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Posted 2 April 2024

Redmi Watch 3 Active - Black / Gray - w/Code

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The best price that this has been from what I can see, you can possibly get another 10% off AIOT devices through Xiaomi promotion codes.

The initial price will be £29.99, however you can use the voucher code " ECO2024 " for an additional 10% off your purchase bringing the cost to £26.99.

Additionally if you have access to Mi Points you can exchange 60 for a £6 voucher, however you now need to spend £35, the offers are still valid however if you wanted some headphones or a 67 W charger so you would still only be paying £23.99 and a good deal on something else.

Also, you can then purchase additional items at a greatly discounted rate if ordered together (there are some real bargains to be had), such as:

Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic Silver for 99p.…026

Redmi Buds 4 for £9.99…-5/

Xiaomi 67W Charging Combo (Type-A) for £9.99 (This charges my Dell XPS 13)…-a/

Also, don't forget Top Cash Back, currently they are offering 1.7% back for Xiaomi.


The brand-new ultra-large and iridescent 1.83" display features rich colours, clear display and stunning vision, allowing you to view everything at a glance from the message notification to workout data. The 2.5D curved high-strength glass allows for a more elegant appearance and better wear resistance.

200+ watch faces - Change at your will
More than 200 watch faces allow you to change themes at your will. It is easy to show your unique personality at the raise of your hand.

Metallic finish middle frame
The classic and simple rectangle watch case features an NCVM-processed body, with a metallic finish that enhances its exquisite appearance. Its dual-colour (tarnish and silver) look also shows your good taste.

Colourful straps for easy matching
The four strap colours, paired with a dual-colour body, bring a different visual experience and help you define stylish colours freely.

Easy and convenient
Connect your watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Phone calls can be answered on the watch with only a tap. Whether you are working or doing exercise, you can raise your hand to answer phone calls in a cooler and more convenient way.

More professional and free to practise
Redmi Watch 3 Active offers you more than 100 sport modes, including 10 professional sports modes. The built-in sensors and professional sports algorithms can monitor and analyse your body when you do your favourite sports, showing your efforts at a glance.

Enjoy the splash
Whether enjoy cool splashes in shallow water or snorkelling, you can wear your watch all the time. 5 ATM water resistance rating, making daily wear more worry-free.

Stay alert to changes in your heart rate
It can monitor your heart rate 24/7, so you can view the changes at a glance. The alerts will be sent when your heart rate is high, guarding your health around the clock.

Master your sleep
Redmi Watch 3 Active can accurately record your sleep duration and condition by continuously monitoring your blood oxygen and heart rate at different stages such as deep sleep and light sleep, and provide you with sleep improvement suggestions according to the monitoring data to optimize your sleep quality.

12-day extra-long battery life
Gently place the watch close to the charger and it will be automatically adsorbed for charging. The combination of low power consumption hardware and software provides up to 12 days of battery life, so you don't need to worry about battery life.
Xiaomi More details at

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£23.99 if you use points
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  1. tas_01's avatar
    This is a cracking watch, my wife has one and is simply brilliant and agree best price it's ever been. If you have some points then redeem them, I had got a £6 voucher so knocked it down to £24, a bargain for a lot of tech.
    tas_01's avatar
    Thank you OP
  2. justabout72's avatar
    Nice little watch this. I put a nice stainless steel strap on mine and it made it look more premium
    misterboumsong's avatar
    where did you get your strap from ?
  3. hax3's avatar
    I use this mainly as an extension for my phone, answering phone calls to get a 30 second conversation in (through the microphone and speaker), select notifications, features such as music control, counting steps, movement goals, and sleep tracking - but the heart rate monitor isn't great so it's not that great for exercising.

    For £30, no complaints. Looks good, and for someone with sensitive skin, it's not bothered my wrist at all. (edited)
  4. djp2k8's avatar
    Anyone know if this works for Notify for Mi app on Android?
  5. Iru786's avatar
    Any ideas as to how this compares to Huawei band 8?
    Jimmy_Chou's avatar
    This is better.
  6. rimz790's avatar
    is there any music control functions on this watch and will it work with a pixel 8 phone?
    Jimmy_Chou's avatar
    Yes, basic abilities to pause, play, skip tracks etc.
  7. Josu's avatar
    Not sure if this worth to update Huawei GT2 watch.. any advice?
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    It's not an upgrade, it's a downgrade but the battery life is much better. Depends how much of a ballache frequent charging is.
  8. aleem's avatar
    What's the actual delivery time like on these?
    simba2585's avatar
    Mine arrived in a couple of days
  9. chrishartley72's avatar
    A friend bought one and said they aren't that accurate?
    cullies's avatar
    At that price I am just going to use it as a watch. The time is accurate as the phone controls it
    Hot! (edited)
  10. dave7's avatar
    £26.99 with the code. Free shipping too. Well spotted OP
    I don't think it's compatible with the Zepp Life app though, which is a deal breaker for me
    Nice watch nonetheless
    Bbqueue's avatar
    Good to know 👌🏻
  11. Fanimal's avatar
    Cheers £23.99 delivered will do for me before the points system gets removed...
  12. chavdar's avatar
    just ordered the watch with £6 vouchers 
    thanks op
    i will use it with iPhone,just for notifications,so don’t bother me the lack of nfc or etc. on top of that free delivery thanks
  13. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    Bought one a few weeks ago, it's great! Use it for controlling my Spotify more than anything else.
  14. andyrig86's avatar
    It’s showing £10 for new customers but won’t take it off at checkout with the watch? :/
    bobthewibble's avatar
    Have to spend over £100 it seems
  15. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    I also got the buds for £9.99 as an add-on and they are way better than the Anker ones I was using.
  16. diddydavro's avatar
    Thanks good find, I've ordered the watch.
  17. adnanasif's avatar
    Just got one, been using smart band 6 for 2 years now, usually use for steps and messages only so hopefully this is an upgrade, thanks op
    tizen's avatar
    What's the step counter like? Is it accurate? Thanks
  18. Sir_Didymus's avatar
    How do you get the buds down to £9.99?
    Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    They are add on items once you add the watch to your basket , just scroll down (edited)
  19. Antonyb91's avatar
    Does the watch work on iOS as I don’t have an android phone
    Jimmy_Chou's avatar
  20. AndyWilmot's avatar
    Anyone know if this will be any good for tracking running pace etc? Can't justify hundreds for something I'm terrible at
    burrell123's avatar
    Your phone can do running pace beautifully
  21. knxdrccg's avatar
    Is this much better than using a mi band 3?
    Jimmy_Chou's avatar
    Yes, but there is something very simplistic and satisfying about the Mi Band 3.
  22. Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    2x watches and 2x buds 4 for £66 cheer op
    Jimmy_Chou's avatar
    How did you manage to get that price please?
  23. Venkey's avatar
    How do I get £0.99 for basic earphones and Charger for £9.99?
    Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    They are all add-ons once you add the watch to your cart you will see them when you scroll down
  24. Dink's avatar
    Buds 5 coming up as 19.99 for me. Not 9.99 as in OP's comment above.
    Jimmy_Chou's avatar
    It's an add-on if you buy something, you can't just buy it by itself.
  25. GoldSquid's avatar
  26. Amelia_Stephens's avatar
    Buy this it’s an excellent watch very well made and looks smart
  27. markhals's avatar
    Can anyone comment on whether the heart rate monitor is any good? I bought a cheap Anker fitness watch for tracking calories burnt in workouts but its been pretty hit and miss with accuracy.
    fruityloop's avatar
    It’s very good, it’s just as good as my blood pressure machine which tracks bpm.
  28. tom_2003's avatar
    72£ for Redmi 4
  29. Brightsideoflife's avatar
    Not getting the option of the buds 5 when entering basket, only the buds 4
  30. madcap's avatar
    what's the battery life like on this?
    mathew.groves's avatar
    Lasts ages
  31. dhr's avatar
    Assuming no gps on this - cant see it in the specs - still great price
  32. Honda123's avatar
    Any suggestions for kids (11 year old) watch ?
    Groober's avatar
    My 12 year old has this one and loves it. He previously had a mi band but this is larger, has more features and looks the business.
  33. fantomss's avatar
    Always on display?
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    No, raise wrist to turn on. IME activates every time.
  34. alweekes's avatar
    I love this watch, the call functionality is excellent, have answered calls using watch from my phone some distance away in another room. (edited)
  35. Martin.Butler's avatar
    Can’t go wrong for 26.99
  36. suniledoal's avatar
    Good for blood pressure tracking?
    ansonuk1's avatar
    Spec doesn't mention BP only heart rate and oxygen saturation
  37. surreyspireite's avatar
    My opinion on these.... It was well worth the 36 quid I paid ages ago - this is a cracking bargain
  38. Camazarza's avatar
    There's a £10 off a £69 spend via the app too. It doesn't stack though (edited)
  39. djp2k8's avatar
    Thank you. I just bought the watch buds & charger for £35.98
    eltonkoci's avatar
    How do i get it down to that price plz.
  40. thekudos's avatar
    Stopped using mine after a week after it died 11 hours after a charge in Lanzarote.

    Was leas to believe it was 2 weeks without a charge so didn't take the charge cable 🫣
    surreyspireite's avatar
    Mine had no problem surviving 10 days
's avatar