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Posted 16 July 2023

Old India Cashew Nuts 320S India 750g

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Old India Cashew Nuts 320S India 750g
Cheaper with S&S

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get for £4.75 with standard S&S discount

Warning: May contain nuts....

  • Our branded world-class Old India products are 100% natural, additive free and GMO free
  • It can be added to curries, vegetable dishes, sauces, soups, stews and much more
  • Comes in a heat sealed bag to retain freshness and has up to a two year shelf life
  • Sourced from origin of the ingredient and packed in a vegetarian atmosphere


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  1. superhik's avatar
    I buy these regularly. Haven't tasted them raw yet.
    Always roast them in the oven for 90min or so on low temp.
    They taste better and roasting also kills whatever is not supposed to be consumed.
    They taste great roasted. I would recommend.
    loofer's avatar
    the replies to this had me in stitches... y'all roasting him
  2. hummybee's avatar
    I bought these on Prime Day and they are delicious. Great price too.
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Were they cheaper on Prime day?
  3. bargainhunter1's avatar
    Soak in salty water for 30 minutes let it dry and then roast... Add some almonds and peanuts with it.😋
    jnrspecial's avatar
    .... did someone say roast?
  4. moneee's avatar
    Looks like someone already ate half!
  5. magf's avatar
    old nuts
    Robb104's avatar
    Ah, that explains the saggy looking packet.
  6. cheaperbythe12's avatar
    Can also attest these are pretty decent and not stale (at least the two packs I've had). £4.25 on S&S which is far cheaper than supermarkets, even Lidl (tho they're salted roasted cashers are lovely).
  7. littel.helper's avatar
    excellent quality. purchased these when they were on offer last time. thanks Op
    Crossbow's avatar
    Do you roast them, & if yes for how long & at what temperature?
  8. shama.khan's avatar
    Thanks op
  9. Rob2210's avatar
    Ordered, thanks
  10. twinkle.eyes's avatar
    Don’t know why but I bought some
    Crossbow's avatar
    You must like nuts, or your family does hopefully?
  11. foodie12354's avatar
    These are from a 70 year old man
    JoShmo's avatar
    We all appreciate your sacrifice.
  12. Jay_Ma's avatar
    JCR Spicy Cashew Nuts, 150 g, Pack of 6 amzn.eu/d/9…JQd £10.32
  13. SpeedbirdB777's avatar
    These are the nuts
  14. eacesar's avatar
    Have been buying these monthly with S&D for about a year now.
    I mix the pack with a couple of packs of almonds from Lidl and eat them as a snack as they are or with natural yoghurt and honey. I do not roast them further.
  15. X.marX's avatar
    Folks, that's enough roasting for today...but you can't have too much roasting...wait.....
  16. TheMutzNutz's avatar
    "Delivery by 15 - 17 August"... F**k that, I'll be allergic to nuts by then!

    Still voted 🔥 though. 🏻
  17. Actionnotwords69's avatar
  18. loofer's avatar
    think i bought a few years ago and they didn't taste great (a bit stale).We normally buy from Lidl @ £1.79 for 200gms (or £8.95/kg). Buy multiple packs when they have an offer on their LidlPlus app.

    However I've order 4 @ £4.48/pack (after 5% +5% S&S saving)
    less another £5 off £15 spend amazon voucher
    total £12.92 for 3kg or £4.31/kg is not a bad price even if they're not great tasting.

    Will apply some peri salt before... roasting! (edited)
  19. tubster76's avatar
    The cheapest I have found is Aldi essentials, not always in stock and quite salty but £6.80 a kilo (85p 125g bag). And these are 6.25 a kilo which is very good. (edited)
  20. shama.khan's avatar
    Link is taking me to Google play
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