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LG 38GL950G 37.5” 21:9 3840 x 1600 144Hz Nano IPS 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor £783.98 Member Price / £744.78 New Members @ LG Electronics

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Had to replace my Alienware monitor and found this at an amazing price. Best large all around monitor for home office and gaming. Highly regarded by reviewers, e.g., by Rtings.

To get it down to £744.78, register with LG - this automatically reduces the price to £783.98. You also get a one time discount code for further 5% off.

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Geared Up for Victory

LG UltraGear™ is the powerful gaming display gear integrated with the hi-performing functions which can respond to any blockbuster games.

Your Dream Gaming Monitor
The value of a UltraGear™ monitor is total immersion. You can experience breath-taking gaming performance that surpasses your expectations through 38GL950G with Nano IPS 1ms called the most ultimate gear.

Feel Actual Combat with True Colours
38GL950G supports a wide colour spectrum, 98% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut and a colour range 35% greater than sRGB 100%, expressing high-fidelity colour for reproducing even more vivid scenes on the battlefield.

Incredible Speed to Victory
If you’re fed up with dimming and flickering screens, you’ve come to the right monitor. With IPS 1ms, you’ll dominate and clinch victory-without the side effects of extreme speed.

Fluid Gaming Motion
A ultra-fast speed of 175Hz (Overclock) allows immediate action on the screen. Objects are rendered more clearly for smoother gameplay and an almost surreal visual fluidity.

Fluid Gaming Motion
A ultra-fast speed of 175Hz (Overclock) allows immediate action on the screen. Objects are rendered more clearly for smoother gameplay and an almost surreal visual fluidity.

Gratification of Sight and Hearing
Sphere lighting 2.0 exceeds the limits of indirect lighting and creates gaming environment. With Sound Sync mode and Video Sync mode, gamers immerse into the game and feel as if they were actually on the battlefield.

Sound Sync Mode
Sphere Lighting 2.0 draws you deeper into the game with bias lighting that enhances the experience while reducing eye strain. With the Sound Sync mode, the UltraGear™ lights up according to the dynamic sounds in the game.

Video Sync Mode
The Video Sync mode in Sphere Lighting 2.0 lights up according to the visual effect colours appearing on the monitor, allowing you to be fully immersed in the game.

Your Ideal Gaming Setup
The stylish design with Sphere lighting help you create your own gaming ambiance for better immersion while the base can be adjusted to change the tilt and height of the monitor to help you play game more comfortable.

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  1. daddybr00's avatar
    The spec on the page is confusing:

    resolution 3840 x 1600

    HDMI (Max Resolution / Hz)
    2560 x 1440 8bit @ 144Hz
    DisplayPort (Max Resolution / Hz)
    2560 x 1440 10bit @ 144Hz
    ubigene's avatar
    It handles 3840 x 1600 @ 165 Hz with full colour or @ 175 Hz with 4:2:2 via DisplayPort.
  2. MrPisch's avatar
    I have this monitor, the RRP was around £1800 for a long time

    Its an extremely good monitor for people who want to work and game, the 1600 resolution depth is excellent for spreadsheets

    I ordered an OLED UW monitor which are superior for gaming but poor for work (Microsoft need to release windows fonts that support the pixel layout in OLED screens) so I sold the OLED

    You will need a big graphics card to drive this resolution at ultra settings (6m pixels v 2m of 1080p) I run it on 144mhz at 4:4:4. I personally can percieve no difference over 144mhz (edited)
    Jonwillis's avatar
    Driving these monitors at high refresh rates is hard on AAA games. I still often recommend 34" ultrawide 3440*1440 144/165hz as a sensible comprises of resolution and refresh rate.

    But I do find 34" a bit narrow for work (in terms of height) which is why I went to a 38" ultrawide. (edited)
  3. PhoenixS's avatar
    How does nano IPS fare against OLED?
    Jonny777's avatar
    If you're using it just for gaming - go OLED.

    If you do productivity or work from home and want an ultrawide then a regular IPS or similar panel is definitely the better choice. (edited)
  4. fishmaster's avatar
    LG are utterly bizarre, how high end expensive does an LG need to be before they add PiP/PbP modes? Baffling.
  5. PF12345's avatar
    This monitor is amazing for productivity. If you know the benefit of 16:10 then the extra height on this at 1600 is the best you can find for ultra wide.
    plewis00's avatar
    Unless you just wall-mount your old ultrawide above your new replacement
  6. shopkeeper's avatar
    Insane price for a monitor when 3” less screen real estate can be had for about £350
    ubigene's avatar
    It's diagonal size, so in real life 34" is quite a bit smaller than 38". Besides, this one has way more pixels, IPS and G-Sync - a different product altogether.
  7. Wolfylee's avatar
    I have this monitor and it was £1300 2 1/2 years ago.

    Half tempted to buy another and bring my average price down

    I have to say it has been a superb monitor but for gaming you want to make sure you have a deep desk or this size will feel a bit close unless you're a swivel-eyed loon. Obviously you will want a decent GFX card for this if you are gaming on it.
    umair007's avatar
    I am using RTX 3080 OC with this monitor and its superb!!
  8. mikedigitales's avatar
    So tempted to upgrade from my Dell 34" UW, but LG don't seem to have the best rep for reliability on monitors (happy to be corrected though). (edited)
    ubigene's avatar
    My Dell Alienware 38" packed after a week and all I got from Dell was a refurbished unit that was scratched and filthy and had to be returned. LG cannot be worse than that.
  9. Heat.Sink's avatar
    Anyone used this size screen for work? Was it good or bad?
    ubigene's avatar
    I have it and I like it. 2 large windows side by side with some space left for teams and terminal.
  10. DisagreeableRunt's avatar
    Damn. I'd love this as an upgrade to my 27GL850, but even the lower res 34" version would be beyond my 3070 in some of the games I play so I'd need a GPU upgrade first.
    Minstadave's avatar
    3070 isn't bad at 34" UW, just turn up DLSS if needed.
  11. Reytak's avatar
    Nice monitor but to push those many pixels at a decent framerate and settings for gaming you need at least a 3090 or 4080, maybe 4070ti. I have a 3080 with 12700k and it's only just enough for 3440x1440.
  12. xtrem3x's avatar
    I used to have this monitor.
    Swapped it for a QD-OLED and won't look back

    Excellent for productivity, if you work from home at your PC all day it's great. I mainly use my PC for gaming though to the OLED made more sense (also 34" is less demanding on my gfx card).
  13. Smm0's avatar
    Hope you dont mind intense ips glow..
  14. Andi-C's avatar
    I have a Dell S2716DG (TN panel) and I want MORE screen and eye candy !

    I've owned IPS monitor's before back in the 2014's. Is the "glow" reduced from the early days over early TN/IPS ?
    ubigene's avatar
    If you mainly use it in a darkened room, then there is some glow. With enough ambient lighting I don't see it as an issue. For games/movies only I'd go for an OLED or Samsung's Odyssey Neo G9, otherwise this one. (edited)
  15. mutatedllama's avatar
    Great price, I remember looking at a range of 38" monitors a while back and couldn't get a decent one for less than a grand. Good find OP.
's avatar