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Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN 2 years + 3 months free - £43.94 @ PIA (Topcashback 94.5%)

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About this deal

Just bought this as needed another VPN.

Paid £43.94 via Paypal. TCB tracked at £40.26 (1 hour later), so effective cost is £3.68.

TCB - PIA link


Concerns by some about Kape Technologies, their history, practices etc. Check them out for yourself.

PIA More details at PIA
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    Quite important point when I checked the T&Cs on TCB.

    Cashback from this merchant cannot be withdrawn by British Airways Executive Club, PayPal, Reward Wallet (e-Gift Cards plus bonus).

    I don't use them that often, but would this mean basically the only way to take this out is bank transfer?
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    yes. TCB and Quidco do this for lots of deals where they worry people will do the offer multiple times for cash then sell keys or logins online to turn a profit. with bank details they believe they know who you are and can track how many payments youve had, though its still not 100% as a security measure.
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    also, be wary if you have claimed before on the same e-mail address and even tcb account. Its an initial subscriber offer and they could deny your claim. Check your tcb history and make sure you never had a previos account with whatever email you sign up to.
    Not saying it wont work.. but i'd be peeved getting a denied and expecting 90% back
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    just bought this, let's see if TCB track this or not....
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    Mine tracked and was payable within a week when I got this about a year ago
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    150 Mbps in UK max speed for me. I have 1Gbit Internet so...
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    Depends on the location you select, I get over 28mb/s from some servers. I just ran a speedtest through their NL server location and returned 255 Mbps on speedtest.net. I am on a 250Mbit connection, sooo.. maxes my connection, I'd assume there's more bandwidth in the tank if I had a faster line. Are you using wireguard protocol in their settings?
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    Are they any good for streaming ? Activating xbox codes etc? (edited)
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    Yes, i.e. Set location to USA and stream free from gdpr.tubi.tv/

    Egg-Box! It won't do illegal things, it connects your ISP to any Server around the World. The Website
    that you visit reads the URL to get the Server locaton.

    Try and access tubi.tv from the UK
    "We've sorry
    Tubi is the largest free movie and TV streaming service in the US. Unfortunately, we're not currently available in your area"

    Some VPNs support 10G Server Connections, Torrents and are Ram Based. When disconnected from VPN Server RAM is cleared. Leave no trace.
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    thanks I have just signed up hopefully it tracks

    Mine tracked at 38.35 (edited)
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    Just ended my last PIA deal so this is great timing. Using Windscribe right now and it’s a pain on iPhone, Surfshark used to be great but that doesn’t seem to work well for me. PIA always seemed to work well for signing up to India/Turkey YT etc.
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    I got this on the last deal. About £8 for 3 years. Been using for a little and no issues so far - very happy with it.
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    Does anyone know if the cashback applies to dedicated IP's if you add one?

    If so, that would be a cracking deal.
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    I would assume so, as it's added to the order total. Nothing in the T&C's to say add ons are excluded from cashback.

    They have a 30 days refund policy, so you could have that to fall back on if it doesn't work.

    Let us know how it goes. (edited)
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    Showing 90% cashback here. (edited)
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    94.5 for me

    Not that it helps you, but just saying.
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    Very quick tracked at £38.35 Great deal, need some settings adjustments to work with better speed, going now install on amazon sticks for iptv and netflix
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    They paid out on TCB for me. I was suspicious but there was no problems.
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    Great service and this has worked for me in the past.
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    90% for me annoyingly. Probably still going to go for it despite not being great for streaming and the security issues just because of the price point being so much better than elsewhere. Had it for 2 years expiring in April and I've had issues with some servers not working properly on very slow internet and some had weirdly stopped whatsapp messages from coming through. Can't complain because with cashback at quidco at the time I only paid 55p49796421-rRUIr.jpg
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    Hm I got a yearly subscription that ends in July. I think I pay about £30. I might just get this and use the cashback to cover my losses
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    I had 40 days left on a 2 year subscription and basically did the same thing, just make sure to login to PIA and disable recurring billing, then logout.

    And also the offer is for new customers, so be sure to be one of those by using a different e-mail address or something (edited)
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