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Posted 22 February 2024

Sky Sports via Now TV - £19.99pm For 12 months (3 devices via Boost, 1st month free) cancel anytime - select accounts via email

£19.99£34.9943% off
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  1. deleted2686495's avatar
    Headline makes it look like £19.99 for 12 months - rather than a month for 12 months.
    WeAwokenTheHive's avatar
    That's why I clicked!
  2. Nickyparker's avatar
    I go three ways with the lads. Works out about 8 a month . 
    joeryan01's avatar
  3. harrythefish's avatar
    Boost is a bit like the electricity daily standing charge, you pay the same no matter what deal you end up with. That silly Now TV app and Boost were the main reason I don't go for Now TV offers. Now that web browsers are allowed, Boost is the reason I won't touch Now TV.

    Sports? Without Boost you're stuck with 720p. You'll be lucky to spot the ball.
    JeopardyLane's avatar
    I could put up with 720p but the sports coverage only being 25hz without Boost is a real pain.
  4. MarcGee's avatar
    I was already on £19.99 and did a cancel last week, kept the price but extended me a few more months.

    Anyway, just tried again in light of this offer and got £17.99 for 6 months, then tried Boost and got that down to £2 for 3 months.

    (did entertainment and movies a couple of weeks ago too and got them down to £3.99 each - which was a win for them really as I don't need them and was really going to go!)
    C0mbat's avatar
    I was just going to ask if anyone has tried that. Thanks so much as I was afraid to try. You have to click through about 5 "Continue to cancel" buttons but was then offered a new 6 month deal for £17.99 a month instead my current £26.99. Plus I got £2 pm for 3 months on Boost. You've just saved me £62 so thanks!
  5. FunkyDomino's avatar
  6. a666andy's avatar
    Worth noting that the 3 devices is only for 1 month if taking the free boost for a moth.
    Burgmeister's avatar
    Ah ok. Good to know. How many devices can you run it on without the boost?
    Presumably they can have different IP addresses?
  7. WillPS's avatar
    Nothing received here yet. Need something for the F1, currently only being offered £26/month on a 6 month min term.
    lunchbox7's avatar
    I get the same, but if you keep on going through the cancelation screens then it eventually get to one that offered £17.99 for 6 months but no 1 month of boost free. Works out cheaper than this deal. Also if you have boost and go to cancel that it will give you a retention offer of 3 months at £2pm. Every little helps :-)52252206-4u1j7.jpg
  8. happywanderer's avatar
    I wish Now TV would give us HD streaming on laptops and phones, especially when they charge for it. Other streaming apps do without charging extra for it

    It's mad that you can pay a tenner a month for a dodgy stream that does provide HD quality streams. Only issue with those is sometimes they might lag/freeze and of course they're illegal 😜 (edited)
    Pualle's avatar
    I suppose that's what makes the difference between their premium brand Sky and budget brand Now TV.

    You can pay less with the budget brand, but you pay extra for HD, our you simply pay more for the premium brand in HD.

    The dream will always be to get the premium brand for the budget price, but if they did that, why would anybody ever subscribe to Sky itself?
  9. TALON1973's avatar
    lol I’m still amazed they are getting away with paying for hd

    edit….. £6 a month lol (edited)
    femxiii's avatar
    If you want 4K you have to pay even more and get it through Sky Stream
  10. Filbert's avatar
    I'm currently paying £14.99 a month for this. But clicking on the link gave me a free month of Boost, that starts when my current £2 a month boost ends in a few weeks.
    Bluenose1982's avatar
    14.99 a month how
    I normally say I’m leaving at end of offer and they offer u same price but it went up £6 too 24.99 for me
  11. beaufinder1's avatar
    It’s saying £34.99 for me
  12. Graham_Taylor3rK's avatar
    Can a new user get this deal?
    DEALicious's avatar
    Probably best to talk to customer support as sometimes they do match this for new customers!
  13. 2ToneGuy's avatar
    comical no chance
  14. supergirl2's avatar
    Any spare codes?
  15. DipeshP's avatar
    Needs to be £100pa max to even consider it. Even then there are cheaper options.
  16. DonkeyKonk's avatar
    It's a good deal if sharing with somebody else, and want a good stable service.
    I share my account with my 90 year old dad who watches all the football and boxing on his ipad, and I watch on my phone and TV 60 miles away.

    The only thing is you often get the same sort of deal around the start of each football season (and I cancel in June) so that's usually the cheapest way.

    But you don't always get as low as £19.99, it does vary for each customer, so this is a good deal if going to use it in the summer. (edited)
  17. BargainHunta96's avatar
    When did they add the rewind feature? You can now rewind live TV which is a neat addition. Had no idea! I've had a NOW subscription for quite a while now. Been paying £19.99pm and £2pm for Boost.
  18. Bunnster's avatar
    Find I don't enjoy watching football without the HD Boost so in essence you have to pay more for sports.
  19. BTG71's avatar
    Had now tv sports for a few years with the boost but still always had a bit of a ‘trail’ on the ball whilst watching footy and always found that annoying (despite being on 250mb broadband). Amazon prime never had this issue so always frustrated me with Now. Binned it as renegotiated Virgin media contract which includes sky sports in perfect HD.
  20. senor_eggnogs's avatar
    F1 fans.

    get a cheap vpn deal with Cashback on topcashback and f1 tv pro via turkey or india for ~£30 per year. 
    WillPS's avatar
    I thought FOM cracked down on VPN usage some point last season?
  21. SammyValentino's avatar
    I'm paying £21 a month for 6 months. Went through all the cancellation screens and it offered me £19.99 a month for 6 months. I was just about to take it but decided I am better off cancelling in June (when the footy season is over) and missing a month until it starts up again in August. £21 is a bigger saving than 6x£1.01.

    What I really want is a better deal for Entertainment than they are currently offering me (£5.99 per month for 6 months). Anyone think I should get better than that? Is there a certain period of the month where they put new deals out?
    MarcGee's avatar
    You can take the £19.99 and still cancel in June.

    I got £5.99 on entertainment last week, took it, then got £3.99 yesterday. I don't think there is any penalty for trying every so often.
  22. kenzo's avatar
    Already claimed apparently
  23. ChrisWhalley's avatar
    Top post, deal was just about to end, they offered me £27.99 and £6 boost. Followed cancel links and now I'm 19.99 for 6 months and 2 boost
  24. horizon-in's avatar
    Extra charge of boast is rip of, otherwise it is 780p poor quality
  25. avfc456's avatar
    Can anyone comment on the quality of "boost"?  I have Sky Sports HD via Sky currently but paying over £40 for the privilege, is the quality of Sky Sports with boost via Now TV comparable to watching via Satellite?

    I can only get £26 with the free 6 months boost, but split with a friend I think is still a really good deal, sounds almost too good to be true with what I am paying currently  (edited)
    Nickyparker's avatar
    The quality is sound . I’ve had 0 issues for years 
  26. superleeds27's avatar
    £14.99 deal was set to expire, they automatically extended me for another 6 months at £25.

    Went to cancel, was offered it for £17.99 but still cancelled. Footy season is nearly over!

    Been on a £5 a month for entertainment deal for a while, went to cancel that and was offered it at £3.99
  27. Mixmaster40's avatar
    Note: If you take the Boost trial for a month and then you cancel it Now TV will give you a deal to keep it running for added devices. They do this every year..
  28. desi_ferrari's avatar
    Be careful; they make you keep it for full 12 months, and charge you for it..... 12 x 19.99 = £190.90
    happywanderer's avatar
    It's not a contract, you can cancel at any time in the 12 month period, you then get access to the channels up until your next payment date.
  29. Rick75's avatar
    I am being offered £21 a month for 12 months cancel anytime for all Sky Sports channels,and this is £19.99 for just F1
    happywanderer's avatar
    This is also for all the channels
  30. Alastair.Cook's avatar
    Was on £21.99 a month for Sports went through the cancellation, offered me £17.99 a month for 6 months. Same with Boost, was paying £6 a month got offered £2 for 3 months, every little helps!
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