Unfortunately, this deal has expired 27 July 2023.
Posted 9 July 2023

Now Super Fiber 63Mb Broadband + £70 Topcashback £21 Per Month For 12 Months + £5 Delivery = £257 (£187 After Cashback) @ NowTV

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Noticed a price drop for Now broadband, super fibre (63mb) is now £21 per month, and there's a decent amount of cashback available (70 via Topcashback).

12 month contract, which is also useful as if/when prices rise next April you won't get too badly stung.

Go straight via Topcashback and look up "now broadband" to get the cashback.
Now More details at

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  1. chivalry21's avatar
    What are the options for existing customers? Anyone renew at this rate? TS&Cs say New customers only?
    Smiley119's avatar
    I'm an existing customer. Just rang them, mentioned this deal and they've reduced my bill down £22 a month. Had to agree to a new 12 month contract though.
  2. rodman's avatar
    If you are paying £23 or more, give them a call and they will price match to £22 and give you a new 12 month contract, that's what I did. Better than nothing. (edited)
    Arc's avatar
    Me too.
  3. wellhellothere's avatar
    50538346-qo399.jpgMines still pending from 4 months ago.
    jco83's avatar
    Need to have it for 6 months. It does say in terms

    We took Now BB last year, TCB paid out ~7mnths (edited)
  4. ClashInDevon's avatar
    The price for this deal seems to have gone up to £22 per month.
    Daniel789's avatar
    Thanks, I'll expire
  5. Skybird's avatar
    Beware this might increase by £3.50 a month in July like most of their contracts.
    jco83's avatar
    £3.50 increase happened on 5th July (edited)
  6. ScorchingHot's avatar
    Useless company. Had technical issues for around a month - 6 ish weeks approx. Wouldn’t do anything, ever after constantly whinging and sending emails! Eventually an OR engineer came out and fixed the issue, after much unnecessary negotiating. Had billing issues and then useless customer care from their foreign call centres - couldn’t barely talk any English, which only made the entire situation even more diabolical. Had to take this complaint to CISAS in the end and they sorted it out, along with my compensation!
    Arc's avatar
    Hmmm...I contacted them 3x over last couple days and it was all English speakers from UK, and they were good. Maybe that was because I went through the 'thinking of leaving' option in phone menu? They might have teams in different nations dealing with different issues - so, tech support in India or somewhere? Or maybe its because I'm a new customer and they're routing the call based on that (they ask for payment card details and they have my phone number)?
  7. tcf's avatar
    I've had this for two years and it's been rock-solid during WFH etc, but my TCB never paid out. YMMV.
  8. idwood's avatar
    My Plusnet contract expires on 16 August. Could this deal be timed to kick in then?
    Arc's avatar
    I don't know about now, but two years ago I tried this with Now - set a date further away than 14 days in the ordering website. They ignored it and just did it in 14 days. Luckily, we were with EE at the time - of course, I complained to both EE (who said its Now who decide the date) and Now, who came with every excuse under the sun and were quite rotten. In the end, as there was only a week or two left of contract, EE said they'd wouldn't charge for the remainder.

    Not sure if they'd do the same now. Didn't have any further issues with Now or their broadband for the two years we used them.
  9. russblade's avatar
    Just called them, and renewed for 22 a month for another year, UK call centre, very easy not like virgin who I had to deal with on Saturday and spoke to 5 different people all with strong Indian accents that I really struggled with.
  10. manicmidlander's avatar
    Sometimes Lloyds and Halifax have additional cashback for Now TV too.
    bozo007's avatar
    Halifax offer expires today. £30 cashback.
  11. sixgoldstars's avatar
    For best results, get a used Sky SR203 router off of ebay. The Now box isn't the greatest.
    deleted2879431's avatar
    None of them are particularly good. BT was ok, but several Virgins hubs have been poor. Resorted to a separate access point to distribute the Wi-Fi.
  12. lord_trumpington's avatar
    Is a NowTV membership classified as an existing customer if you sign up for their broadband?. Anybody know?
    jco83's avatar
    No. It's if you're a new broadband customer
  13. simonnj's avatar
    A nearby lightning strike killed our NowTV router yesterday. They are refusing to replace it because we are out of contract! Sign up again or have no internet! (I'm now using my own kit).
    Just to compound it I received an email this morning telling me I could sign up again for an increase from £26.50 to £33.50 or, if I don't sign up for another 12 months they'll charge me £46.50 a month.
    They were cheap, now they seem to be actively trying to get rid of me.
    jd84's avatar
    That sounds really poor, I'd give notice to cancel and see if they can sort it out. If you ask for this deal you would then be in contract again
  14. Dizzybus's avatar
    Now tv also do a social tariff on a one month rolling contract if it helps anyone 
    Trve_Kvlt's avatar
    I know they have a no contract brodband (you have to pay £60 extra for it). Question is, will this price (£21 a month) not change every april? I have no contract voxi plan and price did not change for few years. (edited)
  15. itdsita's avatar
    I used to be a costumer and now when I try to join they asked me to called them, any way to fix this so I can do it on he website?
    Dizzybus's avatar
    Different email address or try with partners email
  16. Dizzybus's avatar
    Been with now for 3years with no internet issues also have tv packages with them and always happy 
  17. Glesgabear's avatar
    Not available in my post code area 🥲
  18. VanillaGoose's avatar
    You’ll be hit with hidden increases like i was 🤷🏻‍♂️
    enclavemarine's avatar
    As is almost everyone in a telecommunications contract and they're hardly hidden. That being said mine went up to £28 yet they're selling it again for what I was paying before April. Cash grab nothing more
  19. supersun's avatar
    Quidco was £99 cashback on Now Super Fibre a couple of days ago but now there is no offers at all. Weird.

    Maybe it will come back or not, I dunno.
    Arc's avatar
    I saw that and tried to use it when I signed up a couple of weeks ago - strangely when I signed into quidco the £99 discount dropped to £67.50! Did it again just to check - when not signed in its £99, when signed in it becomes £67.50. Still I didn't hang around, went for it anyway. We'll see if any cashback at all arrives.

    I saw that and tried to use it when I signed up a couple of weeks ago - strangely when I signed into quidco the £99 discount dropped to £67.50! Did it again just to check - when not signed in its £99, when signed in it becomes £67.50. Still I didn't hang around, went for it anyway. We'll see if any cashback at all arrives. (edited)
  20. Change_Me's avatar
    How's this compared to Vodafone my contract expired started at £22 at month now at £31 and they couldn't offer better 🥴
    jco83's avatar
    It's £10 cheaper
  21. stamfordblue's avatar
    Phoned them, and like others, got the £22 a month deal.Apparently a lot of the operators complained that they weren't competitive in their pricing after the £3.50 price hike , so the top people brought out the cheaper new deals.
  22. RJDyn's avatar
    Taken this. As sky was 31 a month. Thank you very much! And I got 90 quid cash back from quidco too! 😁
  23. Jijin2's avatar
    So annoying that they increased everyone's price earlier this month by £3.50 and now they are back to their old price only for new customers
    Msx98's avatar
    Yeah that is annoying. The only reason I didn't bail is because my Now TV contract is up in September and hopefully Upp broadband will be running by then.
  24. sully01's avatar
  25. soulman123's avatar
    Cash back is showing for £59.59 for me
  26. jco83's avatar
    Fab Fibre (36Mbps) has better cashback £76.50
  27. mrdibby's avatar
    Am I entitled to this price if I ordered my broadband 2 weeks ago and NOW hasn't activated yet? It was "24, with a price increase to 27.50 in July" when I ordered.
    I'll give em a call tomorrow in any case, just wondering if anyone's had any luck with nudging them in the past to get on the latest deal.
    jco83's avatar
    I would think you can cancel that as it hasn't activated yet. Then make a new order through Topcashback
  28. vicko's avatar
    Thanks ,ordered for my mum.
  29. ledigi's avatar
    50538883-3ZZtO.jpgDon't know if I'm doing something wrong, but those are the cashback options that I'm getting for super fibre
    bozo007's avatar
    Probably because you are not a premium member.
  30. Ralph888's avatar
    The July £3-50 increase has appeared on my existing tariff so double check this will stay at £21. Can't fault the connection, I have it at three homes for over two years and it's been trouble free and good speeds.
    jco83's avatar
    That happened on 5th July. So looks like it was for existing customers only
  31. debschillen0704's avatar
    I was going to sign with these last week but reviews on trustpilot (I think) were awful n put me off
    rodman's avatar
    So who you sign with, talktalk?
  32. jcr's avatar
    oops (edited)
  33. xigent's avatar
    Be careful with this company, they are less than honest. In a road where they already provide this service, they will claim that they don’t. They will then pass you over to Sky where the same service is more expensive with a higher set up fee and no cashback. (edited)
    squiby's avatar
    I think its more to do with how full the cabinet is, if theyre oversold you wont get accepted.
  34. kidrock123's avatar
    I had nowtv previously (super fibre). Can't fault the service and cashback paid out through topcashback.
  35. lord_trumpington's avatar
    Ordered, thanks OP
    bebetositu's avatar
    Did you have £70 cashback or £59.50?
  36. bebetositu's avatar
    Just ordered sky broadband on Friday night, I should be OK to cancel and order this one instead?
    jco83's avatar
    Definitely. What was the deal you got from Sky out of interest
  37. ukmonkey's avatar
    Overall good speed and reliability but the router is garbage, ok down stairs where it’s located but poor signal upstairs.
    bebetositu's avatar
    Complain to them to see if they will send you a new router? I was with Shell Energy last time, their router even worsen than the Now TV one, complained and they sent me a better one. Not sure NOW TV would do the same but worth a try, sometimes it may depend who handles the call.
  38. Rodrigo_Gonzalez's avatar
    does this work with existing customers? I’m looking to renew my contract that expires early august
    jco83's avatar
    Apparently the best they can offer existing customers is £22pm. If you can cancel existing and have another household member take this new customer offer through cashback site that would be best option
  39. Majnu's avatar
    I'm paying £23.50 with them for same speed package but with unlimited calls, Paying £23.50 which includes the July price hike. I guess its worth me staying locked in the same contract because calls are included.
  40. mjfp's avatar
    Called up this morning as existing customer and got it for 22 a month. Refused to do it for 21 despite a lot of trying! Anytime calls also stayed on free until beginning of december but dont use landline in any case. I have to call then to get it removed or they will start charging. Got through straight away, with uk based polite english speaker. Just have to agree to new 12 nonths contract.
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