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Posted 20 May 2023

The Man in the Tent: My Life under Canvas - The First Four Years - Free Kindle Edition @ Amazon

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THE MAN IN THE TENT is Tony Beardsall’s lively, informative account of his life since moving under canvas at the age of fifty-one. In this volume he relates the first four years of his outdoor odyssey, from his initial escapist trips, through his gradual move towards full-time outdoor living, to his decision to put the harsh British winters behind him and head off to the more benign climate of southern Spain. Sincere but light-hearted, this memoir recounts his experiences in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Scotland, alongside the mental journey leading to his conviction that a conventional life is no longer for him, despite the well-meaning advice of his family and friends. The second part of Tony's story is now available: The Man in the Tent: My Life under Canvas - Getting Started in Spain
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  1. cb3611's avatar
    I spent four years sleeping in my car, but nothing happened worth writing a book about. Just people from the council would come and shout at me.

    *edit* well, there was that one time I got up in the morning and London was deserted, like it had been invaded by zombies or Daleks in the night. Turned out there had been a shooting and I was sleeping inside the area the police had cordoned off. (edited)
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    Mate, I hope life is now treating you better. All the best.
  2. 512kb's avatar
    I really enjoyed reading this. Probably a better read than his books that followed
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    I've not read his other books but, like you, I really enjoyed reading this one. We'll worth it for a freebie.
  3. no1goldenchild's avatar
    There was me, getting excited to hear about Adam from Eternia being turfed out of the palace and having to live in a tent with Cringer. But no, it was a typo….. 🥲 (edited)
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    warrior05 Author
    sorted, thanks for flagging it
  4. pooool's avatar
    Loitering within tent...?
  5. pauby's avatar
    No longer free but 99p.
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    warrior05 Author
    Expired, thanks for flagging it
  6. MattSayers's avatar
    Haven't read it yet but looks in-tents
  7. Malabus's avatar
    Apparently I purchased this in September, 2021.
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