Unfortunately, this deal has expired 21 July 2023.
Posted 18 July 2023

Sticker Mule Custom T Shirt

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  1. Solidus's avatar
    Hi all, I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. I mentioned this deal to a friend and they flagged up that Sticker Mule as a company has been involved in a lot of controversy. There are a lot of points online, but from what I could find, here is a TLDR:

    - There have been instances where Sticker Mule has been accused of sabotaging t-shirt designs.(twitter.com/Bee…552)
    - Sticker Mule has previously been sued by former employees for failing to pay employees appropriately for overtime.
    - Anthony Constantino, the CEO of Sticker Mule, has donated to anti-LGBTQ+ causes.
    - Constantino has made significant donations to Donald Trump's elections campaigns, and has previously posted on social media in support of Trump and vaccine scepticism.

    With the points above, I've tried to focus on areas that are reasonably factual. I know for some people, the points above won't matter, and that's OK - it's a good deal, and everyone's opinion is respected on HUKD .

    If any of the points above do touch on something you care about, and you are concerned about supporting organisations whose values align with your own, then I would suggest looking at alternatives to Sticker Mule.

    I hope this has enlightened some people (like myself) who weren't aware of this beforehand. I will try and find alternatives to Sticker Mule, and post these later. I would also welcome anyone who works for Sticker Mule to reply directly to this thread to let the HUKD community know about what the company does to respect LGBTQ+ values and promote an inclusive and equitable workspace. (edited)
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    I recognise that the some or all of the above will also apply for a lot of other companies (e.g. Amazon and employee rights ) with deals on HUKD.

    We shouldn't try to restrict deals or posts on HUKD, but what we should feel comfortable doing is calling these things out and having an open discussion about these issues. Everyone's viewpoint deserves to be respected and heard
  2. Megamart's avatar
    Thanks OP.

    Giving them a try, but they're not exactly speedy:
    "Your order is scheduled to arrive by Tuesday, August 8."
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    These are printed and shipped from Italy FYI
  3. daz40's avatar
    I’ve ordered stickers and T-shirts in the past both very good the T-shirts come up big in my opinion
  4. Cheap_as_Chimps's avatar
    Cool. I wanted to design a white t-shirt though
    david.howellscxj's avatar
    They do other colours for £15 but the offer price is for black.
  5. Solidus's avatar
    How is the sizing compared to high street shops, does it come up fairly true to size?
    MBruce's avatar
    Yes, true to size.
  6. Winterborn's avatar
    thank you, been waiting for this one to come around again.
  7. greengrassirl's avatar
    White ones terrible, where they used heat press went discoloured, black is much better as this doesn't show up
  8. asad786r's avatar
    Getting 5 tshirts made for a lads trip to magalouf....

    Just incase I make 4 friends and they want to go....:-( lol (edited)
  9. vasya's avatar
    Only BLACK?
    Fagol's avatar
    No only black
  10. MBruce's avatar
    These are okay for a one off but they do not last compared to other places. *edit*
    I needed to add stickermules stickers are top tier, just their t-shirts aren't in that same league. (edited)
    halfbakedjake's avatar
    I’ve had 1 before and it’s decent quality and lasted. What other places would you recommend for alternatives ?
  11. JustLikeArkwright's avatar
    Anyone had good results with a design created using Midjourney?
  12. dumb4ss_'s avatar
    I tried it once and the print was blurry. I sent a vector image with a text and he edges in horizontally were blurred, not sharp at all and very noticeable.

    I had used a throwaway email so I could not easily claim the print quality
    Affray's avatar
    Did you use an SVG? They do have a studio function and upscale and should warn you if the design is low quality. (edited)
  13. daz40's avatar
    The picture you send has to be 4K quality
  14. worton's avatar
    Great, I’ve just ordered one with a Nike tick
  15. gx3k's avatar
    Got this last time for £7 and it is the best shirt I own, got lots of compliments 50618334-QnNPZ.jpg
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