Unfortunately, this deal has expired 30 November 2023.
Posted 2 November 2023

O2 5G SIM - 30GB (60GB with Volt), Unlimited Min/Txt, 3 months Disney+, EU Roaming - £8 per month for 12 Months

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This popular O2 SIM only deal is back! 30GB Data (60GB with Volt) with EU roaming and 3 Month's Disney+ for £8 per month for 12 months.

If you go via Topcashback.co.uk, you may get £11.55 cashback as well

Data: 30GB 5G (*60GB if you have Virgin Broadband)
Minutes: Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited
Contract Length: 12 months
Monthly cost: £8
Total Cost for the contract: £96
Features: Free 3 months Disney+, **O2 Priority benefits
Roaming:Free EU Roaming included. Roaming Limit of 25GB applies

*If you qualify for VOLT benefit, you will get Free upgrade of existing Virgin Media broadband Speed to next available Tier and Double data ( 60 GB 5G data) for your SIM

**O2 priority benefits examples: Free hot drinks from Greggs, Free Greggs sausage rolls and breakfast roll , free drinks at selected pubs, Free Cinema Tickets etc All offers and prize draws - Priority


What is Volt Benefit

A product of Virgin Media and O2’s joint venture, Volt benefits gives customers of both brands, or every household signed up to both Virgin Media and O2, supercharged services. That means double the mobile data on every eligible O2 Pay Monthly plan in your household. A broadband speed boost to the next available level (up to a max of 1Gbps). WiFi guarantee included at no extra cost and up to 3 WiFi pods if needed. And O2 Travel Inclusive Zone, so you can use your O2 phone or sim in 75 destinations at no extra cost.

Who can get Volt benefits?

To get your exclusive Volt benefits, your household needs to have at least one O2 Pay Monthly mobile customer and one eligible Virgin Media broadband customer registered there.

  • So, if you’re an existing customer of O2 Pay Monthly you'll either (i) need to sign up to an eligible broadband package from Virgin Media or (ii) live with a registered eligible Virgin Media broadband account holder.
  • Or, if you’re an eligible Virgin Media broadband customer, you’ll also either (i) need to become an eligible O2 Pay Monthly customer or (ii) live with at least one registered eligible O2 Pay Monthly customer.

How to activate volt?

  • Once you get you SIM and have O2 account, download the O2 app
  • You should see a banner "Supercharge your World with Volt"
  • Select "See what you can get" and it will give you option to activate the volt ( If not, please call O2 customer Service)

Uswitch More details at

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  1. JP84's avatar
    Can you stack the Disney subscription? My current subscription ends in March.
    krus5's avatar
  2. sunny6602's avatar
    I'm not with O2 but for all the people talking crap about them, everyone's experience will vary depending on where they are so how helpful are your criticisms really?
    dragonballz78's avatar
    Well said. All depends on reception quality
  3. Brian_Wright's avatar
    I'm an existing customer with Disney+ as an extra with the £2 off. When I go to select to upgrade to their £8pm with 3 months free Disney it still had the current paying for Disney, no 3 free months. I am out of contract now. Any suggestions?
    keefly's avatar
    Simply log into your account in a web browser, click on your phone number, click on My O2 (top left), click on Extras, click on Active then end your current Disney+ subscription. Then, when you upgrade to this offer the free Disney+ offer is selectable for your new contract.

    I had the same issue yesterday with Amazon Prime but this sorted it
  4. surround_saund's avatar
    *Sigh* Once again, unable to get this deal due to their scoring system.

    I have 3 SIMs with O2 and wonder if they have a max limit on such things.
    markdavey1972's avatar
    I have 7 SIMs on a single O2 account so you've not hit a SIM limit
  5. MarwanPati's avatar
    Can I use that to switch from my tariff or that's only for new customers?
    keefly's avatar
    You can switch from your existing tariff - but only if you've already completed your initial contract term (one year, in my case)
  6. Kojo_Segu's avatar
    Did o2 change how existing contracts upgrade ? Was previously able to upgrade without having to pay anything first

    superal's avatar
    Continue to next page and it reduces to £0 - nearly caught me out last time I did it
  7. jozski's avatar
    Be aware 02 don't let you cancel the contract when you want to leave they keep passing you around then hang up shocking customer service. Crooks
    jazzyb88's avatar
    Why do you need to call though? Text to request your PAC code and then move on?
  8. Dheano's avatar
    Quite the campaign against O2 in the comments. Been with them for three years, changing to this deal a couple of months back and the only issue I've had with signal is in rural parts of Northumberland, which is to be expected.

    Just did a speed test at home (Newcastle) on a Google Pixel 8 (eSim) and got 140mbps on fast.com.
    Quest2130's avatar
    You sure you aren't connected to WiFi on that speed test?
  9. thenormalone's avatar
    Good deal but it's dreaded O2 who imo have 1 mast covering the whole of the UK
  10. Berlin2's avatar
    I have joined o2 a couple months back and it is hands down the worst network I have ever used. Data is non existent. Even on 5g slow as hell. Calls I am constantly getting comments that the connection is bad. Avoid.
  11. Coolio's avatar
    I've got an o2 sim already but I'm out of contract. How do I get this deal? Do I need to get a pac code from o2 or is there an option to switch when you order? Thanks
    Dheano's avatar
    I was an existing customer and made the switch to this deal a few months back and in the ordering process there was an option to select I am an existing customer and to add deal to existing SIM.
  12. Greigy's avatar
    Perfect timing to refresh my Disney+ bonus as it expired yesterday. Thanks.

    Don't forget TCB.

    Getting an error as an existing customer for some reason. (edited)
    keefly's avatar
    Good luck with that!

    (O2 removed that option recently)

  13. ferkh10's avatar
    I wouldn’t take this deal, or any other o2 deal, even if it was free. 
    Network signal has dropped off a cliff, rendering me & kids phones useless. I may as well have moved to Jupiter with the quality of signal.

    Cannot wait for my deal to end in 4 months so we can go elsewhere and get our phones back. 
  14. Bestbitter's avatar
    Am I able to get another 3 months Disney+ as an existing member keeping my number? Some comments suggest that may no longer be possible? Thanks.
    Wowhats's avatar
    I'm an existing O2 user, I've upgraded my account to this deal, I kept my own number and I also went for the free 3 months Disney Plus as well. I just followed the sign up details and all the new details were available to see through my O2 phone app straight away.
  15. masterkik's avatar
    If mum has Volt but using my email but billing goes through her bank, how do I add this sim and do seperate billing from mum ?
    keefly's avatar
    The email address is irrelevant, having the same address is the crucial part.
  16. Tastyparsnip's avatar
    My contract ends on 18/11, do I have to wait until then to set this up or can I do it in advance without paying for thr overlap? I’m with o2 currently. Thanks in advance 
    hdhani's avatar
    Mine expires then too and it let me upgrade for free. However I'm waiting for black friday to see if there are any better deals
  17. bigalinuk's avatar
    When is thd £5 a month for 20gb coming back? If ever
    ukgaz's avatar
    I’m waiting for that too
  18. captain_brown's avatar
    Fantastic deal.

    Was already paying £8 a month for 15GB through what was already a decent deal from hukd.

    Now I've upgraded to quadruple that with Volt, didn't even realise it was a thing so mega heat from me!

    And to top it off they're increasing my virgin broadband speed at no cost too!!
    BelleroThawn's avatar
    Do you have more info on increasing the Virign broadband speed? I'm with Virgin and O2 and have Volt activated. Did they do it automatically? Or did you have to enable it? Thanks
  19. ryan_reynolds's avatar
    Awful network in London
    ianowen's avatar
    It was lightning fast around Bloomsbury Covent Garden and Embankment when I was down 2 weeks ago
  20. VISHALM's avatar
    I moved from Vodafone to O2 for such deal but it’s a pain. In all these deals, we miss the basic function of a mobile, its signals. Even when it shows 3/4 bars out of 5, it does not work. Try yourself at London Bridge station.

    Priority free drinks, earlier it used to be daily but now it’s weekly and that too gets out of stock by 9 am. Means in the morning instead of running to your office, you get in this queue or miss it… really??
    Never got a cinema ticket, tried too much but never worked for me.

    So overall you get what you pay. Never again!!
    Quest2130's avatar
    Second this as when Plusnet got bought out I moved the whole family onto O2 and the network is very bad. Forget WiFi calling for a start and good look trying to use all that data as it's constantly slow for everyone on it.

    If you are on the go doing calls over Teams and the like you will constantly have drop outs and people won't be able to hear you half the time. (edited)
  21. Golfer95's avatar
    We both have very similar deals to this with O2 , probably half way through our contracts again , been with O2 for years , roaming is great and works brilliantly in France and Spain ( 25gb each) and we have Volt , however the 4g performance is steadily getting worse with O2 ( Devon) , constantly cannot use the internet , also have to use wifi calling in the house due to phone signal .We use EE sim only in our caravan router which consistently performs better. The deal is great but think in some areas the performance is poor .
  22. Wowhats's avatar
    Thanks OP. Was on the 10GB for £5 deal earlier in the year from HUKD. Now upgraded to this new deal through the TopCasback special deals & vouchers £8 for 30 GB O2 link plus another 3 months Disney plus added on as well. (edited)
    racheleden's avatar
    How do you get cashback. Can't see it
  23. raz00's avatar
    Would not touch O2 again, the network is nowhere near what it used to be in terms of signal..
    Matilde's avatar
    Had huge amounts of troubles with coverage, using an iPhone 13 Pro… with the 15 pro max, it feels a whole different network? Same places around work and home…
  24. MrSwitch's avatar
    Good deal random, heat added 🔥
  25. markoUK's avatar
    Is there an end date for this offer? 
  26. sully01's avatar
  27. Tamt888's avatar
    Had this earlier in the year, o2 is so bad in central/ north /sw London it’s basically unuseable. It’s cheap and the perks are good but for the core aspects, terrible
  28. gingerwarrior13's avatar
    I’m hoping I was just a glitch in their system, but when I cancelled my free 3 month D+ O2 automatically switched me from my £5/10GB tariff to an unlimited tariff for £18pm. Took over a month to get it resolved with very little contact from O2 despite me contacting them quite regularly for an update.
  29. guru_fordy's avatar
    Just moved to O2 from Plusnet...what a mistake! Data connection is so slow and even with half signal or more it sometimes just doesn't do anything.

    10mths to go...
  30. captain_brown's avatar
    Never had an issue with O2 signal living in both Manchester and Nottingham semi rural always had a decent signal. Maybe I'm lucky.

    I wouldn't go with anyone else tbh with the EU roaming still included for me it's a no brainer.
  31. Coolio's avatar
    I've been with ee for the past year and my wife has been with o2...my phone always had poor signal compared to her phone
  32. Supercoolgreg's avatar
    I’ve just done this deal I had a 42 pound a month phone contract running till February and was getting the exact same Black Friday deal but at 12.99, I went on live chat and quoted the uswitch deal and they matched it as an upgrade! Buzzing
  33. Android_Box's avatar
    Is that total 90gb per month?
    gadgetcake's avatar
    No, 30gb OR 60gb if you qualify for VOLT
  34. Nas_92's avatar
    I wouldn’t pay a penny for a trillion gigas from O2. Big liars.
  35. ghajeepan's avatar
    I got this deal, good but customer service is lying and bs. My little brother got the same deal months later he had no data or calls after getting two sim replacement, 2 months wait and credit for two months. Ofc we tested on different phones, sadly he had to leave, customer service not the best Instore or on phone.
  36. Spaced_Out's avatar
    Hmm, I used to be able to change tariff nearly as and when I wanted but they seemed to have stopped that now, boo 😔
    keefly's avatar
    Yep, they removed that possibility a couple of months ago, have to wait until the end of your original contract term now unless you want to pay up. Glad I got the 20Gb for £5 offer!

    EDIT: I'm wrong, you just click CONTINUE & the upgrade fee is miraculously removed! (edited)
  37. meandog101's avatar
    I did the 20gb/3 mth Disney/£8 pm deal roughly last month. I don't need 30gb data but to extend the Disney offer a bit further, I may go for it as its still £8 pm.
    keefly's avatar
    Good luck with that (read this short thread first)
  38. andy22's avatar
    how get my disney plus ? i already swap and done
  39. sbhad's avatar
    Can existing o2 customers use this? If so how do I keep my existing o2 number?
    altrey's avatar
    It was always the case for me, during checkout one of the question is:
    Want to keep your old number?

  40. Wortho's avatar
    I see this deal. Very good but all the comments about the signal.
    Lebara do the same but a 30 day contract. Don't see that there is the 3.9% added on your bill yearly, too with lebara.

    Only positive I see if the esim with the O2 which, but is it worth the lack of signal.

    Both have roaming, which I'm after!

    Decisions. Either one of those have to be better than Vodafone which I'm currently on with no roaming but just admit no issues with signal (edited)
    T22TSE's avatar
    Lebrara runs of Vodafone if that helps.
's avatar