Posted 18 May 2023

Round Up of The Best Gaming Monitor Deals May 2023 (Megathread)

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Just like I did with the monitor, laptop and NVMe before, I would like to compare and pick the best of the best once in a neat, nicely organised way, so you can pick the very best one for you.
The focus here is obviously gaming monitors, but if you have a better pick (like a TV), please mention that as well in a comment.

Info about AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC


Lenovo G27q-30 27 Inch QHD (1440p) Gaming Monitor (VA Panel, 165Hz, 1ms, HDMI, DP Cable, FreeSync Premium) - Raven Black - £179.99 @ Amazon

  • Price: £179.99
  • Screen size: 27"
  • Resolution: Quad HD 2560 x 1440p
  • Panel type: VA
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m²
  • Refresh rate: 165 Hz
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync Premium
Thanks for sharing this deal @Russell_Jemmett

  • high pixel density (108.77 PPI)
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Low input lag

  • Limited adjustments
  • Limited connectivity (one HDMI 2.0 port and one DisplayPort 1.2)
  • G-sync is not supported


Dell 32 4K UHD Gaming Monitor - G3223Q HDMI 2.1 144hz £494.02 With Code @ Dell UK
Price: £494.02
  • Screen size: 32"
  • Resolution: 3840X2160
  • Panel type: Fast IPS
  • Brightness: 400 cd/m2 (typical) ; 600 cd/m2 (peak)
  • Refresh rate: 144 Hz
  • Response time: 1ms (gray to gray) in Extreme Mode
  • Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro/NVIDIA® G-SYNC
Thanks for sharing this deal @RockstarRobbo

  • Colorful and bright image( 400-600 nits )
  • Solid build quality
  • HDMI 2.1 support
  • NVIDIA® G-SYNC support

  • No USB-C connections
  • HDR gaming experience could be better
  • Low contrast ratio

4130937_1.jpgSamsung S34A650 34 Inch UWQHD 100Hz VA Curved Monitor - £349.99 at checkout @ Costco
  • Price: £349.99
  • Screen size: 34" curved
  • Resolution: UWQHD 3440 x 1440
  • Panel type: VA
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m²
  • Refresh rate: 100 Hz
  • Response time: 5 ms
  • Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync
Thanks for sharing this deal @Unnikrishnan_P

  • ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio
  • high pixel density - 109.6 PPI.
  • USB-Hub

  • response time is average
  • You will need a Costco membership to purchase this item (£15)
  • 250 cd/m² brightness is a bit low in a bright room.

Find the latest gaming monitors deals here
Dell More details at

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  1. winter_zombie's avatar
    keep in mind that the deals posted do not mean they are the best in their price range.

    here is two youtube video's from a very respected professional (Monitors Unboxed)

    Best Monitors For Your Budget: $100 to $1000+, November 2022 Update


    Ranking ALL 26 Monitors We Reviewed in 2022

    this will help you make a more informed decision
  2. reubengreening's avatar
    if anyone wants to check monitor reviews these guys are pretty good: rtings.com/ and make it easy to compare etc. There is a paywall at some point, but I've never paid. (edited)
  3. InDaHouse's avatar
    Hi. Thank you for doing this.

    Is there such a gaming monitor that is 32", IPS, Curved, and 4K?

    Or an expensive dream?

    Thanks again
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    As far as I know we don't have IPS panel in curved monitors.

    Oh, looks like there is… usually I only see VA panels in curved monitors. (edited)
  4. nameskhan's avatar
    Any 32" 4K 75Hz budget monitors? I'm guessing the fact smaller monitors are more expensive than bigger tvs is because more mass produced?
    Russell_Jemmett's avatar
    I've got the older 28inch version of this at work;
    Lenovo L32p-30 32 Inch 4K UHD (2160p) Monitor (IPS Panel, 60Hz, 4ms, HDMI, DP,USB Type-C, AMD FreeSync) - Raven Black amzn.eu/d/8…mmg

    And for working cad at 4k it's amazing. Also probably the cheapest decent 4k monitor I've seen. Only 60hz, Depends what you're using it for I suppose.....
  5. Halfang's avatar
    Any decent 4k monitors with decent HDR?
    xoisthemotive's avatar
    Samsung Neo G7, use it with a PS5

    Local dimming gives OLED like blacks, gets bright enough to cause me discomfort in some situations

    Only issue I've found is in scenarios like starfields you can see the blooming
  6. Jevarell's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a decent 24 inch monitor preferably under £100 that will be ok for office work/browsing but also light gaming? Keep hearing about VA and IPS panels etc but I'm out of the loop.
    leondas's avatar

    Hard to find anything better priced than this.
    Also if you are not afraid give a go for used monitors too. Many in good condition out there with nice price and much better specs. (edited)
  7. Czubaka's avatar
    Man, you do like your monitors... Heat for the effort.
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    Once we have better, stronger deals, trust me, it's going to be included.
  8. gozo's avatar
    Probably waiting for a decent 1440p OLED 27".
  9. saitama_fan's avatar
    What's the cheapest qhd IPS 27? I don't really want to go to 32.
  10. i2pm's avatar
    Any good deals for a ultrawide (34"), 120Hz (minimum) with IPS display?
    skumpu's avatar
    I don't think such thing exist, they're all VA
  11. Azwipe's avatar
    ALIENWARE AW3423DWF £811 with DAILMAIL8MON & 5% for newsletter sign up.
    dougiedonut's avatar
    Sorry from where?
  12. Nick_AndersonhWY's avatar
    @sisqoboy How would the 27" iiyama G2740QSU-B1 QHD IPS FreeSync Monitor, 2560x1440, 75Hz, 1ms, 80M:1, 250cd/m² fit on this list for £180? Does the IPS compete well against these VA monitors? (edited)
    sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    The price is decent for a 27" QHD IPS monitor, but the 250 nits is not so great. I think you would be a problem in a bright room at daytime. That was recently at a lower price tho hotukdeals.com/dea…840

    We saw that a few times with an eBay code, so if you won't use that much in a bright room, then wait for the next eBay code and maybe that will be back at a lower price again. (edited)
  13. Watsonage's avatar
    Great summary of what's out there right now, as someone looking to update my monitor to match my gpu upgrade. I really want future proofing and avoiding buyer's remorse, so I think I'll wait catching another offer on the Samsung OLED G8? The visual improvement over my 27" 1440p 60hz IPS monitor from 2018 would be a lot more clear I think

    [edit] Does anyone have any experience with how burn-in might affect the longevity of the current OLED panel monitors out there? I want top-of-the-line so it will last, and a monitor with noticeable wear wouldn't suit that (edited)
    UKScottDeals's avatar
    If you are on 60 Hz, you aren't going to get buyer's remorse if you buy an IPS with >120 Hz refresh rate.
  14. ashwarner's avatar
    I use the Samsung Odyssey G7 LC27G75TQSRXXU 27" 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor - 240Hz, 1ms, 1440p QHD, Gsync, QLED, HDR600, HDMI, Displayport, USB. Stunning display and bought mine via Amazon but from a reseller of damaged opened boxes saved about £100 on the normal price.
  15. TheCostOfLies's avatar
    That G27q is a bargain for current gen console gaming on a sub-£200 budget. Brilliant stuff.
  16. SpudUK's avatar
    Any chance of some options for those looking for an editing workstation monitor?

    Appreciate that they have different uses and price points, but I don't think my monitors are cutting it for accurate colour correcting/grading. (edited)
  17. spinatrix's avatar
    KOORUI Monitor Gaming, 24 Inch Computer Screen HDMI, 165Hz, 1080p, 1ms, IPS, FreeSync, Compatible G-sync, Tilt Adjustable, Eye Care, VESA Wall Mountable (FHD 1920x1080, DisplayPort) Black

    Is supposed to be really good for £125
  18. DAVE_W's avatar
    What’s the best options for a triple screen sim rig ?
    masliya's avatar
    Second that, looking for the same package
  19. sisqoboy's avatar
    sisqoboy Author
    Looking at that now.
  20. stefwalker's avatar
    Thanks. Looking for a monitor to do design work on
    Was going for a retina mac display. Are any of these better please?thanks
    fishmaster's avatar
    It depends what design work is defined as. I do design work on my PC but I also don't need accurate colour representation. So does your design work workflow require at any point accurate colour representation? If you do then you need a monitor with at least 95% DCI-P3 colour space.
  21. masliya's avatar
    I’m on the market for 3 curved panels to start a Sim racing set up. Which of the 34inch ones are better for Sim? Prices are close too! Heat for the thread
  22. Mike_Fury.X's avatar
    Anyone can recommend 24" minimum 144hz monitor? I already got one on my desk 75hz and need to get another one. Something with good quality?
    sasuke0's avatar
    AOC Gaming 24G2SPAE - 24 Inch FHD Monitor, 165Hz, 1ms MPRT, IPS, AMD FreeSync Premium, Speakers, Low input Lag, Shadow control (1920 x 1080 @165Hz, 350 cd/m², HDMI 1.4/DP 1.2) amzn.eu/d/0…hdo

    Really solid monitor
  23. sasuke0's avatar
    Is there some sort of IPS 27" 144hz-165hz shortage? I'm seeing some but at really high prices, not much options too (edited)
    Russell_Jemmett's avatar
    I've noticed that! Some prices are alot more than they should be/have been... Odd
  24. Dan889's avatar
    Any budget 1440p ultrawide, 100hz +, curved, IPS monitors around?
  25. vwgti888's avatar
    Any recommendations for a monitor size tv that will act as a tv but can be used as an monitor ??
  26. Swords_Drawn's avatar
    Any 144+ hz, 1ms, IPS monitors?
    leondas's avatar

    1 ms is tricky, if you set up like that you loose a lot of brightness. But it can be possible. 5 ms is still perfect IMO. (edited)
  27. VayUmmbop's avatar
    Do you know of any good monitors 24 - 27inch that work well with Mac productivity, and 120hz for PS5?
    leondas's avatar
    If you need colour accurated precalibrated monitor, you will find 75 Hz mostly. Above 120 Hz I do not know any IPS or VA proArt-ish monitors. Oled monitors however can serve your needs easily for loads of money. Or NanoIPS.
    Asus announced a new ProArt series 27 inch 1440p 144Hz few days ago, price and debut date are still in shadow. Think it is going to be more than 500 pounds anyway.
    If you do not need that super accurate Pantone-validated monitors, you can grab a decent gaming IPS one. There are loads from BenQ, LG, Asus ViewSonic or even Lenovo.
  28. Velete's avatar
    Would still recommend an IPS screen for the time being over the super pricey OLEDs, I don't have one myself, but work in IT and have had hands on experience with two of the popular current OLEDs via supporting some users- Samsung Odyssey/Asus Proart

    First major niggle is the active cooling, those fans can get pretty loud and you can't help but focus your hearing on them when your essentially 'staring right at them' when sitting Infront of monitor and I feel over use and time they will just get louder (no real way to clean them out without stripping the whole screen), also with the heating and cooling the casing of the monitor creaks/rattles a bit

    Second major niggle is still the worry of OLED burn in - the user of the Samsung managed to get some burn in 3 months in (tho Samsung replaced this just ok), the user of the Asus has an opposite complaint - the anti burn in local dimming is playing havoc with their art/design work software and colour matching (tbh would they rather have burn in ? lol)

    In a year or so, their should be some better tech and better prices for OLED monitors in place
    leondas's avatar
    Thats why they changed the path and started to deal with NanoIPS/Qled/Miniled simultaneously.
  29. plath's avatar
    find us a deal on the 27" gaming oleds that are just newly entering the market.
's avatar