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Posted 5 January 2023

Pick up 1000 points when you spend £5 or more on eBay (Selected Accounts) via Nectar

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Terms & Conditions apply. Accounts must be linked and offer activated by clicking on 'Visit website’ in order to participate. Offer available when you spend a minimum of £5 or more on eBay, only after the offer has been activated. Up to 300 base points per eligible item plus 1,000 bonus points. You will only receive one set of bonus points. Your points will be awarded within 28 days of offer expiry. Full terms & conditions: pages.ebay.co.uk/nec…tml

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    I have this offer as well . But it redirects to 10x Nectar points offer for me
    As long you save the screenshot of your offer and comply with the terms, you can chase Nectar customer service if the points are not allocated within the stipulated time.
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    i have tried to get this offer but contacted Nectar ( nothing wrong our end ebays fault) and contacted ebay ( nothing wrong our end nectars fault).
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    You have to make sure it's 1 item that's £5+. I once activated this offer and spent on 2 items totaling £5+ but they didn't pay out even after going through customer service
    Yes, it should be clear that it's £5 on one item rather than "spend £5". My offer was spend £10, but my £13+ spend showed on Nectar as 2 separate transactions.
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    Anyone else getting the following splash screen?...

    No mention of the 1000 points / eBay promo?
    Log in to your Nectar account and see if the offer is available under Partner offers. You might not be eligible (selected accounts).
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    If you click the link and it opens up the up to 10 x points..........
    I found the 1000 about 3 further down.
    They are used in the sequence of addition.
    So click 1000 first.
    Although it does open ebay as 10x so we will have to see (edited)
    I still can't see it, may be because I accepted 10x first
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    I have the same. Offer is on my Nectar account but clicking through to eBay goes to the x10 Points clickable offer.
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    why is nectar offers always so dodgy!!! and your never sure if you will get it....

    do theese bonus points show at checkout for anyone?

    still waiting for the nectar bonus points with spend in sainsburys... (edited)
    Nectar bonus with Sainsbury for me has been always spot on.
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    I've had same issue re nectar link taking to different promo. Have had lengthy conv with Nectar and have now sent details with screenshots to ebay. Watch this space....
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    It doesn't tell you if the item you're looking at is eligible though
    Anything over £5
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    So to clarify, because I activated a previous offer on my account, I now have to buy an item to trigger the first offer before I get to the point where this offer *might* apply to an item I buy (as there is no suggestion of what might constitute an eligible item)?
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    Oops, we can't find that offer.
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    Is there a list of 'Eligible items'?
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    Finally one that works for me, and some others by the look of it. Thanks for posting. (edited)
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    Heat added, thanks for sharing!
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    I’ve already activated the 10x and now this one won’t work, no bonus points showing at checkout when I buy a £5 item.
    This is actually a much better deal too if your purchase is small.
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    I have this offer but when I click on it it just opens the ebay page. I have no idea if the offer has been activated or not (and the only clickable offer once on ebay is the 10X one).
    If you don't get it, contact Nectar after the stipulated time
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    Selected accounts - so hardly anyone going by the comments. Still waiting for an Argos bonus, nectar poor really.
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    250 for £10 for me
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    Anonymous User
    Worked for me heat
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    I have this on my app on my phone, but have no idea how to activate it. The only one that shows up is the 10x one.
    You don't need to activate it I don't think, just go from the app/website to ebay (I don't know if you even need to do that - just have your card linked)
    It says in their terms if multiple offers are shown, the highest will be paid, so no stacking with the other 2 deals of 'x' points bonuses. (edited)
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    the 10x was showing on ebay, went to nectar, clicked through the 1,000 points link , now neither show in ebay god knows! (edited)
    It says in their terms if multiple offers are shown the highest paying will be used - obviously if you want the 1000 one make sure to spend £5. (edited)
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    Its great being able to collect these points but Nectar seem to be really lacking in terms of options to actually spend your points. Any one have any good suggestions or are there likely to be any everts were your points are worth more in the near future?
    Argos, you are not limited to only 250 points per transaction. You can redeem the whole lot.
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    Doubtful I'll ever see the points but needed to buy smth on Ebay and was eligible for this offer, so no skin off my back
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    Take a screenshot, date time etc. I've had multiple issues with these kinds of things but CS have always been good (as long as you have proof). Also, most of the nectar promos are when the promo ends, not the time you made the purchase (the 30 day thing).
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    What is eligible item ? Any list ?
    Anything £5 or more, like it says.
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    Available on Nectar account but when I press visit website only option shown is 10x nectar points. Normally you can see at check what points you’re getting, but here it doesn’t show the 1000 bonus points. I’m I missing something?

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    It tells you how many nectar points you will recieve - mine says 5 points (spending just over a fiver) - no sign of the 1000 points - when Ive done one of these offers it says how many points youll be getting with the offer (IIRC)
    Yup, this seems to be a nonexistent deal.
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    not on my or hubby's nectar accounts, or dad and brother.
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    What are the eligible items ?
    The assumption is anything at all over £5 but it is not clearly stated anywhere, so the potential to refuse the bonus for any purchase on grounds of ineligibility is always there.