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Posted 29 March 2023

Google Pixel Buds A-Series - Olive/White £74 on Amazon

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Update 1
Price Drop from £60.64 to £58.46 24/04

You can price match from the official Google store, I have tried and said it's eligible if you don't want to order from Amazon

Features and details

  • Sound that’s music to your ears. With custom-designed 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers, Pixel Buds A-Series deliver high-quality audio.

  • They'll sound good anywhere. Adaptive Sound adjusts the volume as you move between quiet and noisy environments, so you don’t have to.

  • Clear calls in loud places. Beamforming mics help to make your calls crystal clear, even in noisy conditions.

  • Help when you need it. To play music, check the weather or have notifications read to you, just say “Hey Google,” or press and hold the earbud to talk to Google.

  • A translator in your ear. Get real-time translation directly in your ear while using a Pixel or Android 6.0+ phone.

  • Made for your ears. With a flush-to-ear design, three ear tip sizes, and a stabiliser arc, they stay in place and create a gentle seal for amazing sound.

  • Long battery life. Get up to 5 hours of listening time or 2.5 hours of talk time on a single charge, or listen for up to 24 hours with the charging case.
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  1. PotatoSalad11's avatar
    I've been looking at a few wireless earbuds recently and have ended up buying into the benefits of Bluetooth 5.3, aptX and LDAC - even though I had no idea what any of those things meant 48 hours ago. Are those features actually worth it or not? My main issue with headphones had previously been that I struggle to get them to stay in my ears and I feel like these might be a better option in that regard.
    Hatsune_MikuwBK's avatar
    Bluetooth 5.3 gives better stability, longer range, etc. as they always promise with a new Bluetooth iteration. Keep in mind that you won't get the latest features of Bluetooth 5.3 if your pairing device doesn't also have Bluetooth 5.3. Bluetooth is backwards-compatible, meaning it will still work amongst the different versions, but only the version of the lower device is used. If you don't have a Bluetooth 5.3 phone then whether or not Bluetooth headphones have Bluetooth 5.3 or not becomes a question of future-proofing instead.

    aptX is Qualcomm's proprietary audio compression technology. Its main benefit is lower audio latency for when you're watching videos or playing games. It technically has a slight edge on audio quality (moreso on aptX HD) but again requires a compatible source device and most wouldn't notice the difference on that front.

    LDAC is a technology from Sony. Again, on a compatible LDAC source device, LDAC gives better data transfer rates as well as adaptive transfer rates compared to standard AAC or SBC connection, meaning, technically you should have better audio quality. Whether you notice it or not is something else entirely. Do note that using LDAC will drain the battery of both devices faster than SBC. For example, Sony usually has a handy table for estimated battery life of their products using different modes of audio: helpguide.sony.net/mdr/whh910n/v1/en/contents/TP0002402889.html

    I'd say that the headphones/earphones themselves and their fit to your ears are the biggest factors to audio quality. Some do swear by these technologies and if you can use them you have the option to decide for yourself.

    Personally I am dailying a pair of WH-H910N h.ear on 3 with a Sony phone that has the LDAC feature. There's not a perceptible difference in audio quality to me when switching between LDAC and SBC, and if SBC gives longer battery life and a more reliable connection, I'd take that instead of LDAC any day. (edited)
  2. Toby_SmithmTG's avatar
    I recommend staying away, I have pros and the lag is horrendous and they constantly fall out of my ear
    samspud's avatar
    I've had both. These are better fit and performance wise believe it or not
  3. Oli6357's avatar
    58.46 now
  4. Yas_Min's avatar
    These are the best headphones imo
    samspud's avatar
    Yer love mine
  5. Blue_October's avatar
    The bud pros are miles better.
  6. hatot's avatar
    How do you price match with Google store pls?
  7. Oli6357's avatar
    These are so comfortable and sound great, never had a pair of earphones fit so well and so comfortably. Only got rid of them for Sony WH-1000XM5
  8. dmjar's avatar
    That picture is of the pixel buds pro btw
    markdavey1972's avatar
    No it's not, you can see the 'fins" that sit in your lobe.
  9. Choofia's avatar
    Yeah these are wonderful, I love mine. Paid 99 for mine, so heat added!
  10. BidAde's avatar
    I perennially have issues with canal earphones/ear buds fitting my lugs (for example I need different size tips either side)(same for my siblings so I am not a freak of nature!!)
    Have drawers full of different models (Shure, Aukey, Sennheiser, with hooks, without hooks....) either do not fit, mediocre sound quality, keep falling out, difficult to use.....)

    But the A Series buds are finally nirvana for me, fit lovely, fantastic sound great app/integration with my Galaxy S20 plus.
    They occasionally work a little lose and need a gentle coax back in (maybe once per hour) but I can live with that.
    The actual rubber "plip" hooks inside my ear a little. Got mine for about £69 a few months back. At £61 I think they are excellent value.

    I am now umming and ahhing over the Pro Buds for cancellation/multipoint but I do know they are 1 gram heavier and a different form factor so might not be quite a well fitting (or maybe even better!! :p)
    There might be quite few on Ebay soon with the Pixel giveaways so keeping a beady eye out there
  11. sysak's avatar
    Got them and for 60 quid i rate them. The sound quality and battery life is only decent but they (and the case) are very well built and most importantly very comfortable and stay very firmly in the ears. i have no issues with them sliding out when running. Would buy again.
  12. marra's avatar
    Are these better than the Samsung buds I have been using those for ages
    samspud's avatar
    IMO way better
  13. garethmob1's avatar
    Sadly showing up as £103.47
    Reuben_BM's avatar
    Reuben_BM Author
    Now £60.70
  14. jo_bob's avatar
    I have tiny ear canals, really struggle to find buds that don't constantly fall out. Does anyone know how these compare if you also have the same issue? Thanks
  15. SpudUK's avatar
    Lost my case for my first pair, so this is a good alternative to share a charging case for two pairs (Google, for some reason, don't offer the case as spares or I'd just buy a replacement case).
    Stelios's avatar
    Have you tried looking for a used one on ebay?
  16. bumblingbee's avatar
    would folk recommend these, or amazons echo buds at £55? The amazon ones have ANC which seems a big plus.
  17. Teshar's avatar
    Thanks op, I've been looking for decent buds that didn't have a crazy price tag. (edited)
  18. Meltigemini's avatar
    Love my A series, they're great. Fit well and battery lasts ages, and they work seamlessly with Android. I've been thinking about the Pros but not such they're worth the upgrade, will probably wait for a Pro 2.
  19. king117's avatar
    Ordered these. Didn’t even think to check if they had ANC. Disappointing. Tempted to test them out to see if considering upgrading to pros is with it…
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