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Rez Infinite PS5 Digital Upgrade + VR2 upgrade - £8.99 (Rez Infinite PS4 required) @ Playstation Store

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Reduced price upgrade for the newly released PS5 and VR2 upgrade with a whole host of improvements from the original.
As the PS4 version was free on Plus at some point anyone who added that to their library will be able to get this for £8.99 via PSN store by going to the listing there.
Playstation Store More details at Playstation Store

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    Annoyed there is no third party sellers of VR2!! Sony can stick it until otherwise
    I imagine it'll be like the new controller, they'll allow retailers to stock it after 4 weeks. Annoying yes but it'll hopefully prevent scalpers from ruining a launch. I'm waiting for Argos/Curry's to stock it, that way returns are easier should anything be wrong.
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    Utterly superb in VR!
    I will be on this all night tonight
    Anyone know if trophies will carry over ? i have already platinum,d it back in 2016
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    Hope they make another one that's like the last level throughout
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    -1 for me. Great game but £9 just for the upgrade is too much to be a good deal.
    It's a good deal if you already got the PS4 version free off Plus when it was on there like I did. Bit harder to swallow if you paid for the PS4 version and then have to pay for the upgrade but there is a lot of improvements and I imagine it's amazing on VR2.
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    Yer, I got dis. Noice!
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    Cheers I had the PS Plus version so grabbing this is worth it especially for the updated controls, the eye tracking option is a bit too much for me but the VR2 controllers are light years ahead of the PSVR1 motion controllers, it’s so precise instead of trying to wave your hands about. (edited)
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