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Posted 9 August 2023

Homefire Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal - 12kg £14.20 (£1.18 per kg) Minimum Delivery £50 - 4 bags (Free Swedish Torch log With order)

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£14.20 per bag - £50 minimum Delivery So 4 bags of this or 3 bags of this and 2 x 4kg Bag of briquettes reaches this coals2u.co.uk/off…tml. Also adds a Swedish Torch Log to the basket for free automatically

Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal - 12kg

Premium quality, restaurant grade 100% natural lumpwood charcoal

Its high density provides consistent long burn time whilst giving an authentic barbecue taste. This charcoal is the chef's choice as it offers highly intense heat with hours of burn time.

  • Used by restaurants and professional chefs
  • Burns hotter and longer than ordinary charcoal
  • Gives better results
  • Suitable for XL BBQs that require more heat
  • Large charcoal pieces prevent them from falling through any air vents.
  • A great choice when cooking over a fire pit
  • Its high density provides consistent long burn time
  • Ideal for all kinds of grilling and barbecue equipment
Lumpwood charcoal is the most natural charcoal, producing very little ash. It has easy temperature control and burns with a woody finish adding great flavour to food. Due to its natural structure, it will not give any unwanted flavours
coals2u More details at
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  1. Ouzoherb's avatar
    I have had these before and there was too much dust and tiny bits for my liking however for the right price that can be ignored. good price and maybe i got unlucky batch
  2. slliw's avatar
    Any good? Looks like the old CWL blue bags. Usually shrapnel and tiny pieces 
    titsmagraw's avatar
    I had 4 bags in January from them and it's just cpl rebranded. Whilst there were some big pieces there was loads of shrapnel and dust.
  3. Joyboy_Nika's avatar
    Thanks OP. Heat from me. I can confirm BASKET5 does work and gives 5 percent discount. Thanks for the code. (edited)
  4. TommyGambino's avatar
    Bought this stuff, takes ages to get going, but once lit it lasts so much longer than regular cheap charcoal or those horrible briquettes. Also the chunks were big in the bags I bought, I had to break some up.
    afroylnt's avatar
    Usie a chimney to get it going much quicker
  5. m00moo's avatar
    Add BASKET5 i think it is for an extra 5% off
  6. Linas_Einikis's avatar
    I use those and some batches are really good, but some has loads of small particles..
  7. plunet's avatar
    I suspect that there will be some general discounting of charcoal this autumn due to lack of BBQ weather this summer and retailers not wishing to keep the stock for next year
  8. antsgame's avatar
    Expensive? Any price for one bag?
    m00moo's avatar
    Not expensive and minimum order is £50 which includes free delivery.
  9. ecraigy's avatar
    This is a great price, if the quality is really that great.
    That said, if you can afford to wait a little longer for coals to be up to temperature then I recommend finding some coconut shell charcoal. Its very easy to use and very sustainable. 
    RuudBullit's avatar
    Shipping coconuts halfway around the world is sustainable?
  10. gerardgimbert's avatar
    I went to gas a few years ago, but when I was using charcoal these are the bags I used. They would quite often be very large pieces.
  11. bengalknights's avatar
    The only problem is that the top section is all large chunks and then it turns smaller and eventually bottom of bag is dust
  12. RuudBullit's avatar
    For this price these are good
  13. team_a's avatar
    Website says £75 min delivery?
  14. americanonpurpose's avatar
    Got a Homefire depot close to me and get these all the time. Great quality and 9/10 times, they are the size of a childs head
  15. m00moo's avatar
    Got my delivery this morning and without opening I can feel moderate to large sizes in there as well as some smaller chunks. However, I think I know the reason behind the shrapnel.... the delivery guy literally carried it over and drops it from 2 foot high onto my doorstep. It would be better if these came in boxes as the pieces would probably be packed tightly and not get crushed as easily but for less than £14 a bag I won't complain!
  16. pukenukem's avatar
    I can't seem to find a good lumpwood charcoal that isn't littered with reviews complaining about shrapnel. I bought a 12KG bag of Big K Chilla-Grilla, and I like the charcoal itself, but 80-90% of it is small to tiny pieces, with the odd massive piece. I use the small bits for short grills, but I'm running out of large enough lumps for my longer cooks.

    Anyone find charcoal that comes in resonable sizes consistently?
  17. Ev63's avatar
    Brilliant deal, heat
  18. keeling54's avatar
    Thanks op just re ordered, been using this for a couple of years, it lights really quickly using a chimney starter, great to cook on.
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