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Hogwarts Legacy (PS5 / Xbox Series X) - £47.99 using voucher code @ Currys

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Get your wand at the ready and prepare to become the witch or wizard you've always wanted to be.

It's the late 1800's and you're about to start Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a new 5th year student. Will you be a brave and loyal Gryffindor or an ambitious and resourceful Slytherin? That's for the Sorting Hat to decide!


Explore the fantastical castle and grounds, attend classes, and learn to brew potions. But not everything is at it seems at Hogwarts. There's a darkness threatening to destroy the wizarding world as we know it and only you hold the key to stopping it.


  • Learn to care for, tame and even ride some of the fantastic beasts from the wizarding world
  • Venture into Hogsmede or The Forbidden Forest as well as exploring the whole castle
  • Complete challenges to collect XP and upgrade your spells or potions
  • Use the Room of Requirement to improve your combat abilities and grow magical plants
  • Prepare to battle with trolls, goblins and dark wizards who are hellbent on completing their goal

  • Publisher: Warner Bros
  • Developer: Avalanche Software
  • Number of Players: Single Player
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Release Date: 10th Feb 2023
  • PEGI Rating: 12

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    If you use blue light discount you can get it for £45.84. You buy £48 worth of vouchers for £45.84 and then use the e-voucher to buy the game..
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    I've just had my DPD email saying they're expecting it shortly so hopefully it'll be here tomorrow 🤞
    Same for me
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    Doesn't ship UNTIL release day so Monday 13th at the earliest
    In the last 6 months I made four pre-orders on Currys. All were despatched the day before release day, and all were delivered by DPD on release day.
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    Thanks Xbox version back in stock! Glad I checked, had workplace vouchers I bought before the site told me last minute it was out of stock 2 days ago!
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    Pre- ordered a few hours ago and the confirmation email said delivery is for the 13th.. messaged them and got this
    I ordered half an hour ago and got estimated for 13th also.
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    This is available again. I was able to order one just now!
    Great! Last day at this price I imagine!
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    I was about to order this then realised i Lready have it pre ordered with argos for £39 ffrom this deal last year

    hotukdeals.com/dea…966 (edited)
    You’ve made a fantastic contribution towards this thread
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    Hyped out by youtubers. Junk game for kids
    Have you played it already?
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    I'm buying multiple copies of this. Can't wait. LOVE JK ROWLING
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    I'll never understand why we have such a tight mindset when it comes to money and games. People happily pay an extra £10/£20 here and there for clothes, will happily get a round in, in expensive bars but my word, if a game is £10-£15 over priced we'll wait months for it to drop

    If this was £35 you'd all pre-order it.
    It's because it encourages studios to release unfinished or extremely buggy games (edited)
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    Will this be £20 after a few weeks?
    No, it’s already reviewing really well and is one of the most pre-ordered games in years.
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    No despatch email yet so I looked into my previous pre-order from them. Pokemon Scarlett.

    Was ordered on the 14th, despatch email at 13:10 on the 17th and delivered 10am on the 18th via DPD. So there’s still a chance.
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    Thanks for sharing this, I managed to get it for £45.84 using BLC (edited)
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    Still not working for xbox. Sigh.
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    I ordered on the 30th, got an email from curry’s earlier saying it’s on its way but the DPD tracking just says they’re expecting my parcel?
    Is that normal does anyone know?
    It usually updates at 2pm next day and will be out for delivery afterwards Dpd will text you
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    Yep, tried a couple of times. Get to checkout and then it removes it and says can’t deliver.
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    I get "Due to stock limitations, you have reached the maximum quantity for XBOX Hogwarts Legacy - Xbox Series X" whenever I get to the part where I'm asked to supply my card

    Tried on Chrome and Edge, and I'm getting the same thing, so I assume they've sold out
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    I cant buy it. Keeps saying I’ve reached my maximum quantity. Anyone know a workaround? (edited)
    Xbox is currently OOS per description
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    I ordered towards the end of Jan and it was estimated a delivery date of 03/02/23 - Obviously not right, I'd take their delivery estimates with a grain of salt. It's Currys afterall they don't have a clue what they're doing.

    Mines been sat with no status change since order. If you're keen to play it on release you'll be safer with another retailer. (edited)
    Same. Status should change today/tomorrow.
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    You will probably get a dpd email tomorrow saying its dispatched and will be with you Friday. But unfortunately won't come until Monday the earliest (edited)
    Best selling game 😵‍💫
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    Received despatched email from DPD few minutes ago. Ordered 2nd Feb, PS5. No clear order or pattern, as per usual with Currys, but hang in there - for my last pre-order I received the DPD despatch email at 10pm and still received it the day after on release day so still plenty of time.
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    thanks for posting! no interest in this game personally as I never got into Harry Potter, but my mate has been looking forward to it, so it'll make for a nice birthday present
    Do you want to be my mate too?
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    Don't pre-order games, folks.
    What if you want the game day 1?
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    Isn’t stuff being pulled from the game? Quidditch? Chamber of Secrets?
    I don’t remember either of these being planned or shown in any of the trailers?
    Rumours of quidditch being added as DLC though.
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    My word the temptation is strong!!
    ssameeee not sure if i should bite or not, same with dead space remake, i know for a fact they will drop in price soon rather than later
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    Definitely waiting for the reviews before I drop any cash (edited)
    Me too, I don't know anything about Harry Potter.

    This looks promising, almost like a Witcher 3 style RPG with a Persona style school/social side, however potential for it ending up being an Ubisoft-style-openworld-tick box-collection-bore-fest.

    So I will be waiting.
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    They are desperate to sell this game aren't they. I have my doubts it will be any good. I also expect the pc version not to be optimised.
    It's just a Harry Potter game after all.
    Pre ordering games is not wise these days. Wait and see and hopefully its a rarity.
    A decent game that works. (edited)
    "Just a harry potter game"
    Clearly someone didn't play the PS2 classic.
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    I don't see the risk with pre-ordering games. You've got 30 days to return it. You just need to resist opening it until the reviews land, which will probably be within a day or two of the release. That's my plan anyway. (edited)
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    Bought, Thanks for posting.

    The way I see it it's £27.99 because I will probably be able to resell it for at least £20 once I finish the game.
    But you have to complete the game atleast 3/4 times for different endings
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    Wish that they had a way to collect pre-orders in-store.
    You could always not open it and send it back for a refund
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    I've just managed to finally order from Curry's for Xbox Series X!! And code was accepted.
    Estimated delivery: Wednesday 15 February 2023
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    I predict this will be a stinker. I hope not but has the vibe of Cyberpunk and Vampire Masquerade: BL 2.

    I wouldn't pre-order but good luck to those that do. Personally, I think pre-ordering supports releasing broken games.
    I did that for sonic frontiers still enjoyed it
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    Series x out of stock
  34. Avatar
    Currys, where you can expect all electronics and games to be sent wrapped in a thin napkin as the only packing material
    I bought the S8 tablet ultra from Currys... whatva mistake that was. Arrived in a flimsy plastic bag, there was no protection at all and the box was cushed and torn! Sent it straight back and ended up getting a better deal from Samsung direct. It was sent really well packaged. Currys loss.
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    The benefit of pre-ordering used to be (back in the day) that you're guaranteed stock. Obvs that's not really so much of an issue now, a) because those who want a physical copy are in lesser numbers, so stock generally covers them anyway, b) everyone else gets digital which is of course infinite. Even if the price shoots up to RRP on the day of release, it will only be weeks before it starts to fluctuate, or at least match some of the more recent preorder prices. Failing that, wait 1 year for it to be £20 (or less!)

    Wait for the reviews!

    PS really looking forward to it - if it stacks up! (edited)
    If the game flops, return it. Simple 🤷
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    Brilliant! Now I have a £48 Currys gift card that I can't spend
    Back in stock
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    9/10 on IGN. Glad I rolled the dice on this one and its not another cyberpunk launch!
    Just been watching a few gameplay clips on YouTube. Looks amazing. I was expecting a 7/10 or so but apparently it’s a genuinely great game
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    Curry’s are crap
  39. Avatar
    Ordered the PS5 version the other day as a £20 gift card was burning a hole in my pocket shame the Deluxe wasn't available with the code
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    Hmm website saying the series X version is sold out at checkout. (edited)