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For many people, maintaining a beautiful, manicured lawn is a necessity, and this simply isn’t possible without a high quality lawnmower. There are plenty of types of mower to choose from – such as cordless, battery-powered, electric, petrol powered and robotic varieties, and all of them can be found with huge discounts at the hotukdeals lawnmower pages. Read more
Einhell GE-CM 43 Li M Kit (2x4.0Ah) Cordless Lawnmower £270 @ Wickes
Posted 14 h, 23 m agoPosted 14 h, 23 m ago
Just purchased this mower for myself. Seems like a decent price for this wider model. 10% off if you have a trade account with code TRADEPRO Product details Cutting Height: 25-… Read more

I purchased the smaller version with one battery for £119 and use my Ozito batteries from the Homebase drill deal a couple of years ago. Very happy with performance. It’s quiet and very light to carry. I’d say I’m very satisfied with it. Then just pop the batteries in my Ozito strimmer. It’s all very straightforward


I've the Ozito version of this that I got from Homebase a couple of years ago. 2x18v 4Ah batteries power this incredibly well. The machine is light and easily pushed. I also use the same batteries for my Einhell strimmer and blower to complete my lawn care before putting them on charge. The Power X Change system really is great


FWIW I've had mine since 2014. Needed a new set of batteries a couple of years ago but it's been faultless.


I have the smaller 18V Ozito badged version and it's surprisingly good, so I reckon this should be a winner. I went for a second battery, which was really only occasionally needed if the grass had gotten a bit long and damp. Moved into a new place last year, with a larger garden and it easily manages the lawns on just over one battery's worth of charge.


I've had this for a few years now. With 2x4ah batteries it'll do the job just fine. First cut / long grass you'll have to raise the cut height to stop it bogging down but after that it's superb

Hyundai HYM430SPR Self-Propelled Rear Roller Petrol Lawn Mower £281.59 (UK Mainland) @ The Green Reaper
197° Expired
Posted 17 h, 11 m agoPosted 17 h, 11 m ago
Everywhere else is £100 more than this price! good reviews for a roller petrol mower! Specifically designed to create stripes on your lawn, the Hyundai HYM430SPR is a feature-pa… Read more

These have inflated a bit since I picked ours up a couple years ago for £148. Would recommend though, hasn’t given us any issues over that time cutting a relatively large garden


Think I got similar Einhell, 'quick start' but it's a right pig to start at the moment. Pretty much need to give it a running push start to help get it going. Assume this isn't normal and I should just get it fixed? Yours OK?


Ryobi cordless mowers are only 18v which is just too weedy for a lawnmower, you need at least 30v really. Makita's cordless mowers are a clever idea, they use a pair of 18v batteries connected in series so they output at 36v, you get the extra power while still being able to use the regular Makita 18v batteries.


AEG 50v cordless lawnmower


Still showing £381 !

Makita DLM382CT2 36V Lawn Mower with 4 x 5.0Ah Batteries & Dual Charger £332.49 with code (UK mainland) at ebay / greasegorilla
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
If you use PROMOFIVE this brings this down to £318.24 Makita MAKGDLM382CT2 18VX2 38cm Lawn Mower with 2x 5.0Ah Batteries & Dual Port Charger The Makita Twin 18V LXT 380mm C… Read more

The batteries may well last that long.


Mmmm.....cheers for that. I really want to feel I've upgraded not compromised if you get my drift. I recently bought an einhell scarifier (corded)and that too does the grass dumping thing and it has a similar looking basket made of mesh rather than a hard plastic shell like the Bosch. Apart from that it's mint and I've thrown the mesh basket because it's easier to use the Bosch mower afterwards as a kind of vacuum for the moss etc. I so want to like Makita mowers but clearly they've room to improve.


Part full. I'm struggling to understand how though. It's noticeable when I get to the edge of the lawn and the mower reaches and slightly overhangs onto my patio area. There is also a lot of grass that falls out when you unhook the collecting bag. I also find lots of grass remains in the mower although moreso when the grass is slightly damp as was the case today.


It's nice to get some real life feedback from an impartial perspective. When you say about the grass ending up on the floor is this when the collection basket is empty, part full, brimming? I'd be well naffed off if that happens after spending all that. I've got a corded Bosch and it's great at picking up even right up to brimming. Looking for reasons to buy but that's a concern....


I've got an old Dewalt drill with 10+ year old NiMh batteries that still work, so I wouldn't be so sure. Anyway I'm not saying petrol isn't better but you would need a big area of grass to justify a good petrol mower with a roller. This Makita doesn't have a roller so it's no good anyway, but it's certainly not expensive when you factor in how long you'll have it or at least it's not in my opinion.

Mountfield HP41 Petrol Lawn Mower - £145 at Morrisons Carlisle
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayLocalLocal
The HP41 is a fantastic mower for any gardener wanting a robust hand-propelled, petrol-driven mower capable of easing its way through most lawns. Driven by a 123cc STIGA ST120 Auto… Read more

neither, buy a used genuine older Mountfield for around £40 and service it yourself for many years of trouble free mowing.


Bit naughty really, like the Mercedes A class using the Dacia Sandero diesel engine & then claiming their car is the best when its really a Renault. Voted cold as not genuine Mountfield engine - this is just a licensed model using a trusted name to try and shift a non trusted / unknown manufaturer.


Experience. I used to fix/reverb them and all the parts for these exact engines were Chinese parts. The engines have not really changed in 15 years or so (all brands) just slight alterations but these ‘type’ engines are far inferior to the B&S and would break or need extra tlc to keep them going. They are more likely to have problems after storage over winter too and if you cannot service them which is pretty straight forward then people would sell Chuck or sell them. 2-3 years is what they usually last before probs where as b&s seem to last a few more before any work needed. Long story long lol (Honda engines are more expensive and more sought after but really on par with B&S)


This one or the lidl one?


Not a leading question, but how do you know the engines are manufactured in China? I couldn't find any evidence to substantiate this but maybe looking in the wrong place?

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Makita 36v Cordless 38cm Lawnmower with 4 x 5ah batteries and dual charger £318.15 at scottdirect1 ebay
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Comes with 2 x 5ah batteries and a dual charger. You can claim for another 2 x 5ah batteries free from Makita under their current promotion ending this month. The two free batterie… Read more

How big is your lawn? I have a couple of 4ah batteries already so would be interested to know how I'd get on after selling the 2 freebies. Obviously this deal is done but there are others near this price as stated. Thanks


Thanks in that case not worth buying from them.


I would think so yes. When claiming the free gift you have to enter the name of the makita reseller and it filters through a pre-populated list.


Actually surprisingly good. And the 36v chainsaw is good too


Greese Gorilla on Ebay still have some in stock at Similar price but do not appear to be authorized dealer. Would that be an issue when claiming the free batteries?

Spear & Jackson 44cm Cordless Lawnmower & 2 Batteries - 36V £250 (free collection) @ Argos
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Had this in my eBay Argos basket for £300 last night and got notified it dropped to £250 this morning! Mother in law has been happy with the smaller model for last 2 years and we n… Read more

I have this mower, had it three years. I sharpened the blade last year and bought a new blade this year. My lawn is around 100SqM. I also have Makita tools and batteries but haven’t bought a Makita mower.


Thank you, unfortunately it’s OOS now


Bought this last year and very happy with it's performance. Got a new blade this year and plan to sharpen old one. Batteries seem to last a long time, I have med/large lawn and am able to cut it all without changing the battery so change them every other cut for battery life.


I've posted it as a deal now


Don't forget the 5 percent off code available at the moment.