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Horizon Forbidden West [PS5/PS4] - £15.00 @ Tesco (Mayflower Retail Park)

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Good price for Horizon West PS5 and PS4 copies. Need to check stock at local Tesco stores via App to see availability.

Most stores I checked has either PS5 or PS4 copy in stock.

Tesco More details at Tesco

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    What Tesco app is it? The groceries app isn’t finding HZD forbidden west…
    Tesco Groceries app. Select the bit where it says "shop in store" - find your store and use check stock.
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    READ THE DESCRIPTION: Need to check stock at local Tesco stores via App to see availability.
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    I always have the most exhausting of experiences with Tesco and instore 'deals'. The app shows stock for some (mostly incompetent) staff member to come back saying they have none.

    What's the point in offering this facility if its for the most part redundant?
    Yeah, I had the person say no - I said, PS5? She said, no probably PS4 - woman at the desk looked and pulled it out, happy days.
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    Tried this once before with Miles Morales, never again.
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    Gifts sorted. F1 is a bargain at £10 each. GT7 £30 each
    F1 22, £10? says £15 on the app. nice bargain. if i had known would have got it this morning when i purchased Horizon Forbidden West.
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    let the Geese fly. This deal would be good if you can even find a Tesco with this in stock, my Tesco used to have large game section but it kept getting smaller and smaller first it was half a row, than it went to top of a row and now it's like 2 or 3 games per console and lots of eCards somewhere in random row on the other side of the store.
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    app said they had stock went to store and nothing, wouldn’t make any special trips
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    Goodmayes still has stock of Horizon, but looks like I nabbed the last Gran Turismo 7.

    For once a goose chase with a result, thanks! It was worth braving the icey roads for. These will be wrapped up for me and put under the tree!

    49025650-jOfgz.jpg (edited)
    I forgot if they still keep them on the shelves or not, or did you have to ask at the customer service desk? (edited)
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    Managed to grab! Thank you! 49028707-yFmzv.jpg
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    OOS at my Tesco, I suspect we only ever get 1/2 copies in and some other HUKDealer is quicker.

    I'll keep checking though
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    On your marks, set, Geese!
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    Managed to get one, thanks! Gloucester
    Yeah Brockworth one is showing in stock. Gonna try first thing in the morning
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    This reminds me I still gotta sell my PS5 copy from the Argos deal.
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    Got it!
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    Despite the best efforts of Tesco’s least helpful member of staff
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    Went to my local (in stock on the app) only to be told to come back at 8am as nobody had the key.
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    Got mine from Tescos Northcott (NI). Thanks for heads up OP, they hadn't updated the shelves yet, still said £25 but rang through as £15
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    Tesco app showed in stock. Price matched in curry’s no problem.

    49031230_1.jpg (edited)
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    Looks like a goose chase
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    Cheers grabbed a few copies. Thanks
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    Managed to get mine thanks! I had to ask 4 different people who all thought they didn’t sell games anymore was kept locked behind customer service desk. Poole fleetsbridge Tesco
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    Getting a PS5 game from my Tesco Extra is like pulling teeth.
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    READ THE DESCRIPTION: Need to check stock at local Tesco stores via App to see availability.
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    READ THE DESCRIPTION: Need to check stock at local Tesco stores via App to see availability.
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    Gran Turismo 7 for PS5 has been reduced even further to £30, for those stores with actually any stock
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    Amazon, c'mon, price match!
    Amazon don't seem to price match on wild goose chase deals unfortunately! Lol 🌞
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    Looks like it’s in stock for me! Just have to wait until I’m finished work… thanks OP!
    I wouldn't make a special journey
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    It's going to get superhot if true
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    In stock for me but don't need it as I got the Argos deal a few weeks back
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    I found it in stock at two stores near me but I can't be bothered to leave and venture out in the melting snow. I'll wait for an online retailer matching it.
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    Apparently there is stock in the Welling superstore branch
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    Nearest store with stock is about 40 mins away that sucks.
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    If anyone is in Portsmouth, the big Fratton store has the PS5 version - aisle 30!
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    Most likely only available in the big Tesco Extra stores unless your local Tesco sells games that is.
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    Picked up a copy in Bridgend, thanks 😃
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    Got one in Edinburgh thanks!
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    Just picked up a copy at Surrey Quays Tesco extra. Thanks!! (edited)
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    Says In stock reduced in my local, shame I don't finish until after 8pm worth a spin past I reckon since it's on route and I need dog food
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    Thanks op got one in Doncaster extra
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    Got the last copy at Tesco Extra, Norwich. Thanks OP!
    Tesco Harford has them, check the store stock on the app. Not on shelves as they've removed all games to make space for Xmas so had to ask at customer services. Have a look.
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