Unfortunately, this deal has expired 31 May 2023.
Posted 11 May 2023

Makita DLM432CT2 36V Cordless Lawn Mower 430mm With 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries & Charger - Plus 2 battery redemption - £345 @ Tools4Trade

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Cheapest price I can see for the 43 blade model at £345, Amazon currently has it for £382.80

Makita Redemption:

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  • Rubberised Handle
  • Low Noise & Vibration
  • Grass Level Indicator
  • Rotary Type 2 Tooth Blade
  • 50 Litre Collection Box

Makita DLM432CT2 36V Cordless Lawn Mower 430mm with 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries & Charger
The Makita DLM432CT2 36V Twin LXT Cordless Lawnmower is a zero-emission, low-noise machine that is a welcome solution for efficient grass cutting. It’s powered by two 18V LXT batteries for maximum power and run time, but without leaving the 18V LXT battery platform. It is equipped with a single-lever cutting adjustment with seven height settings. The settings range from 20mm to 75mm for a controlled finish. Includes a grass collection box with a 50L capacity.

Makita-built motor delivers 3,600 RPM for faster and more powerful cutting
Easy-to-operate lever for quick adjustment of 13 cutting heights (20-75mm)
Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for smooth start-ups and longer gear life
430mm (17") cutting width for optimum performance
Aerodynamic cover and built-in ball bearings help reduce the required push force
The grass level indicator is located on the top of the grass catcher bag
Grass catcher bag holds up to 50 Litres of grass

Weighs only 18.3 Kg with batteries for reduced operator fatigue
Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) is engineered for improved dust and water resistance for operation in harsh conditions
Rubberized soft grip handlebar for added comfort
Electric brake for maximum productivity
Compatible with Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries with a Star symbol

Comes With:
2 x BL1850B 18V Batteries
1 x DC18SH Twin Port Charger
Metal 2-tooth blade
Socket wrench

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  1. gingertips's avatar
    Previous model didn't have the strength on the axels and wheels this one does - I've gone through 1 axle already and the wheels constantly get bent - particularly the front ones. This looks much more sturdy and 4 5.0 batteries means this is worth considering if you are makita mad. I've just upgraded to 5.0 and I can get 2 cuts of my lawn out of them.
    Word of warning - the power isn't great. Any sort of length or Damp grass will grind these mowers to a halt. Don't expect the power you get from corded or petrol. As long as you cut it regularly you will be fine. Would love to upgrade to this model but I've already got 5 makita batteries so don't need any more
    Gio2019's avatar
    I love Makita and am definitely not somebody who says ‘may as well buy Aldi or Lidl tools, they’re just as good’. But I have the Ferrex 40v lawnmower from Aldi and also the DLM382, the DLM38 is a bit underpowered, bogs down a bit if the grass is a bit long or wet, had to cut the lawn twice with it recently as it had got a bit long, so had to do two passes. The Ferrex one basically never bogs down, it has load sensing on it, so if the lawn is short it just ticks away, then if it is about to struggle the motor speeds up. It is genuinely more powerful than the mains powered Flymo we had before. So much better to hear it rev up than to hear the Makita big down. It also has bigger wheels than the Makita which is better and the height change lever is 100x better on the Ferrex, the Makita height change is quite poorly designed and awkward. Only issue with the Ferrex is reliability, one stopped working, which looking at the reviews and comments on here was quite common, I thought my second one was going to fail as well as it started to have a similar issue hence why I got the Makita when it was on offer. But if they can fix the reliability issue of the Ferrex and sell it again this year, it is better than the Makita.
  2. SidekickSimon's avatar
    How do you know you can get the 2 batteries?
  3. nbuuifx's avatar
    Seems a great deal
    £200 worth of batteries
    £45 worth of charger

    £100 for the mower.

    My only question is...

    Could this be a bit too big? We don't have huge lawns, does it become a bit cumbersome?

    I'm already well into the Makita ecosystem, so would be happy to have another 4 batteries, and this seems a good deal but don't want to end up with a mower that is a bit big for job.
    Andy_Reinlo's avatar
    the 432 is only 1cm wider and 5-8cm longer then the 382 so i doubt you would notice much difference, only that every 8 passes, you would need to do 9 with the 382 to get the same coverage.
  4. BiGfactHunt's avatar
    Does anyone know if these redemption deals work with ebay/buyaparcel purchases?
    phil.willis's avatar
    It is but only for select eBay sellers.

    You need to make sure the eBay seller is listed on the Redemption affiliates list. It's largely limited to companies who have eBay outlets though. For example PowerToolWorld and their eBay outlet.

    Most eBay sellers who are eligible usually have the redemption logo/picture on their product pages. But that's not fool proof. (edited)
  5. danofla's avatar
    Thoughts on the line trimmer with this deal? £224 for the tool, 2 batteries and charger?
    Axoon's avatar
    The DUR192LRT deal? So that is £100 battery, £20 charger + £104 tools. A quick search of the tool alone shows around £130. So if you needed everything in the deal, it is not bad (although not as good a deal compared with the mower).
    That said, markita DUR181 bare tool can be had for £70 or lower. So you need to factor in if the beefier DUR192 is really necessary for the job you plan to do.
  6. Arstar's avatar
    Is this more powerful than a 1000W corded mower? I can't find anything technical to compare, such as rpm, etc.

    Comparing against a Bosch Rotak 320 (very old) 3 600 H85 A70
    manualslib.com/man…e=2 (edited)
    Dalcassian's avatar
  7. Dragon32's avatar
    They will invent one that plugs into the mains one day to save faffing around with these batteries.
    devilsadv0cate's avatar
    As long as it's an invisible cable that one doesn't have to keep flicking around the garden so it doesn't get mowed over
  8. rustybin's avatar
    Batteries arrived yesterday. Great deal. Thanks again op
    Wmmm's avatar
    Got my batteries as well
  9. ander's avatar
    Thanks for posting
  10. rustybin's avatar
    Arrived this morning. Thanks op
    DontMakeCents9's avatar
    DontMakeCents9 Author
    Mine too, will be testing it later today
  11. Havizavi's avatar
    Can’t seem to find this on the website anymore. Maybe expired?

    My fault for waiting until payday. Great find OP
  12. Gio2019's avatar
    Good spot! Great price with the 4x batteries. The 43cm is normally a decent bit more than the 38cm as well.
  13. DontMakeCents9's avatar
    DontMakeCents9 Author
    Not sure that comes with the battery charger
  14. rustybin's avatar
    Gone for it. Cheers
  15. BiGfactHunt's avatar
    The 38cm version is smaller, 1.4 kilos lighter and £10 cheaper from CPCfarnell in stock on 22nd May if you want something easier to manoeuvre. I would think it could possibly be a bit more powerful because the motor is powering a 5cm shorter blade but I may be wrong.
  16. Tomasz_Kozik's avatar
    Ordered! This exactly what I need at awesome price and 4 batteries wow!
  17. tobyw's avatar
    Does it do stripes any real world views? (edited)
    astyy's avatar
    There are a couple of lawn pics (including mine) higher up this thread.

    No roller so no real stripes, somebody commented in another deal for this mower that after mowing you can set to lowest setting and just push back over to stripe.
  18. cheapasch1ps's avatar
    What’s the matching trimmer for this and does it have exchangeable batteries with this mower?
  19. rustybin's avatar
    Just had my 2x free battery claim approved. Being delivered within 35 days.
    Thanks again OP.
    Boobieman88's avatar
    Did you get a Invoice from them I dident recieve one and now having trouble with makita for it
  20. Boobieman88's avatar
    They also have a free trimmer when you spend over £250 which is decent as a present for someone else etc.
  21. rustybin's avatar
    Anyone received their 2x Batteries from Makita yet? Nothing for me. It did say 35 days and it's only been 3 weeks.
    Tomasz_Kozik's avatar
    Its said after 35 days. So you have few more days to go
  22. CooliceT's avatar
    I didn't realise we needed to keep the packaging for this to fill in the claim form with the model number and EAN barcode... I took the big box down the recycling centre.

    what can I do? I would hate to loose two batteries over not having the box...
    Tomasz_Kozik's avatar
    Recommend contacting the customer service. Explain the situation.
  23. rustybin's avatar
    Still no sign of my batteries. Anyone else had theirs?
    Tomasz_Kozik's avatar
    Not yet. Its said after 35days of the claim... been 30 for me
  24. CooliceT's avatar
    they got back to me, but want invoice and not order confirmation, I never got a invoice from tools4trade about it, was just confirmation and DPD email.
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