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Pro Fitness 6ft Chrome Olympic Barbell with Spring Collars (2" Diameter, Holds up to 135Kg) - Free Click & Collect

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About this deal

This Olympic barbell is great for the more seasoned weightlifter and is perfect for a wide range of upper and lower body workouts. Suitable for a wide range of workouts from easy to complex, it can also help to improve your balance and stability. The bar is big enough to hold up to 135kg which will allow you to build up the weights gradually to suit your ability.

  • With a chromed finish, this 2 inch solid chrome bar is smart and durable. It has spring collars which make it easy to add or take off weight as you need to.
  • Diameter (cm): 2".
  • Bar weight 12.65kg.
Argos More details at

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  1. Noxy's avatar
    I got 2 of these bars during the pandemic when Gyms were closed. Imo these have been great. I know they are not the standard Olympic 7ft 20kg but they hold up. I've had 140kg on these for bench and 150kg for deadlift with no issues. Not even had to tighten the collars.

    Cons are the finish is poor for the grip area , of the two, 1 i got is more rough to hold and there are no marks for ends, centers on these so I made some using some electrical tape. I don't think you will fine better for £35. (edited)
    Dangermouse500's avatar
    Hi, do you know where I can buy weights to put on this please? Any recommendations?
  2. Immoraliste's avatar
    For the price, very good value.

    6ft bar so it's not going to fit most power racks, but fine for squat stands, weight benches, Olympic weightlifting / lifting from floor etc.

    Plenty of limitations if you're "the more seasoned weightlifter" they claim it's aimed at, but for many it will be fine.
  3. ruhaan90's avatar
    Quality for the price. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
  4. alphamike's avatar
    great price
  5. Benjamin_McComb's avatar
    Anyone know of any good deals for plates to add to this?
    sneakyduck's avatar
    oddly enough, Argos again. they have a habit of popping them on discount every so often. I can vouch for the quality.
  6. qal1h's avatar
    Amazing, thanks!

    Have a gym in a narrow room only 7.5ft wide by 20ft so the 7ft barbell has only one option, parallel to the room length, but this would be perfect to use perpendicular to the room and since I'm currently in rehab for surgery and much lighter so all in all perfect for my purposes.
  7. Gordon_Riley's avatar
    Great deal, I need one that can hold 136kg though, darn. I always miss out.
    Noxy's avatar
    Don't worry, I had upto 150kg on these so go for it
  8. JSmooth's avatar
    I would be maxing this out on skull crushers.
  9. sneakyduck's avatar
    fantastic value
  10. CMoore23's avatar
    Not bad, recently got a rack, won't do for deads, but for emoms or cheeky garden workouts, ticks the boxes (edited)
    EdUnit's avatar
    No, this is Fine for Deadlifts.. I just sold mine and it could hold 4+ 20kg plates on each side easy
  11. ahenners's avatar
    Great price, got a bar from Argos a few years ago to get my home gym started and the quality is great. The quick release collars are good too at 7.50
  12. EdUnit's avatar
    I just sold one of these 2nd hand for £60.. This is cheap
  13. koimaster's avatar
    Wow great price. Great for garage deadlifts!
  14. dmannn's avatar
    be aware the knurling on this bar is not really suitable for squatting.

    Only bench and potentially deadlifts, but ideally a 7ft bar would be better.
    Smithington's avatar
    Let's not forget our good friends shrugs and bent over row (single or double arm).
  15. Dave_Lamb's avatar
    I'd be a bit worried this would break if it only holds 135kg
  16. sarason's avatar
    Just what limits its weight.?
    Presumably, it's a solid bar and at only 6ft there's not much leverage to bend it at 135KG.

    Just noticed it is light for a 6ft bar. (edited)
  17. Zefan's avatar
    I want to love this but with a length of 117cm between the collars it is painfully close, but not enough to be used with a power rack. I suppose this isn't meant for that crowd exactly, still painful though as it is super cheap otherwise.
  18. surferontheblock's avatar
    I got one, they had it in stock at my local Argos and I walked it home with it...for over 2 miles.
    Single armed farmers carry in alternating fashion.

    The thing looks great for the price.
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