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LG 27'' Full HD IPS USB-C Monitor 27BL650C - £169.98 Delivered @ LG Electronics

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Key Features

27” Full HD IPS Display
Colour Calibrated
USB Type-C™
3-side Virtually Borderless Design
Flicker Safe
Reader Mode

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16:9 Full HD IPS Monitor
True Colour at Any Angle
LG Monitor with IPS technology delivers a clearer and consistent true colour. It provides visual comfort for viewing charts and reports with others, presenting clear images from any angle.

Colour Calibrated
View Actual Colour
It is colour calibrated to help maintain accurate colour on the screen, so it preserves the original intend colour. View Actual Colour.

Flicker Safe
Reduces Visual Fatigue
Flicker Safe reduces the onscreen flicker level to almost zero, which helps protect your eyes. Users can comfortably work throughout the day.

Reader Mode
Less Blue, Improved Visual Comfort
Reducing blue light to help lessen eye fatigue, Reader Mode provides optimal condition for reading. With just a few movement of joystick control, you can more comfortably read your monitor screen.

USB Type-C™
High-Performance Connection
With a single USB Type-C™ cable, you can simultaneously transfer screen display and other data while charge a laptop or tablet PC with power up to 45W

3-side Borderless Design
Seamless Viewing Experience
3-side virtually borderless design with a dual display and bi-directional pivot makes ideal workstation for better productivity and efficiency while reviewing documents or researching data.

Ergonomic Design
Better Workplace Ergonomics
The ergonomic, one-click stand is easy to install and its convenient height, tilt, pivot and swivel adjustments allow you to create an optimised work environment
LG Electronics More details at LG Electronics
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    1920 x 1080 for a 27 inch monitor?
    Agree, I recently switched from something like this to a 24" QHD, and it's much better for work.
  2. Avatar
    USB-C is definitely useful but full hd is awful. Would much rather swap the usbc for 4k at this price point.
  3. Avatar
    Beware that USB-C is just 45W, so may not be suitable for most laptops.
  4. Avatar
    Anything above 24'' and you really want 1440p
  5. Avatar
    Single best thing I've bought is a USB C monitor. Leave your keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, etc plugged into the monitor then it's just one USB C cable to hook up everything to your laptop, including power. Brilliant.
  6. Avatar
    Poor USB-PD wattage (should be 65 W minimum), poor pixel density (27" should be 1440p minimum) but cheap.

    If you can swing the low charging spec (e.g. have a MacBook Air) and genuinely don't mind the poor pixel density, then it's a bargain for an IPS panel.
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    As others have said, the pixel density of 1080p for 27" is very poor. Fine for playing games or watching movies where the detail is not that important, but for close work do your eyes a favour and get at least a QHD (1440p) or better yet a 4K (2160p) for nice sharp text.

    As a general guidance I would recommend...
    1080p @ 21"
    1440p @ 24"
    4K @ 27"
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    Bought the 24 inch one of these last time at around £100

    Yellows magenta and cyan has a white grid effect on pixel edges (near pure R, G and B are fine), makes things look like a 1990s GIF. Gets worse at 75hz

    Bit of backlight bleed in the corner, worse than my 12+ year old LG that it replaced but not a dealbreaker

    edit: I had the 24 inch 24BL650C, no idea if its the same panel (edited)