iPhone) that that has saved me far more time than inputting my password into NatWest (PayPal saves login anyway)


The latest leaks suggest Google is delaying until July 13. They could delay again too as the rumours suggest it's a response to market conditions so if things don't change they may wait further.


The last rumour I read was June 3rd, when they unveil Android 11. But who knows.


the pixel 4 camera was touted as very good by most reviewers. And it's known the pixel line isn't in the same league as the high end phones, these are at the higher end of mid tier bracket. But you're right, most reviewers have said pixel is good if you want a non bloated android with a good camera. f a cameria isn't important to you, there are better phones to buy.

Brand New Google Pixel 4 64GB Just Black Smartphone - £474.05 @ Currys PC World Ebay
333° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
More screen for your entertainment If you love to game, stream and scroll - do it on the Google Pixel 4. Everything looks fantastic on the bright and colourful 5.7” pOLED touchscr… Read more

The onus isn't on the banking apps it's actually Google using a non standard system. Google messed that up. I stand by the battery claim as well you'll need to charge it more often especially at the 18+ month mark and if you paid the full price for it that's really unacceptable. With regard to iPhones yes I agree they're very expensive but they do have some significant advantages over Android which is truly excellent update support usually at least 5 years. iOS has computational photography apps that just don't exist on Android, there's much better camera hardware in other Android phones and the lack of ultra wide angle lens reduces the flexibility of shots that can be taken. The truth is that Google are using software to create the results, the camera hardware is average, the lack of flexibility is also an issue. The Pixel 4 got a huge amount wrong and the really sickener is the price, which is absurd, truly absurd for a phone that is just so average with regard to hardware. You can get better detailed shots on other phones, what makes people laud the Pixel is that the software is getting the best settings for you, but the hardware is still the limiting factor. I have a Pixel 2, I'm being honest Google phones are not about hardware, to be blunt the hardware is an embarrassment compared to even midrange phones. Soli Radar is unique and makes the Face Unlock excellent, but the Face Unlock is massively flawed and just about useless for motion gestures control. In fact it seems Google are dropping this feature. Google are going midrange, the job cuts are coming hard and fast. Apple may release the iPhone 12 but it won't be the best selling Apple iPhone because much of the customer base perhaps 25%+ will lose their financial viability as the massive job losses impact almost all industries.


I never understand the hate for the Pixel. I have the XL 128gb, and it's a fantastic phone. Clean, very quick, brilliant camera, face unlock is brilliant, and regularly updates. I agree that battery isn't amazing, but is "good enough". On paper, the specs look poor Vs the Samsung's of the world, but in reality - the phone is very good.


OTT - battery lasts a day on smaller model (who doesn't have a wireless charger on desk anyway?), 3700 mAh perfectly good capacity for XL (not supersized screen), comes with free cloud storage, camera was best in market with one lens, why more? Face rec is fab, onus on banking apps to play ball - physical fps as back-up would've been nice though (when will phonemakers listen to customers?) Yes, overpriced at launch like any other premium phone, except iPhones that are overpriced all year round...


I'll wait and see, I can believe it will be a Snap 765 or 768G because they can reduce the price significantly, they'll also likely drop the Soli radar which will mean any face unlock they employ would suck so that hopefully means the return of fingerprint ID and I do hope not in the screen because they're rubbish. £349 and Google have a winner with the Pixel 5 ah no that can't happen because there's a terrible other Google phone coming out at that price called the 4a :( so the Pixel 5 will be £450 - £550 I reckon and yeah it's beginning to sound really terrible again, to be expected though.


Google Pixel 3 64GB Grade C Smartphone EE £166.49 | Unlocked £176.99 @ XS Items Ebay
282° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
OK, so grade C, I've had two grade c's from XS, 1 came in absolutely flawless condition, an Huawei mate 20 pro, and one came with a black spot on the screen, so as with all these r… Read more

Mine turned up in near perfect condition, but camera stabiliser has the shaking issue, quick Google suggests it's a common issue so going back as faulty. Shame as I thought I'd gotten very lucky with quality. When I contacted Google they said it was under warranty but previous owner had opened a return and never sent it so as it was pending I couldn't create a repair ticket. So guess that confirms it's faulty


I'm always looking bud. So keep an eye if you can :)


No worries. Was aware of the risk, just have to be patient for another suitable deal to come along - which I'm sure won't be too long...


Damn it, sorry man. It's always a risk but disappointing when it doesn't work out :(


Had got my hopes up that it might be as good as your previous purchases but phone arrived with multiple deep scratches. Suppose it would fall under Grade C but a lot more scratched than I'm prepared to accept :(

Google Pixel 4 Smartphone, Android, 5.7", 4G LTE, SIM Free, 64GB, Clearly White - £499 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
It's a pixel Created with a battery that will last up to 24 hours, depending on usage, an 8MP front camera, 16MP + 12.2MP rear lenses featuring impressive low-light capabilities a… Read more
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You can get around it using Face Unlock tied with Bitwarden, Bitwarden can get you in to just about any app. One extra step but it works. The problem is I'd want a Pixel 4 XL 128GB and the price for that is lol insane, so hell is freezing over before I go for that.


Still on my OG Pixel and going strong (y)


Totally agree. I was never going to buy the 3XL with that notch ! Held out for the 4XL but no finger print sensor which was a deal breaker for me. I have high hopes for the pixel 5 now. Let's hope they get it right !


I'm in the same position as you. I also hope they include a finger print sensor on the pixel 5. That's pretty much the only reason I won't get the pixel 4 ! I will consider the 4a if it includes a fingerprint sensor



Google Pixel 3 64GB Just Black Refurbished Good (locked to EE) +12 months warranty - £219.99 @ Music Magpie
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Google Pixel 3 64GB Just Black Refurbished Good (locked to EE) + 12 months warranty - £219.99 at Music Magpie
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This isn’t an upgrade over the 3a besides processor (which also means poor battery life on the 3). There’s a reason why the 3a and 3 can be had for very similar prices these days.


I have the 3a, might be worth an upgrading? I rarely use the headphone jack.



june 11th and more details here - 4A would be lot cheaper than the iphone SE.


Where have you seen it announced to be released in 3 weeks? Has Google officially announced it?

GOOGLE Pixel 3a - 64 GB, Purple-ish - £265.05 With Code @ eBay / Currys
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
New on currys_pcworld ebay store with code Product5



Apparently delayed until October.


Looked at the 7.2 when it was around £180 including ear buds ( but the reviews put me off. Camera ok but not great etc. Don't have hands-on experience with it though unlike yourself.


If I was going android again it wouldn’t be with anything other than a Pixel. This is for the same reason I use iPhone now. There’s more to the experience than just pure hardware and specifications and these other companies just churn out phone after phone with slightly better hardware but never consider the whole experience. Apple, Google and Microsoft (and Huawei now I guess) are the only major companies that are not sticking someone else’s software on their hardware and trying to make it work.


Just throwing this out there, but could the Nokia 7.2 be a better option? Similar specs, slightly older processor with the SD665, but very decent cameras and guaranteed updates for two years under the Android One programme and stock Android user experience like Pixel phones. Very premium feel with the glass finish and screen is beautiful. Comes with 4GB Ram, 64GB Storage, 6.3in Full HD Screen, etc... Currently available for £159 on eBay with open box versions and comes with a free genuine Nokia case which is usually £15 extra. I put offer in for £150 and got accepted. The camera improves even more on the Nokia 7.2 when you use the G-Cam camera app Yes it got poor reviews online, but that was when it was selling for £300+.

Google Pixel 2 White Unlocked 64GB Smartphone - Reasonable Condition - £86.39 @ XS Items Ebay
374° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
£86, but return if no good, this is Ebay and they are easy returns if you have a genuine reason to return :) Reasonable Condition - This product will show considerable signs of… Read more

No probs


(excited) lol sorry thanks


The code finished, and price has gone up slightly


Why is this expired? Seems to be in stock?


I bought a new pixel 2 and despite committing to keeping it for 3 years, after less than 2 years the battery wasn't acceptable, even for someone with relatively low screen on time. A shame because otherwise the device was excellent.

Google Pixel 3 XL, 64GB, Not pink, SIM Free £359.99 @ Amazon
240° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
not sure this is best price but seems good enough Pixel camera- Get everyone in the picture with Group Selfies-no selfie stick required. And save all your favorite moments with … Read more

You can go outside, but you can't go outside. You can go to work, but you must work from home It is not pink, it is pink


Now £389


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


A brilliant phone but my gosh it is an ugly one! As above... what were they thinking!


Love Pixel phones, I have the 2 XL and Mrs has the 3 in not pink as well. I just cannot understand Google's hardware and design choices! That NOTCH.......oh my god how did that even make it to the design stage never mind being approved and manufactured!

Pixel 3a xl £349 at Google Store
252° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Get the pixel 3a or xl £50 off

Back up to £399 now



Do you have a link? I can't find the £50 card


same price at carphone warehouse plus £50 pre-paid mastercard


Tempting, given the delay.

Google Pixel 4 64GB - £499 plus £50 Prepaid mater card @ Carphone warehouse
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May

Gestures on Pixel are the single most UX-enhancing feature I can think of in smartphones: going back to button navigation on Android 9 phones feels like going back to the Dark Ages Other OEMs haven't implemented A10 gestures as masterly as Google. Can't put a price tag on its value and convenience, user experience just transformed


Completely different audience. Great phone but big and EMUI with slow updates vs stock android. A good comparison would be the OP 7T but still much bigger phone. No slur on the p30 pro as probably the best all round android phone but I just don’t see many people interested in the smaller pixel being interested in the p30 pro.


At this price you can also buy a new Huawei P30 Pro.


As owner of the 3 and checking out the 2 the XL screen is noticeably better for media consumption due to the size and the notch does factor in (though I'll take it over any notch or hole punch and it actually serves a purpose like iPhone).


I think it probably did Vs bigger phones with lower refresh rates and resolutions. I would say that partly reviewers didn't use the phone for long enough. I'm getting on average an hour to hour forty longer than when first got the phone. It's also the same criticism being fired at the iPhone SE. Smaller phones aren't really designed for power users except the iPhone 11 Pro. I think many are getting 6 hours 30 to my best of 7 hours 40 screen on on the XL and roughly an hour less on the 4. The learning algorithms really have made a difference. Also you could turn off the higher refresh rate. It is mental that outside of a lockdown environment people are complaining of 5 hours screen on time from the SE and pixel 4.

Google Pixel 3A £279 plus £50 pre-paid Mastercard @ Carphone Warehouse
2334° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
The PIxel 3a has dropped to £279 in most places but if you factor in the £50 pre-paid mastercard, this seems like the best deal. Hover over the address bar to trigger the pop-up.… Read more

No reason other than holding out for the 4a, don’t like the thought of spending £229 or £279 on an old model if the 4a is just around the corner although it looks like we may not see it until July if 9to5google is to be believed.


any reason you returning yours apart from holding out for the 4a? did you test the phone and don't like it or don't like the look of it?


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot over chat tomorrow.


Yes i did. Get into a chat with CS and get confirmation from them to cancel the order and they’ll give you an address to post. Post it and keep the receipt


Going to return mine and hold out for the 4a. Has anyone had any luck making contact with CPW to arrange a return? I’ve used the online contact form a couple of time but no response has been forthcoming.

Google Pixel 4 - 64GB £499, 128GB £599 / Google Pixel 4XL - 64GB £659, 128gb £759 Unlocked Google Store
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Looks like the UK Google Store is now offering a decent discount on the Pixel 4, which is close to matching the US equivalent. The 4XL now seems a reasonable price, not that you'd … Read more
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No dual SIM immediately rules this out and e.sim no use as my provider doesn't facilitate it.


We missed a couple great deals already, ...but let's not lose hope, @MrSwitch and his army of lieutenants will surely deliver


When do you expect the 4XL deal of the year? I really want to try the Pixel 4XL and there's a seller on eBay selling for £550 sealed for 64gb version.


Couldn't agree more. People are looking too closely as specs. It's not about that. It's about the experience and that's good for me.


Camera software whizz retired, he was 70 The rest is rumorology about Osterloh; like somebody said above, if you forget the paper specs that too many get obsessed about (when Pixel line was always about software and user experience, like someone else pointed above) the reality is that 4's battery life is better than 3's - not great but passable. I became a fan of the XL version since 1st gen, but they only nailed it with 2nd. On a couple of occassions got to 10 hrs SOT with A10 on a 2xl... should've taken screenshots, people tend to forget that complaints about battery size/life only affect smaller siblings. I now got two 2nd hand 3XLs, not just one as I'm a proper fan - black and truly 'not pink'. Those will tide me over till 4xl deal of the year makes its appearance; along the way a few Sammys, for UI contrast and hardware excellence, will keep me entertained too...

GOOGLE Pixel 3a 64 GB (Purple / White) £265.05 @ Currys eBay
387° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
If you're looking for the Purple or White variant of the phone, the product can be purchased for slightly cheaper at Currys eBay (compared to the Google Store). Simply use the code… Read more

£15 above my wanted price and then i wonder if i should wait for the 4a. i need a new phone before 04.08.....decisions, decisions and i am really bad at making up my mind :S ;(


So far this has NOT been a pleasant experience. I added the phone to my basket at £329 and purchased it. It went down in price within 1 hour of me buying it. I sent 2 messages to Currys eBay. They didn't reply within 2 hours. So I contacted Curry's who told me they had cancelled the order. I re-ordered the phone at the new price. And you guessed it.... They've sent out 2. One at the £329 price and one at the £265 price. Woeful customer service so far. Can only hope their returns are free.


Then I’ll try to get it from Amrika if the price is cheap. Btw, there is no XL version for 4A.


Doubt it, the 3a was £399 (iirc) I'd imagine £449 4a / £499 4a XL.


Switchy... how much do you think the pricing would be for the new Pixel 4A (due to be released on 11th june). I reckon it will be £399 and if it is that will end my Karma, lol ;)

Google Pixel 3A 64GB (Black) £279 @ Google Store
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Decent price for the Pixel 3A if you are looking for the Black variant of the phone :) Bright Full HD+ AMOLED screen Love to browse online? Do it on a bright, colourful scre… Read more
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Better battery but worse camera (


This is available to preorder for 245 stg from amazon, released June 1st


What would you recommend?


Poor standards for a 279 pound phone. No sd card slot and 64gb storage is ridiculous.


it's getting closer to the price i am waiting for, which is £250 :)

Google Pixel 3a 64GB - Black £299 + £3.99 delivery at Very
88° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Cheapest deal currently out there. I know the 4a is due for release but this is priced with that in mind. It is currently £329 on Google, Amazon, Carphone Warehouse...

Done. (y)


Now back to £329? Expired?


It's on (and in use) most of the day currently and seems to last all day. App says 17 hours which feels about right


Looks like 4a release pushed back until June:


31p cheaper here! :)

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