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Posted 23 May 2023

MSC Virtuosa - 14nts *Solo* Cruise Full Board - Northern Europe - 1st July - £680 @ Seascanner

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Another great deal for those looking for a solo cruising holiday in July!

Inside stateroom
Sleep comfortably i
n a king-sized double bed that can be made into two twin beds. All inside staterooms offer a restroom with a shower, a cabinet, a hair dryer, a vanity, a minibar, a TV, and room service. Cleaning service twice a day.

The price includes
  • All meals
  • Activities
  • Daily entertainment
  • Port fees and taxes
  • Children's youth club 3-17 years
  • Prepaid gratuity

Hope it helps someone
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  1. don_in_ed's avatar
    Avoid this ship when the schools are on holiday
    don_in_ed's avatar
    I was on this in oct but it was during the Scot’s and Irish school break and kids were just everywhere. Even the champagne bar. The buffet was like a feeding frenzy.
    Main dining was just loud
    Only one bar was kid free but was tricky to get a seat.
    The entertainment was below even Butlins standard
    Still it was a nice ship and a good price
    Was on virgin voyages and that’s just absolutely amazing and zero kids and a whole different level to msc
  2. jnm21's avatar
    & all the well travelled HUKD cruisers, I need advice.

    Have found an offer, next year (a bit earlier than now - can't say - wife reads here & it is a surprise), 8 nights Southampton to the Norwegian Fjords, Sky Princess, been offered room E531 for £960pp including drinks/wifi/gratuity package.

    Thoughts on the ship/room/line (Princess)/what their itinerary is like? Not really worried for feedback on the Fjords - wanted to see them for decades.

    Would be our first cruise.
    Rmcstar's avatar
    Rmcstar Author
    Found the cruise, but won't share any specific details - the itinerary is decent though, as only 2 at sea days, 6 ports in 8 days is decent. Any less and I'd probably say it's a bit meh for the fjords.

    Overall Princess cruises are one of the best service wise, and I'd personally highly recommend them.

    The sky princess is one of the more modern ships, which is a good thing in terms of features. Sometimes on other cruise companies ships like the NCL Dawn, you can feel the oldness at times.

    Never stayed in that specific room before, but having a look online it seems to be an "obstructed" view balcony cabin, so if the upper balcony is in use your one would be a bit blocked.

    You'd probably not spend too much time in the cabin tbh, mostly for sleeping, so if you want a balcony cabin, an "obstructed" one at a lower price would make sense.

    I usually aim for £100pp/pn after adding all the extras on. £120 isn't too bad (quite good) but it may drop later on.

    All in all, cruises in general are never "bad" imo, the experience is great and 95% the service is amazing. And princess cruises are considered much better than the likes of MSC and P&O. So you should have a lovely time. Might be also worth reading this - cruisecritic.co.uk/rev…180 - some useful info there too
  3. Inspector_Gadget's avatar
    I've never been on a cruise. are soft drinks included free if you don't buy the drinks package or are you literally paying for anything that's not water? Sorry for my Ignorance and laziness for putting it here, but you good people will know.
    wavecrest1's avatar
    It depends on the cruise line and the boat. Some will offer free water and soft drinks at meal times
    However, in most cases, you will have to pay.
    Most will also offer a non alcoholic drinks package too - especially for kids
  4. MSSaeed's avatar
    Please post more "Solo" travel offers...
  5. pingusdead's avatar
    🔥...not sure that this is Northern Europe though
    Rmcstar's avatar
    Rmcstar Author
    Cheers! I was going to write Spain, but MSC also described it as Northern Europe .
  6. paul.kearneyrzd's avatar
    Amazing value! Keep them coming.
    Mentos's avatar
    This looked pretty good to me:


    £359/pp for 12 nights, Norway on NCL.

    It’s only £1500 for 2A, 2C with free at sea, so sorely tempted to take the kids out school lol. (Aside from the price a bit scared to ruin a first cruise exprerience by doing it during school hols). (edited)
  7. jonnyjackov's avatar
    Was on in February, had an amazing time. Lovely ship, but yes, avoid school holidays.
  8. Joemax's avatar
    Excellent price, especially for July. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Mentos's avatar
    If you don’t mind me picking your brain OP, what do you think of this for school hols:


    It would be our first cruise, kids are 5 & 8 so stuck in school hol prison :/

    At ~£2200 for 14 nights seems pretty good value against other holidays within the school hol period. Drinks package is extra £1200, so not sure it’s worth it as we won’t consume lots of alcohol with the kids in tow.

    Presuming you watch prices, do you think the drinks package might drop closer to dates, or it’s likely to sell out if I wait.
    Rmcstar's avatar
    Rmcstar Author
    Decent deal overall (especially in the school hols, hard to get full board holiday packages at that cost this year) , although you're looking at £3000 now for baclony as inside has gone OOS. I did see this one a couple of weeks ago at £1600 for a family of 4, so does seem to have gone up. There tends to be a "sweet spot" for cruises and that one seems to have passed for this, although still decent at just over £50pp/pn.

    Doubt drinks package would drop, £29pp/pn seems to be MSC standard these days, and when they drop the drinks package the cruise fare tends to go up. Probably likely to sell out, as they've already done for the inside and outside ones.
  10. TinBlack's avatar
    So we're in a bit of a fix. We're a 5 Inc a baby who sleeps in our bed. Long story short, we'd love to go on this cruise and 2 cabins is just not viable whichever way we work it; if anyone on here is thinking of booking and is a 2 adult, or 2 adult 1 child, would you be good enough to add our baby to your booking - it would literally make no difference to your cruise price (try it and see) and we would obviously ensure you received a decent bit of pocket money for your trouble (let's say a couple hundred quid or so - we can negotiate within reason). The minute we're on board we become the legal guardians as any responsibility for the mite is passed over (realistically it's just half an hour to add her details on to your booking). Anyway, in all practicality it's very straightforward, drop me a msg if interested/willing to discuss

    Edit - got a blinding deal on 2 cabins - now sorted (edited)
  11. moe922's avatar
    Looks like price has gone back up to £736?
    Unless I'm doing something wrong

    MSSaeed's avatar
    Yes... I found the same... New price is £736... Is this right ???... Has it gone up ???
  12. humperlumper's avatar
    Anyone know if this includes parking at Southampton? Looks a gd deal for the time of year.
    TinBlack's avatar
    don't believe so
  13. Robiesanta's avatar
    Seems good. For all those who have been before, what other costs should be catered for this holiday? Do we need to pay tip/gratuity/etc & if so, how much would it be roughly?

    getmore4less's avatar
    With MSC book everything you want before you go its a lot cheaper.

    Main consideration is do you add the drinks package with the booking.
    Tips are included.
    then review the following
    the speciality dinner package
    spa pass
    fun pass
    Carousel show(s) if not booked with the dinner package(cheaper)

    You can then cruise with Zero on board spending if you want.
  14. TinBlack's avatar
    You don't have to pay for anything onboard - gratuities etc are all done..Like anywhere, you may tip at your discretion. There is some quite frequent attempts at upselling, especially photos but a firm 'no thanks' if not interested gets the job done. Speciality dining can be added and the pub does good pub fayre at 4-6 quid a meal for example fish and chips...I can wholeheartedly recommend Hola Mexican £18 each eat all you like A la Carte which was the only thing we spent money on..twice but essentially, the price you pay can quite easily be the total you pay. I highly recommend the paid for carousel show (£9 each with a cocktail) which are superb.
    daemon1275's avatar
    15% "service charge" is added to all drinks orders on board, if you dont have a drinks package.
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