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Posted 26 June 2023

High speed AVE Train Travel France to Spain e.g. Montpellier to Madrid £16.26 (€19) - Lyon to Barcelona £24.82 (€29) - one way @ Renfe

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New high speed train service between French and Spanish cities has been launched by Renfe, with promo pricing for journeys from July 13th to October 31st. May suit those looking to holiday in France and Spain e.g Montpellier to Madrid £16.26 (€19), Lyon to Barcelona £24.82 (€29). Up to 3 pieces of luggage (Max 25kg).

  • € 9 between French origins and destinations
  • € 19 between Valence, Nimes, Montpellier, Beziers, Narbonne, Perpignan and Spanish cities
  • € 29 between Marseille, Lyon, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Spanish cities


Example Montpellier to Madrid 17th October € 19 one way


Example Lyon to Barcelona 19th August € 29 one way


All AVE destinations to France

We offer you the best European destinations : large towns like Barcelona or Madrid, or cities like Marseille, Lyon, Montpelier or Girona. All linked in a direct, comfortable, fast and sustainable way thanks to our AVE France services (International AVE between Spain and France).

The service starts on July 13 with trains from Friday to Monday between Lyon-Barcelona . The Madrid-Barcelona-Marseille AVE , which starts on July 28 , will also circulate from Friday to Monday, in a first stage. In September on the Lyon route and in October on the Marseille route, Renfe will start operating its AVE trains from Monday to Sunday.

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  1. graaaham's avatar
    France and Spain are in the Schengen area, so you only need one stamp on entry to Europe and one to leave doesn't matter if entry is in France and Exit is from Spain
  2. ziggycat's avatar
    I'm off to Spain in August - Barcelona - Zaragoza - Madrid and Seville by train

    And having travelled on the AVE many times between Girona and Barcelona, its clean and it's fast

    Train fares in Spain at the moment are great value for money, there's a great YT channel "Spain Revealed" that's definitely worth a watch. On the latest offering James covers a few different train operators so you get a feel for the services, it's definitely worth checking out if you're considering travel.

    UK trains are just appalling in comparison.
  3. graaaham's avatar
    Wow, high speed, efficient, long distance trains at affordable prices. So glad we took back control to stop this kind of thing happening here!
    Swidc's avatar
    Spain is privatising the system too. These prices are not the norm, a bit like a deal for an advance off peak ticket in the uk
  4. Grazz0r's avatar
    I hate flying and I've done this route before on SNCF. You go by the Pyrennees mountains and often see flamingos in the lakes and marshlands just before the mountains. Absolutely stunning scenery! Completely recommended. And RENFE is a brilliant operator too, heads and shoulders above anything in the UK.
  5. JJMPSP's avatar
    Hot! UK rail operators should take note
    DealJourno's avatar
    UK trains (even the new ones) aren't even in the same league
  6. Waffles's avatar
    You can freely travel between any of the Schengen zone countries without requiring a passport check or stamp. For us, just a stamp to enter and then again to leave.

    Imagine countries working together as one, bi-lateral co-operation and free movement for travel, work & trade. Shame really, when you think about it.

    But, you know, blue passports? (edited)
    agadoin's avatar
    The UK was never in the Schengen area so even when we were in the EU we needed our passports checked when entering.
  7. wackojacko99's avatar
    Yet still we get NIMBYs stopping HS2
    deeperthought's avatar
    Good for them. Don’t want to see AONB destroyed in any back yard let alone mine.
  8. Daniel_M19's avatar
    Meanwhile I'm paying £100 return to go to Edinburgh
    romacom's avatar
    Train operators are massively overpaid and overrated, they should never be called "drivers" as they only operate on the advice of a controller. They think they are something special like an aircraft pilot.this status needs to be removed also the £50,000 a year they are paid, the insult to us all is they are holding the public to ransom by striking for more money. How can a man sit on his backside never getting lost being controlled by a network be paid so much? Let them try a real driving job HGV class 1
  9. t3r4's avatar
    Good initial pricing but the high speed route between France and Barcelona is notoriously underserved and overpriced. Just a few trains per day.

    Those lauding the "low" pricing of this service, it's just like any "new" operation. Lumo did exactly the same low pricing on London to Edinburgh at £15 for the launch period. What remains to be seen is if the service gets better and the pricing stays low.
  10. dalbncl's avatar
    Will I have to sit on the floor outside the toilet on a 4 hour un-airconditioned journey to Birmingham for the bargain price of £140 with these?
  11. jungleboy123's avatar
    Will be voting this deal hot, hope everyone else does. Given most comments on here align with my views ill give the thumbs up too
  12. Fonsocruise's avatar
    UK has a lot to learn...
  13. jabracadabra's avatar
    Looks a good deal.
    So Madrid and Barcelona are described as "large towns" whilst the French destinations are cities. I wonder who wrote the blurb.
  14. glaspark's avatar
    I paid a similar price a couple of weeks ago with SCNF between Toulouse and Carcassonne (each way), so this is an excellent deal.
  15. rollout's avatar
    Thank you. Seems an excellent deal for multi city European trip.
  16. DealJourno's avatar
    Madrid to Lyon would be great if that was an option.
  17. MrCharlie's avatar
    Hi, How does it work with passport stamps?. For example you turn up in France and get a Train it Barcelona. Do you need to a exit stamp in France, then go to immigration at Barcelona station to get a entry stamp, and reverse if returning back to France?. (edited)
  18. chookaroo's avatar
    Echo all the comments about Renfe's prices generally. We (2 adults 2 kids) are doing Madrid to Barcelona return for €109 (total) - and that's on the AVE (which includes onward local travel - worth about €40 to us alone), as opposed to the lower cost AVLO
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