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Google Pixel 4 Black 64GB Android 11 Unlocked Smartphone - Open Box £294.49 @ eBay cell-tech2020
13/05/2021Expires on 13/05/2021Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Brand New Phone Phone Box Is Open Box Contents: Phone Charger Charging Cable Handfree Weight 162 g (5.71 oz) Build Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5… Read more

Battery life is much better on 4a, due to less power-hungry chip and 60hz, plus it's bigger: 3,140 mAh vs 2,800. That's a much-improved fundamental feature, maybe more important than fancy features (that I like): 3D face rec, IP rating, wireless charging, glass build, telephoto, faster image processing (end result is similar) on this. In the end, only now can a discerning buyer pick a Pixel 4 over 4a: at £300 it's obviously more value, especially if you live/work in wireless charging ecosystem. 4a was superbly priced at launch, £350 last year, whereas P4 had launch price of £669 in late 2019, it looks bonkers from '21. 4a has longer support, till mid-2023, this only Oct'22


Ah the old "open box " scam....code for factory reset and a quick clean with the baby wipes.


I got one of these a while back and its great. A bit ugly and the camera is overrated if you used to ILC's. But its fantastic to use. I cant see me going back to samsung after using this. Shame they dropped face recognition on the newer ones, that feature is awesome. I think the 4a is pretty heavily cut down compared to the 4.


Having seen the difference between the processing times between my 4 and my sisters 3a (admitting the 4a is probably much better) due to not having the neural core I'd say this is a better buy if it's for photography.


Better and more premium. But the battery is quite small, saying this, the 4a battery is not much bigger.

Google Pixel 4a 128GB Smartphone + 30GB Data On Vodafone £26pm (+ £100 Auto Cashback + £100 TCB / £424 Effective) £524 @ Carphone Warehouse
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
If you go through Topcashback for this deal you will get a possible £100 Cashback furthermore you get an automatic £100 cheque from cpw withing 28 days of contract starting. … Read more

Be great if there were comparative deals on the 5 , as all recent deals have finished still holding out for that if anyone knows decent deals on it


No probs


Thank you for your quick reply. (y)


No mate, 4g


Might be a daft question @MrSwitch but is this the 5G model

Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB Used Grade C £107.99 @ stockmustgo / eBay
174° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Good seller Good warranty 12 Months Good phone Use code PRICEWINS. ***** At checkout for above price

Still 10% off though so price should be amended to show this as it's still a decent deal


code expired


Just arrived see lower in thread for pics


Mines arrived next day. Delighted with it ! 12 Month warranty reassuring


Sorry, it was my browser not showing the voucher box, all good now!

New Google Pixel 4XL Orange 64GB 'New - Open box' £399.99 @ smart-talk2020 / ebay
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
New Google Pixel 4XL Orange 64GB 6.3" 16MP NFC GPS G020P Unlocked Smartphone UK Brand New Phone Phone Box Is Open Rest All New In Box BOX CONTENTS: Phone Charger Cha… Read more

Not so sure this is brand new, 'open box' on eBay can mean they've been open for a long time. Luckily, checking imei on outside box, even before opening, will tell you how much warranty is left with Google, therefore you can find out for how long it was used before you. Price is kind of good for new, problem is veryfing that - many ebay sellers can't just be trusted (Voted hot btw (y) , gorgeous colour)


Good deal but this is for brand new (depends how long the second hand was used for even if like my own one it’s mint)


Recently picked up the 4XL in white (64GB) from music magpie, pristine condition and came in the original box for £304. On that basis this seems expensive. It's a fabulous phone though, free photo storage is a big plus for me plus the bigger battery in the XL (3,700-mAh Vs 2,800-mAh in the Pixel 4) is a win.


True I've seen quite a bit of criticism of the battery life on the 4 but I suspect even that's over egged! If battery isn't a problem on this then must be a great bit of kit. Pixel names are a tad confusing e.g where the 4A 5G isn't just a 4A with 5G capability.


I think it’s mainly the 4 got such a bad wrap due to the low battery but the 4XL is actually decent. Who knows though? I never share deals for heat but because they might help someone out and this is a great phone for £399. Plus it has lineageOS support and so easy to flash a pixel. Also I think many compare this to like a 4a when there is a night and day difference in terms of quality.

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Brand New Google Pixel 5 128GB Snapdragon 765 Smartphone - £499.99 Delivered @ TF2 Bargains / Ebay
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Good price for new, 4 available at the time of posting. With 5G, as soon as you hit play, your favourite shows and movies are ready for you to watch in ultra-clear HD Charge y… Read more

Flagship photos (if that's a thing!) without a flagship price. It also runs smoothly, regular updates, fairly waterproof (according to Google... anyone tested it?!). Plus as already said £100 off RRP. If you're prepared to take a contract you could get the phone cost down quite a bit further. I was going to say don't overthink it but I just have....Hot deal!


I was misled by this premise with the Google Pixel 2. After a year and a major OS update it was never the same phone again. Also the photos are hyped, not bad by any means but rubbish camera hardware with decent software trickery. I think possibly Samsung have the best hardware/software combination on their higher end phones and Samsung are very decent with security updates, even outlasting some Pixels with security update support.


Fair point. I bought a Pixel 4a 5G for a net £385. Whilst I could have bought a hardware-superior OnePlus 8 for a similar price, for me the Pixel's point-and-shoot camera and the long-term freshness afforded by the guaranteed three years of timely updates peppered with Pixel Feature Drops makes it good bang-for-buck when juxtaposed with how I'll want to keep the phone for.


I've just sold my s20 Fe and picked up a pixel 3. FE has to be one of the most over hyped phones. Was almost brilliant, but just fell short on battery and performance, too many little niggles. This was the 4G version, hopefully the 5G is better, bit I certainly wouldn't consider an exynos based phone again. Pixel 3s battery is about on par with the FE but the phone itself runs so much better.


Sorry to correct this. :S But it does well in team Pixel staged 2 or 3 camera reviews, that are full of Pixel fans, biased commentary and made very easy for the fan to pick out their preferred device. MKBHD's blind is far more telling where you are not told which device is in the comparison and therefore removes the fanboy vote and biased commentary to influence.... But the rest is spot on, the software experience isn't good enough to make up for the headware deficiencies.

Pixel 2 XL smartphone, 6" AMOLED, 64GB, 12 MP Camera, upgradable to Android 11, 12 month warranty. Pristine - £100.79 (code)@ eBay / xsitems
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Full specs: Still one of the best smartphone cameras. Even in 2021.

Great phone, great battery life, great camera. Wasn't aware the support had stopped, not really an issue though as it's running Android 11 already so ahead of most others and good for years yet.


Great phone, super camera. Would only swap them another higher end pixel, when the price is right.


A bit overpriced at £100. They were roughly this price refurbished two years ago from SMG and the likes when eBay first started their codes. Easy to find a 3 XL at ~100 these days.


Great phone but the battery life will be terrible


Pixel 2 is a class phone. Unfortunate about the updates considering most phones don't run Android 11. Battery is rubbish but only takes 45 mins to charge.