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Home Master DIY Scaffold Tower 5m - £283.49 @ BPS Access Solutions

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Our NEW HOME MASTER DIY Aluminium Scaffold Tower has an unprecedented specification and build quality for this type of tower, with its welded frames giving supreme strength and colour coded braces making assembly fast and easy. Safe, stable and versatile, this tower will complement any home "tool kit" and is available in four sizes to suit almost every application from decorating your stairs to painting the outside of your house or pruning trees.

  • Huge 150kg weight rating – stronger than others on the market
  • Aluminium construction – wont rust
  • Colour coded braces, simplifying tower assembly
  • Fully welded frame structure – for superior strength
  • Soft ground anchoring spikes (patented design) – providing maximum grip
  • Bolt and Wingnut brace connections – no tools required
  • Hard wearing platform, made from marine plywood
  • Inclusive free next day delivery on top of an unbeatable price – beware of “hidden” delivery charges or slow 2,3,4 or even 5 day delivery times!
  • Tower uprights have a "ribbed " non-slip profile for extra safety when climbing or erecting/dismantling the tower
  • ISO 9001 registered manufacturer- so you know this tower has come from a factory you can trust

Assembly instruction

BPS Access Solutions More details at BPS Access Solutions
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    Anyone got any expeirence of these towers. ie are they sturdy? I have a few jobs to do on my guttering and thinking of buying instead of hiring.
    Im at the top end of the max weight limit too, so dont want it to be too sketchy.
    49453992-DrV25.jpgI have one, very lightweight and straightforward to assemble. I wouldn't go up on it without outriggers (you need to purchase them separately). At first, it is a bit nerve-wracking, certainly was the case for me since I'm fearful of heights, you then eventually get used to the height and become more comfortable. There will always be a small amount of wobble to it but as far as construction goes, it holds together very well and you become more confident in it as time goes by.

    I'd much rather be up on this than a ladder.

    That's not me on top on the pic but a protective surround has been fabricated to attach to the frame at the very top. Reduces the chances of going straight off it.

    Hope that helps, any further questions just let me know. (edited)
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    Accidents happen, you can fall off a chair and die, no need for scaremongering.

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    Use out riggers...and NEVER clime up the outside of the scafold..as an extra try and tie a rope to the house at the top..or make extra outriggers out of wood if your a good DIY.. er (edited)
    You can use scaffold tubes, cut them 1 long and one short for each outrigger, drill holes bolt them together and use 2 scaffold swivel couplers for each outrigger.
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    Really tempted but not sure it’s worth it for occasional use. How much are these to hire?
    Around £80/week, depends where you live, in London add 50% more. (edited)
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    Look closely at the specs if you want a 5m tower... this is 4m and has a 'working height' of 5m - which is surely variable based on how tall you are?
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    I can just picture JML doing one of their adverts with a cheap imitation of this. "Does the neighbours leylandii keep you laying awake at night?????" "Now you can get even for only £9.99. Yes that right - for only £9.99 our bamboo homemaster DIY scaffold tower allows you to climb up and view the morning sun ☀️ again. That's right for only 9.99 you to can have fun in the sun!". (edited)
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    I wouldn't trust one of these without a couple of anchor points on the building, especially the 7m model!
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    I'm dying to get one of these jacked up to the neighbours window at 6am in the morning whilst screaming out "Only me!!! I've just popped round for a nice cup of tea!!!"
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    I've got one of these, I'm a retired firefighter and have climbed up alsorts and much higher than this tower goes Even with the outriggers inplace this tower scares the pants of me. Saying that it has never failed me.
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    I'm a fat bugger, I'll have to work alone and naked if I've a bucket of tools with me. Neighbours are gonna love it.
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    All towers are 10% less than before. Offer ends Sunday 5th February at 10PM
    -4m- £274.49
    -5m- £283.49
    -6m- £580.49
    -7m- £602.49 (edited)
    How do these compare with the "premium" versions not in the sale?
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    Was thinking of this to paint a ceiling in my sons old house where the ceiling is about 12 ft high. If 4 or 5 metres high then too high to erect in the room also maximum platform height is only 6ft so whats the point of a 4 or 5 metre tower. Just trying to understand how this would work.
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    Anyone know what size you need to replace gutters on a bog standard house ?
    Most likely the 7m one, 5m one isn't high enough.
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    Anyone know if height adjustable wheels can be added to this one? Couldn't find them on their website for the Home Master DIY
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    Can the 7m one be set to work at 5m or 3m etc, so you only build it up to what you need? Or if you buy the 7m to use it you have to use at at the full length?
    Can be built to any height. The 7m ones usually come with 2 boards and usually 2 outriggers.
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    It says decorating stairs, but I can't see those bottom supports fitting anywhere on stairs or typical landings.
    Found it Platform can be set in increments of 300mm /12" giving comfortable working over a variety of heights
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    Heat added but there’s no way in the memory of man you’re getting me up there!?!
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    What size is this flattened down? Do I need a massive garage to store it is basically the question
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    So silly question but how do you actually climb onto it once it's fully assembled?
    Please watch the video I added at around 2 minutes, there is a hatch in the platform and you climb.